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Silk Floral Centerpiece

Updated on April 9, 2013

Silk Floral Centerpiece

An elegant Silk Floral Centerpiece can be a fabulous addition to your dining room table, side table in an entry hall, decorative centerpiece on your fireplace mantel, or a vast number of places you can boost the look of a space. Centerpieces can be used at many gatherings, as a centerpiece on the serving table (for the meal or after dinner drinks and late night snacks).

If you are gathering two or several dozen (and anywhere in between) you can use a fabulous silk floral centerpiece for your decoration starter. When decorating using a silk floral centerpiece as your inspiration, select up to three of the colors you love the most in the arrangement and those can be your color scheme for the party or intimate dinner.

Image Credit of the Coral & Blue Silk Flower Centerpiece Courtesy Amazon (product preview on this page)

First Choose a Flower Type - Rose Candelabrum

Roses are a fabulous centerpiece for just about any dinner or for an entry hall decorative accent. The red rose is going to be a great holiday centerpiece (Christmas, Valentines, Mother's Day, and more). A Rose Centerpiece is a great way to give flowers (the silk kind) and let them be a fabulous gift.

When you want to give roses which will last a long time then this is a great way to do that. I love the centerpiece style silk flower arrangements because they are ready to use as is. You can use them on a table, sideboard, counter, or on a lifted pedestal to add a beautiful arrangement to a buffet table.

Nearly Natural 4685-RD Rose Candelabrum Decorative Silk Flower Arrangement, Red
Nearly Natural 4685-RD Rose Candelabrum Decorative Silk Flower Arrangement, Red

Take a closer look at this item. When this page was created this item also came in a pink rose variation. So, if you are looking for pink silk rose arrangements you can click on the red roses and find the pink variation instead.

Think about this as a centerpiece for a dinner, or a wedding reception. If you want to put flowers on each of the tables at your reception dinner it would be easy to do using silk flower arrangements for the centerpieces.


Is it a Leaf or a Flower? - Magnolia & Rose

When I was living in Texas the magnolia became one of my favorites. It was blooming on a tree. In most cases it was white. I remember the petals were so different than other flowers. Instead of being light and airy (almost transparent -- as many blooms seem to be) they are substantial. As if they are a leaf. I'm not scientific about nature so I have not idea. But, it would not surprise me if the petal of a magnolia flower is actually an ivory white leaf.

They make great decor none-the-less.

Magnolia & Rose Silk Floral Centerpiece AR246-85
Magnolia & Rose Silk Floral Centerpiece AR246-85

Magnolia & Rose silk flower arrangement gives you the beauty of both flowers in a great array of colors. This is a great idea for your party, an everyday decorating element in any room, or for a guest bathroom.

When guests arrive they will be greeted with a beautiful silk flower centerpiece which you can embellish with a vase, soaps, hand towels, and any other special commodities you would like to provide for them for their stay.


Bring Nature Indoors - Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement

Decorating with orchids is a great way to bring nature indoors. Yet, using real plants or cuttings can bring a lot of responsibility. I prefer to decorate in ways where I do not need to do much after the decorating is done. No need to water, make sure there is enough light, or the inevitable tossing out when things go terribly wrong.

I like the stress free maintenance free imitation styles of plants, flowers, and other living decor.

House of Silk Flowers Artificial Triple-Stem Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement, Lavender
House of Silk Flowers Artificial Triple-Stem Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement, Lavender

This arrangement comes with the pot! You can choose from several colors of Orchids. One of my personal favorites because it is flowing and honestly is hard to tell from the real thing.

One tip... Be sure to dust off the 'leaf' part of the arrangement anytime you notice it is getting dusty. That is one of the first signs which gives away a great silk arrangement.


Is it Water or Resin? - Yellow & White Rose

One if the most interesting ways new designs are being presented is by using a resin which looks like water. With the flowers looking more and more real when you add this element to the design you really have no idea if they are real or not.

You might put a drop of rose oil on them now and then and literally have a forever arrangement.

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