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Small Leather Recliners

Updated on April 22, 2013

Small Leather Recliners Are Perfect for Small Spaces

A small leather recliner is great for small rooms, office, bedrooms and more. A teen's dorm room would be a terrific place for a small reclining chair, too!

You'll find a nice selection of leather recliners here that are either wall hugging or smaller in size than an average living room recliner. You can still enjoy sitting back and relaxing, but your chair won't take up a lot of space while you are doing it.

I hope you enjoy the selection of small leather recliners I've chosen to feature here. There's a wonderful variety of colors and styles to choose from.

Image: 830 Swivel Recliner with Ottoman

Small Leather Swivel Recliners

Just the right size for an office, bedroom or small living room! These swivel recliners come with ottomans, and recline back to a relaxing position. Read, work on your laptop or watch TV in one of these comfy and stylish leather chairs. I've chosen three styles that I love each in a different color, so no matter what your decor colors are, you're sure to find a perfect leather recliner to go with your decor.

Blk. Leather Recliner/Ottoman CHECK PRICE

Swivel Recliner and Ottoman CHECK PRICE

Recliner with Matching Ottoman CHECK PRICE

See Below for Great Chairs

I've chosen some sexy and sweet small leather recliners that I've featured below. Find one that fits you decor style and colors and have fun adding it to any small space in your home. Or get two. One for you and one for your partner!

Small Leather Recliners You'll Love

Great styles in smaller sizes, these recliners are fabulous accessories to any room in your home. Click on items for full details and pricing information.

Human Touch Leather Perfect Chair Recliner Zero Anti Gravity Lounger - BLACK PC-8

This zero anti gravity lounger is a small leather chair you will love. It can be used to elevate feet above your heart to relieve weight from your spine, or simply to sit and relax in ultimate comfort! This chair is cushioned and fabulous!

Human Touch Leather Perfect Chair Recliner Zero Anti Gravity Lounger - BLACK PC-8
Human Touch Leather Perfect Chair Recliner Zero Anti Gravity Lounger - BLACK PC-8

Features leather match cushions for a soft touch and furniture springs for superior comfort seating.


Which Type Do You Like Best

Which type of small leather recliner do you prefer?

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Handy Living Pro Lounger Wall Hugger Renu Leather Recliner, Black

This small leather recliner only needs 4" of wall clearance to recline plus it has an easy-to-reach "car door" handle. There's nothing I hate more than a recliner that is hard to put down. I've almost hurt myself on some that were extremely difficult. This one is nice and easy, and you'll love it's comfort cushioning, too!

ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair in Black Renu
ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair in Black Renu

Only needs 4-Inch of clearance from the wall to recline.


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