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Sink Taps

Updated on December 13, 2010

Are your sink taps in need of replacing? Then don't stress, to install or replace a sink tap is a pretty straight forward project. This article will teach you how to install a sink tap, no need to hire a plumber for this job, all you need is the right tools for the job. Choose one sink tap of your choice for your sink,  there are many types of sink taps so which one you choose is totally up to you. You will also need and a hour or two of your time to complete this job.

Sink Taps

Weather it be a kitchen sink tap or bathroom sink taps, the process is pretty much the same in terms of dismantling one. With kitchen sink taps you may want to consider a little style in this area to impress your neighbors or visitors during those social occasions. Kitchen sinks and taps should also compliment each other, so if you have a porcelain sink why not get taps to match, this would be the same for brass or stainless steel. Sink mixer taps are yet another option one can choose from, kitchen sink mixer taps, sinks that are fitted with a mixer, these are widely used by restaurants, coffee bars.. etc. But if the almighty dollar is holding you back then just stick within your budget and do some searching around there are some good deals out there if you but look!.OK enough with the taps lets get down to the business of installing your new sink tap. Have all necessary equipment ready, there's nothing more time consuming than having to look for tools.

Turn off the main

Firstly you will need to turn off the hot and cold water valves which should be located under the sink. For extra precaution you can turn off the outside main as well, note that this will only cut the flow of cold water,hot water can be shut off from the boiler. Do not even attempt to start unless you have done the above instructions first.

Disconnect in let tubes if sink tap has a sprayer disconnect that too. keep a small bucket at hand to catch access water. Now you can begin and unbolt the faucet assembly from the sink. If there has been a suspect leek ... you may find the bolts a little harder to loosen due to rust which may have formed. If this is the case and the bolts wont budge , spray CRC around the faucet and try again. OK if you have reached this stage then you have the bolts off. Once your faucets are off , clean the inside where the faucet attaches too making sure it is fairly clean in preparation for the new faucet. If you find there are mineral deposits around the inside, use a mild cleaning abrasive to wipe it clean, give this area a good clean while you have the chance before the new faucet goes on. Check the threads on the base of the sink where the taps screw onto, and make sure there are no breaks or wear … if there is damage this may need to be replaced as well, if not, then let's move on.

Securing Sink Taps

If need be install a new sprayer base or otherwise re attach the old one up through the faucet hole which will attach to the new faucet, doing this part now is best than doing it at a later stage. Attach the new faucet to your sink, be very careful and slowly screw the new faucet on to it's mounting making sure that it is always dead straight while turning,other wise you my break the threads if screwed down on a lean. Right once this is done you can then begin connecting the inlet tubes to the kitchen taps, taking note not to over tighten them or even get the sprayer hose tangled in the process. Now here comes the big tester, slowly and carefully open the water valves at this same time checking for any suspecting leaks on you work, If you feel everything is solid and secure with no leaks then job well done. This job applies to kitchen sink taps, changing a bathroom sink tap, even the out door hose tap the principals are the same..

Install a Kitchen Faucet


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