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Animal Skins for Your Man Cave: Father's Day Gifts

Updated on August 30, 2017

Stylish and Masculine Decor

My Dad has a couple of antelope-skin rugs in his workroom. They used to be on the floor in front of his armchair; now he's using them as a backdrop for his archery display.

The hides give a bit of manly cachet to the room, and can be used as rugs, throws, or wall hangings. Animal-patterned fur rugs make a welcome gift for any guy's personal space.

[Photo by Valerie Proctor Davis]

Now, it's gotten quite a bit harder to buy wild animal skins than it was a few decades ago. But if you're not a hunter, you can still get great rugs made from cow or sheep skins, or even faux skins from wool or synthetics.

Faux Bear Rug

This six-foot synthetic bear skin has rings for hanging on the wall, or you can spread it in front of the fire for lounging. The foam-core head is super-realistic!

Three Color Brazilian Cowhide

Zebra-Striped Hide

Brindle Cowhide

Cowhides come in many beautiful natural patterns, or you can get one stenciled with a wild animal print.

Real Fur Pillows

Luxurious pillows have real pelts on one side and suede on the other. You can get them in several sizes, in beaver, fox, lamb, and coyote pelts. Dress up the sofa or armchair in your man cave!

Cheetah Rug

Buffalo Rug

Tiger Rug

Synthetic pelts give you the look of a wild animal hide without any of the problems. They're animal-friendly, easy to clean, and don't attract insects.

Sheepskin Pelt Rugs

Genuine sheep pelts from Australia come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can throw them over furniture, or use them as a soft and dramatic floor covering.

Find More Rugs

Still looking for the perfect hide? Search here for more ideas!


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