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Shun Sharpening Steel

Updated on August 18, 2011

Shun Honing Steel

Shun knives are one of the best kitchen knives on the market nowadays. They come with an edge that is razor sharp and they can keep it for a long time without the need of sharpening. The main reasons for this high quality edge are the stainless steel Shun uses to make their knives. The VG10 and the SG-2 powdered steel. Both steels are more resistant than other steels out there and can keep their edge longer than the average high price range knives against which Shun competes. So, because the quality of the steel in the Shun Knives, we need a quality sharpening steel for honing our knives too.

Shun sharpening steel. The DM0750
Shun sharpening steel. The DM0750

But before continuing, let me clarify a little misconception. A shun sharpening steel is actually for honing your knives, not for sharpening them. It would be more accurate to call them "Shun honing steels," sadly almost nobody call then so, and I think that I am not helping much to eliminate this misconception with the title of this Hub, lol.

Well, let’s continue with the article. Honing means here to realign the micro edge of your blade to always using it at its maximum potential. On the other hand, sharpening removes metal from the knives, putting a fresh edge on the blade. Honing regularly your knife is important because it prevents the need for sharpening the blade and prolongs the live of your knife. And for this, there is nothing better than sharpening steel, or honing steel, made by Shun.

The principal advantage of using a Shun sharpening Steel for honing your Shun knives is the built in guide in the hilt designed to align your knives to the correct 16 degrees needed for honing. Yes, this is another reason for the fantastic edge of the Shun knives, they are ground to an angle of 16 degrees and the guide in the Shun sharpening steel will make easier honing the Shun correctly.

Shun Sharpening Steel Models

The Shun sharpening steels come in three models: the DM0750 (classic series), the MH0750 (steel series), and the 9900 (Kershaw series.) The DM0750 features an ebony-black PakkaWood handle, this means the handle material is wood, but impregnated with a waterproof resin. The MH0750 comes with a stainless-steel handle. And the model 9900 comes with a co-polymer handle.


A Shun sharpening steel is a must have accessory to your Shun Knives. It will help you to keep the edge of your knives longer preventing the need of re-sharpening them too often.


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