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How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Updated on October 1, 2011

Silverfish Eradication

Also called silver moths, a silverfish is a notorious pest that damages things around the house. They can destroy books, tapestries, and even clothing. Anybody who had their house infested with silverfish knows just that these pests can be total nuisance. Aside from the fact that they are pests, these creatures can cause definite problems if they are not eliminated and prevented. If necessary measures are not taken to these conditions, the silverfishes can reproduce and thrive and will eventually cause a great deal of destruction in the long run. To learn how to get rid of silverfish, please read through the helpful information on this hub.

The Destruction Silverfish Can Cause

Silverfish can look totally harmless. They are not known to bite, sting or poison. But the truth is silverfish can eat up just about anything. They tend to consume any materials that have high components of starch. These can include glue, paste, wallpapers, books, notebooks, book bindings, and textiles. They also like consuming flour, cereal, sugar, and many more. Silverfish are not harmless in terms of biting or stinging, but the damage they can cause on the material things aforementioned, can definitely be enough reason to take steps to eradicate their presence right away.

Silverfish Thrive In These Places

Silverfish likes it when they stay on cool, damp and dark areas. They destruct houses with areas like moistened basements, cupboards, crawlspaces, and those houses that are well-shaded. They prefer staying underneath carpets, under damp, dark and wet sinks, and in clothing and textiles. The chance of silverfish infestation is also high when a house is frequently flooded. A lot of homeowners that has large, shady trees also experience silverfish infestation. Additionally, water softener piping that tends to become sweaty and moistened that cause floors to become damp and wet are havens for silver moths.

Steps in Getting Rid Of Silverfish

1. Ventilation and Lighting Management

  • · Reduce humidity in the home as silverfish is known to thrive on humid areas.
  • · Place exhaust fans in baths and rooms.
  • · Running a humidifier is also beneficial.
  • · Try using desiccant to allow drying of damp rooms.
  • · Lighting the room drives the silverfish away.
  • · Keep room below 60 – 80 degrees.

2. Removal of Food Sources

As silverfish are fond of starch and molds, and dwell on wallpapers, paste, glue, books and more, they can also starve themselves up to a year. To get rid of them:

  • · Maintain the cleanliness of the house.
  • · Place books, magazines and papers in proper storage. These can be airtight plastic containers.
  • · Reduce sources of molds.
  • · Do not leave laundry lying on the floor.

3. Silverfish Poisons

A number of products can help eradicate silverfish. Applying poison in various places can be done. Make sure these chemicals are out of children and household pets reach. Place them in crawlspaces, under furniture, and behind appliances. Popular choices for silverfish poisons:

  • · Borax
  • · Diatomaceous earth
  • · Insecticide dusts
  • · Paks for silverfish
  • · Cockroach traps with sticky surfaces

Follow these easy steps to make your home silverfish-free.

How To Kill Silverfish Bugs

Stuffs To Help You Get Rid of Silverfish

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    • Florida Guy profile image

      Chen 6 years ago

      Tell me about it! Glad you liked my hub. :-)

    • Chatkath profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from California

      I am not a fan of silverfish so this hub is most useful...they are so slimy !!! Rated up & useful!