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Silk Rugs Persian, Chinese, Turkish Carpets For Sale

Updated on May 31, 2012
Legacy Handmade Wool and Silk Rug Navy Red 7' 6
Legacy Handmade Wool and Silk Rug Navy Red 7' 6 | Source

Handknotted Silk Rugs With Personality

Silk handknotted rugs bring warmth and identity to an otherwise stale room. Instantly dress up any room with a handmade rug. Each one has it's own personality, history and style.

The pattern is usually constructed as a map. It's reprinted on graph paper that's the size of the rug. Each grid is represented by a knot that produces the final artistic piece. This process is long and the person making it is a true professional. These techniques have been passed down through families in the Middle East and China.

A beautiful room can become instantly unique by changing the ambiance. Using a rug as the focal point brings out the character in the room's design.

The spirit of the rug can change the feel and purpose of the area that's it's being used in. Picking out a hand knotted rug for your home is a priceless investment.

Hand knotted rugs produce well formed designs. It's a dying art which makes these types of rugs even more special.

Silk Rug Cleaning

Silk Rugs For Home How They Are Used

Made of natural sheep's wool, Silk Rugs are an creation of beauty and artistry. Each silk carpet has unique details that's design specific. Some tell a story, while others are more traditional.

Families have been known to pass down Persian and Chinese silk rugs from generation to generation. You can see many types of silk rugs in homes world wide.

Giving a silk rug as a gift for a newly married couple or as a house warming gift would be a great way to start a family tradition.

Each rug has it's own personalty. Some varieties have unique features based on technique and weave. A very high knot count makes it even more appealing. Some are extremly vauable and many would never place it an area for walking traffic.

These rugs can be seen hanging from walls for an artistic display. The most valuable rugs can be seen in museums and antique stores around the world.

How To Spot A Handmade Silk Rug


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