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Soilsaver Composter - A Good, Low Cost Compost Bin

Updated on February 23, 2019
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When exactly did I fall in love with Texas bluebonnets? It's been 39 years and they excite my soul more than ever!

When the compost came tumbling out it was kind of like Christmas morning!
When the compost came tumbling out it was kind of like Christmas morning!

Getting the Most From Your Soilsaver Compost Bin

One thing gardeners everywhere agree on is that you can never have enough fresh compost to add to your vegetable garden or flower beds. Compost provides benefits from the additional fertilizing, it buffers the soil pH and improves the soil tilth, and using a compost bin provides an organized way to keep your garden waste from becoming an unsightly pile in the yard.

With recycling and repurposing so in the news of being "green" these days, compost also keeps your yard waste out of the land fills.

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Composting is good for your garden and good for the earth. It's a natural way of recycling our yard trimmings, kitchen scraps and it reduces your trash, too!

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Soilsaver Review

This compost bin has proved it's worth. It is a fully enclosed unit. The floor keeps extra critters out of the inside. It is easy to add to by just removing the top lid. It is a generous size, slightly over 11 cubic feet and makes for easy compost harvesting by lifting up one of the two bottom sliding doors. Using a elongated shovel, just scoop out some ready-to-use compost!

If you have been contemplating purchasing a bin, I recommend this brand and style. You'll have "black gold" in no time!

Low Cost Composters

A couple of things many gardeners would like to do is to keep the compost pile from becoming too unsightly, and also to speed up the process of composting, which not only keeps the size of the pile down, but makes that much more compost available. There are a wide range of composters available, from the high end tumblers to a number of low cost sit-on-the-ground compost bins.

What to Look For in a Low Cost Compost Bin

First, it needs to be the right size for your yard, but it still needs to be big enough to get the compost pile to heat up. At 28" x 28" x 32" tall the Soilsaver composter is a good size.

It has a vented side walls that helps with moisture retention. Compost works best when the mix is about as moist as a washcloth, and the Soilsaver composter has a lid that to keep moisture in. When it needs more moisture, simply remove the lid and let a rain shower do the work or water yourself.

The version shown in the main photo does not have a floor in it. This allows us to simply move it from one place to another each year.

Disadvantages of the Soilsaver

Probably the biggest problem with Soilsaver compost bin is when it comes time to turn the pile, doing so by unloading through the top door is somewhat inconvenient. This may not be a problem if you don't care to turn the pile, but your compost will take longer to "cook." One easy alternative is to simply pull the compost bin up and off, and just move the whole pile, or a much easier way is to use a compost turning tool or areator.

In most cases when you begin composting, you just have one pile. However will success comes the urge to have more compost so the method of moving the whole pile is stated as a disadvantage but actually, it's just a normal transition to the continuing process of composting.

Some folks have problems with the lid not seating properly, but this generally seems to be the case primarily when the bottom is not seated on level ground, so when deciding where to place the composter, it's good to be sure to level it well. This can be done by placing a piece of plywood or forming a foundation with bricks and paving sand.

Kitchen Composting Containers

Since you have to start collecting your kitchen scraps somewhere, you may want to use a convenient kitchen collection container. A variety of containers are available on the market that can all be used with the secure lid to keep your scraps and odors in until you are ready to transfer the scraps to outdoors. My sister-in-law has used this method for years and does not have any issues with bugs or gnats.

US Composting Council

The USCC is a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the gathering and use of organic compost. It sounds like a cliché but if everyone would do one consistent composting act, a lot of waste would be avoided. Will you consider doing your part if you are not already?


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