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Silk Tabletop Plants & Artificial Centerpieces

Updated on February 3, 2012

Premier Silk Fern Plant

Whether you use silk tabletop plants for your home or office, or artificial centerpieces for your dinner table or even a wedding, you have a marvelous selection to choose from online. It is not only the convenience of using artificial floral arrangements, but also the range of authentic-looking plants that makes using silk flowers such an attractive and compelling proposition.

There is something about the look of artificial silk plants that attracts people to them, because most initially believe them to be real, but on finding they are actually fake plants, rather than sneer and say "I thought so," they tend to say "How wonderful - they look absolutely beautiful and just like real plants. How do they do that?"

That is a measure of how beautiful and realistic silk tabletop plants look, and silk azaleas, silk ferns and even artificial silk orchids look truly magnificent specimens of the genuine article that look real enough to fool anybody until they touch them. But "how do they do that?" is a good question, so let's answer that before discussing their benefits over the natural products.

They are Fabulous: How Do They Do That?

Some silk flower manufacturers will go hunting for silk petals, leafs and other artificial floral components and then put them together to create approximations of real plants. Many such parts are mass-produced to look like generic flowers and leaves, with little resemblance to the actual plants they put together to represent.

However, there are some businesses that take the task seriously, and make every attempt to recreate nature in the artificial tabletop plants and silk centerpieces they offer you to grace your home or even your office, restaurant or hotel. They employ professional craftsmen and artists to mould the leaves and the flowers (where the plant in question has one), until they almost perfectly represent the genuine article.

All petals and leaves are not made to the same pattern just as they differ in real flowers. The basic shape of a rose leaf is retained, but each rose leaf is unique, with different sizes, shapes and with different degrees of curl, different edges and so on. Professional artists are able to reproduce these differences in their moulds, so that the silk table-top plants that are ultimately crafted from them are very close to the natural look of the real plant. They display the differences between the shapes of individual leaves and petals and the variegated nature of their coloring.

Synthetic fibers are often used because they are easier to mold than genuine silk, but the highest quality artificial; flowers and greenery use genuine silk. The fibers are pressed into the molds, cooled and removed and then painted by artists to reproduce the individual look of each individual leaf and petal with the variations in coloring and striation of each flower that make it individual.

Packaging Artificial Florals

Nature Cannot be Emulated, but. . .

No artist could ever completely emulate nature with artificial silk plants such as silk azaleas and silk fern, but they can get close enough to make them appear truly authentic. Beautiful artificial centerpieces would grace any wedding table, and whether intended for a dining table, a coffee table or for a reception table in an office, silk tabletop plants offer you the opportunity to provide an impressive natural-looking centerpiece.

Floral accents are suitable for any home, but many people tend to reduce their floral arrangements to a minimum due to their expense and relative short life. This is where artificial silk plants offer such a distinct advantage because their lifetime is potentially unlimited. True, their initial cost is higher than many real tabletop plants, but if you purchase the real silk deal rather than some cheap imitation of a plant then you will never regret your decision.

Such works of art look exactly like the real thing, and require a lot less looking after. No more watering, feeding or trying to maintain stable temperatures to keep them alive. No more insecticide sprays or worrying about them during your vacation. All silk tabletop plants need is an occasion wipe with a damp cloth, or perhaps the removal of some deluded butterflies from your artificial centerpieces.

Spathiphyllum Silk Floor Plant

How are Silk Plants Made

So how are they made? How is it possible to achieve such a high degree of realism and authenticity to nature? Surely nature is unique and cannot be copied: that's what many believe, and they are absolutely correct - up to a point. Nothing can generally recreate the wonderful feel of a genuine plant or tree, but the appearance can be simulated.

Sculpted molds are made by expert professionals that painstakingly recreate the look of individual leaves, petals, sepals and stems. The fabric can be genuine silk or a synthetic fiber such as polyester, both of which can be used to recreate the natural look of artificial plants.

The material is cut into the rough shape of the petal or leaf and pressed into the heated molds to achieve the desired shape. Each mold proves an exact representation of one petal, leaf or section of tree bar, and the heat helps to maintain the contours. Once cooled, professional painters use photographs or even the genuine leaf to bring life to the leaves, petals and sepals of what will be artificial silk floor plants such as artificial orchids and faux trees.

These expert artists are able to reproduce the subtle nuances of shade within each petal and leaf and recreate the artificial greenery that is also an essential part of each silk floor plant. Artificial orchids are perfected with the correctly graduated striations coming from the pouch of each orchid flower, and the petal edges are provided with beautiful rich-colored edging that distinguished each of these beautiful plants.

If Butterflies Can't See the Difference . . .

If butterflies can't see the difference, then your guests are certainly not going to until they right up close and actually touch them. Then they will be amazed at how such beautiful silk flowers can look so real. Silk plants such as silk ferns, silk centerpieces, faux azaleas, artificial ivy and many more can grace your tabletop for many years with practically no maintenance other than an occasional clean.

There is a wide selection of artificial silk tabletop plants and artificial centerpieces available online, but make sure that you select those that have been professionally created using moulds created using real plants and fashioned and painted by artists and craftsmen that can recreate nature as closely as is humanly possible. Then you will have silk tabletop plants that you can be proud to display.


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