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Small Bathroom Checklist

Updated on March 3, 2016

Are you confused by lack of space?

Most people are nervous about making a decorative statement in small spaces, like small bathroom, small bedrooms, small kitchens, etc. but they don't know it is well worth doing. Are you having a small bathroom area and you too are confused in planning out its decor? Here, today’s topic on 'Small Bathroom' will help you out with your confusions.

Modern Miniature Bathroom
Modern Miniature Bathroom | Source

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Small Bathroom Basics

Bathrooms can be large or small in area, so you need to be both economical and creative in your use of space. The traditional approach is to box in the bath, basin and WC cistern creates extra shelf and cabinet space and appears neat & tidy too. Alternatively, basins and WCs can be wall-hung.

Structural Ideas

An imaginative approach to space allocation is called for, in small rooms. Scaled-down baths and basins are freely available but they are often uncomfortable to use. You can fix a shower unit to the wall, if there is no room for a shower, let alone a bath, as long as the walls and floors are tiled, or are covered in some other waterproof material, and there is a drainage hole in the floor. The doorway should have a slightly raised threshold to keep water in the room.

It is also important to note that accessories such as towels need to be stored in cabinets to keep them dry. So boxed storage cabinets are must! You can opt for Wooden cabinets which adds warm cozy look to the bathroom.

Hotel PuertaAmerica Madrid Bathroom
Hotel PuertaAmerica Madrid Bathroom | Source
Modern facilities
Modern facilities | Source
Effective venting is important in small bathrooms
Effective venting is important in small bathrooms | Source
Black Sink
Black Sink | Source

Checklist for Bathroom Storage

* Accessories stored in the bathroom are relatively small, they can be kept in cabinets or shelves slotted into corners or narrow spaces.

* Incorporate recessed shelving or cabinets, if you are planning to box-in pipes or fittings. They create better use of the space than wall-mounted furniture and appears neater.

* The bath, shower and basins all need shelf-space nearby for storing toiletries. Alternatively, you can use wall-mounted accessories such as sponge holders and soap dishes. Baths can also be organized with a bath rack.

* You can fit glass shelves across the width and use the space as storage area, if the windows provides little in way of light or views.

* Store cosmetics and other small accessories in trays or boxes, to keep shelves and cupboards neat.

* Use the back of the door for hanging clothes or bathrobes, wash bags and a dressing mirror.

* In a high-ceiling-ed room, a clothes airier suspended from the ceiling can be used to store clean towels and linen.

Plenty of Storage close to the basin
Plenty of Storage close to the basin | Source

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