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Shed Building Steps

Updated on September 22, 2014

Building A Storage Shed

Welcome to this Squidoo Lens about 10 Steps For Building A Storage Shed. You will discover some very useful information about the steps that must be followed to build a quality storage shed. You will find links to other useful websites that include in depth information related to building the different parts of a shed. Learn more about the 10 steps for building a storage shed.

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10 Guiding Steps For Building A Storage Shed

Are you fed up with a garage that is cluttered? Are you sick and tired of not being able to park your car in the garage? If this is your problem do not sell all your stuff. A better solution is to build a wooden storage shed. There are ready made wood sheds available, but this solution can be rather pricey and a lot of them are overpriced.

Within our economic times it is not advisable to shell out money for a person to build a shed in your yard for you. A garden or storage shed can be a straightforward build-it-yourself project which would require just a minimum of woodworking skills.

Listed Here Are 10 Steps To Guide You In Building a Wooden Storage Shed

First step: Decide the amount of space for storing you will need. Examine the things you want to move from the garage and decide which ones will fit on racks and shelves and which ones will need floor space for storage. Following that it will be possible to develop an estimate of needed storage space and the size for the storage shed.

Second Step: Find the best shed plans or set of blueprints for the storage shed. This really is important since this provides you with information and instructions which should save you effort and time as you build your storage shed. The web is a great source for shed plans.

Third step: Go to your community planning and zoning commission to determine if a building permit is required for a shed. If a permit is required, it is important to be able to conform to the current requirements to ensure you will not encounter any problems during the middle of the shed building project.

Fourth step: Select the location where you want to build the storage shed. The shed should mix well with other structures on the property and should be easy to access. It is very important that it is built on a flat surface.

Fifth step: During this step you need to decide on the type of foundation to place the shed on. There are plenty of alternatives with regards to this, but for those large storage sheds concrete foundation is by far the best.

Sixth step: The flooring type should now be selected. Using pressure treated wood is the best way to protect the storage shed from moisture and ensuring it will last for many years. It is also important to ensure the flooring is level and the floor corners are squared.

Seventh step: This step is all about building the shed walls. It is recommended that you build the walls on the ground. Then you can raise each wall into position ensuring the braces are sturdy. You want to make sure the walls are squared perfectly before nailing them.

Eight step: Now you are ready to install the roof. This is a very critical part of the storage shed. The roof is installed to protect the valuables in the storage shed and should be able to stand up to severe weather. Your shed plans need to be detailed regarding the rafters and cross-bow supports and the roofing material type.

Ninth Step: To finish off the storage shed you will need to select and install windows and doors. The door should be a double-wide door to ensure you can move wide items into the shed. You should also consider building a entrance ramp for rolling heavy items like a lawn mower into the shed. You can also install shelves and storage cabinets during this step.

Tenth Step: Now it is time to put the final touches on. Things like painting the shed and decorating it to match other structures on the property like the house or barn.

Other Shed Building Tips

It really is important to have all your supplies and materials ready prior to beginning the building of the shed. The wood surely is the most singular essential material. In addition, you will need tools like saw, hinges, hammer, nails, roof tacks and shingles. Based upon the shed plans, measure each piece of required wood and cut them to the right size. If you are pouring a concrete foundation, you need to build the frame, level the ground, and mix the cement. Just like any building you want to start the building from the bottom. So with the shed you want to start with constructing the floor deck, then the walls, doors, and windows, and finally roof. Be sure that your framing is safe and secure. Drive a solid stake securely into the ground for a strong post to connect the frame to.

Do not sacrifice on the quality of the nails. Ensure that all part of the wooden storage shed are securely fastened. Attempt to shake or wiggle the walls to determine if they are secured and there are absolutely no gaps. All noted weak spots must be strengthened. Make sure the framing is secure and strong before building the roof. You must select a roof material that will cope with all types of weather.

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