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Boumbay Kurso Habba - Navaratri.

Updated on February 20, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Boumbay ( Toy ) given by Girls Parents at the time of wedding.

Boumbay Kurside.
Boumbay Kurside. | Source

Pattada Boumbay's of My Wife given by her Parents which she keeps each year as per tradition and My daughter's at the Left which she has left with us as she has

Boumbaygalu. | Source

My Wife's Pattada Boumbay which she worships traditionally.

Pattada Boumbaygalu.
Pattada Boumbaygalu. | Source

My daughter's Pattada Boumbay which she has left it with us as she has no time for tradition.

Pattada Boumbaygalu.
Pattada Boumbaygalu. | Source

My daughter's Pattada Boumbay


My Wife's Pattada Boumbay.

Ready for Pooja.
Ready for Pooja. | Source

After the Pooja it is packed and will be opened only during next Navaratri.

Packed and preserved for next festival.
Packed and preserved for next festival. | Source

Once upon a time there was a prince.

Festivals of South India has a big charm during the days of Navaratri.This festival has a Royal Tag attached to it since 401 years in Mysore,where the prince and princesses stayed as rulers of the state of Mysore before the state boundaries were reorganized and Mysore State became Karnataka.The people of Mysore followed the Royal Tradition of keeping Toys which we can see in the Mysore Palace kept even today.The people who served the Royal Family were mostly Brahmins and they observed the tradition as they found it exciting and interesting for the members of their family and it just continued for over 400 years till today it keeps its place in several families who are in India and may be few in some countries who have these toys with them.Over the years this practice was handed over by way of gifting of the toys to the girls at the time of their wedding by handing over the toy of a Boy and Girl and this was known as "Pattada Boumbay" which was the main toy of all toys that were kept during the 9 days of Navaratri.Presently the girls who followed the tradition faithfully like her parents and parents in law devised various means of attracting visitors who were mostly boys below the age of 10 years and girls who were yet unmarried.The types of gadgets included lights of various colours,sizes and shapes,including lights that flickered and flashed.Objects that moved up and down,rolled and crawled,opened and shut,spit fire and water.They also gave mini eats of hot and sweet.Boys and Girls also wore new dresses and fancy clothes.The major joy was for people of Mysore who enjoyed the lights at the worlds only palace where millions of lights glowed over the place entire structure in the middle of the city with all the fun and fair including the exhibition built only for this occasion.Visitors from all over the world came to the city to see the Royal Durbar and Procession with Elephants and Band moving on trolly like vehicles drawn by Horses.The whole of Mysore and Mysore State (Old) wore a festive look for 9 days in the year and it never ended though the Royal Prince stayed incognito after handing over the state he ruled for over 350 years.His son too is now in the same palace incognito. ..


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