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Skillet Candle

Updated on May 8, 2012

Deliciously Wonderful Dessert Scented Skillet Candles

Do you love scented candles with a really interesting twist? If you or someone else you know enjoys burning scented candles, you might want to find out more about dessert scented skillet candles. They are available today in miniature small and medium size cast iron skillets. However, most of these cute cast iron candle holders are for decorative purposes only and not for food use or cooking. They are simply adorable candle holders with candles inside that feature some strongly scented candles in various dessert scents. Check the label of any cast iron candle holder you choose to use to see whether it is useful for food use since, I have found that the cast iron camp dutch oven candles do state that they can be used for other purposes.

These cool skillet candles are the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves to burn scented candles.

The shapes of skittle candles include:

- Round Cast Iron Skillet Candles

- Square Cast Iron Skillet Candles

- Cast Iron Cake Loaf Pan Candles

- Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven Candles

Pictured above is of a Paula Deen Slowberry Cobbler Skillet Candle in a Round Cast Iron Skillet Candle Holder.


Skillet Candles

...decorate your home with scented candle skillets...

Skillet candles are some of the newest types of candles. They are very popular. It seems many people love them and enjoy using them. If you were to stand in the aisle of a superstore, you can practically watch as these skillet candles are almost flying off the shelves. They are really that popular.

Do you have your own deliciously wonderful scented skillet candle? I do and I love mine already. It smells wonderful even before you set a flame to the candle wick. They are a great conversation piece and an awesome idea. We wonder why no one ever thought of using miniature cast iron skillets as candle holders before.

These dessert scented candles are popular with both men and women since, they smell so great. They smell like real food, desserts rather than perfumery. This is one of the reasons that men love them as well as women do. These candle skillets smell good enough to eat.

Actually, my tween got all excited when she saw ours. She thought it really was a dessert. She got upset because it's made of scented wax rather than a real dessert.

If you haven't already tried a dessert scented skillet candle, you are really missing out on an aromatic treat. They are also wonderful additions as home decor to suit just about anyone whether they enjoy rustic or country living.

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