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Shed plans-why use them?

Updated on October 12, 2009

wooden shed plans

So you’re thinking of building a new shed, you already know what sort you’re going to build whether it’s a yard shed, tool shed potting shed or run in shed. Have you decided if you’re actually going to build it yourself or buy a ready made “self assembly” kit shed? Have your been to the stores and seen the prices? I have to admit to being something of a shed lover, and I think the great thing about building your own shed is that you get just what you want. So often the shed kits just don’t fit the bill.

In that case why use plans, well there are plans and there are plans. Some just won't be good enough, some companies just may not have plans for exactly the type of shed you have in mind.

Measure twice cut once
Measure twice cut once

Poor shed plans waste time and money

I’ve drawn “plans” for things I wanted to build but they were little more than rough diagrams scribbled on the back of an envelope. Invariably there is something missing from the detail and you probably won’t notice till you’ve already bought the materials and set aside a weekend to actually build the shed. So now it’s a case of having to down tools and run out to the store to get more materials which is very annoying and time wasting. Or you get half way through building the shed only to find it doesn’t quite work because you got the measurements wrong. Don’t forget the advice of the “Obi One” of woodworking Norm Abram. “Measure twice cut once”

What to look for in shed plans

Okay you’ve decided to actually buy a set of shed plans, now what? You want to make sure that besides having exactly the style of shed you want the plans you will buy have everything included to make sure you can do a first class job and build a shed you can be proud of. Make sure that the plans you buy have got a full materials list, as I said earlier you want to buy all the materials in advance, ready to start work and build your shed with out annoying hold ups. Your new plans should ideally have accurate blueprints for the  shed design of your choice, step by step instructions, “blow up” section drawings so there is no misunderstanding the instructions. Some good professional advice on how to do the best job, like constructing a sound waterproof roof to ensure you end up with a shed which will give good service for years to come.


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