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solar animal repeller as seen on tv

Updated on July 7, 2010

Solar Animal Repeller As Seen On TV

I remember a long time ago seeing a roach repeller that I think was also supposed to drive other household bugs away like spiders so it completely got my attention since I have some serious arachnophobia.  I cannot remember what the name of it is to save my life though, anyways, I was watching tv and of course I saw a brand new infomercial come on so I naturally had to share it with you all. 

I was watching the gossip show on HLN when the infomercial for Animal Off Solar Animal Repeller came on tv.  The Animal Off Solar Animal Repeller is a green solar powered animal and pest repellent that uses I think sonic waves and pulses to warn animals like dogs, raccoons, etc... to stay away from your yard, the garbage cans, etc...  The sonic pulses from the As Seen On TV Solar Animal Repeller I guess are harmless to the animals and it also looked like it was a very high frequency that would make it so humans wouldn't hear it and it wouldn't bother us. 

The Animal Off Solar Animal repeller is a green color so that it can more easily blend into your grass so it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb or into your vegetable gardens so that it can blend in with the tall tomatoe plants and vines.  It can be placed their to help you keep away dogs from digging and raccoons from ravaging your garbage cans.  The show showed a guy smiling by his garbage cans after it showed the image of a raccoon digging through and knocking over garbage cans as well as getting I think it was a dog to stay away from a garden.  There was one thing that was absolutely hilarious that only an infomercial As Seen On TV product could get away with.  The comparison. 

When you see infomercials for kitchen and cooking products they usually do a comparison by showing all the products you can replace with this one product and how much you can save.  You then also hear about the money you can save by buying this one instead of all of these cleaners or appliances.  The infomercial for the AnimalOff Solar Animal Repeller had its own version of this type of over the top savings or reduction. 

Some people have those small black boxes that they use to catch mice and rats, others may hide a cage behind a tree or something but in infomercial land it is about making a point.  Instead of a small mouse trap or a small hidden or decorative trap they decided to show huge symbols for poison and even better a huge bear trap looking trap that you see on all the cartoons.  This was brilliant. 

Not only does everyone have bear traps laying around their yards where kids play (that was a joke as that would be extremely dangerous) but they also line them with tons of poison because that is just an even better idea.  My friend who was over when it played got just as much of a kick as I did from this.  Sure most people don't leave those huge dangerous steel traps around but the AnimalOff Solar Animal Repeller definitely got its more safe and humane approach across as to helping to keep unwanted animals out of your garbage cans, garden and yard while not harming anything.  Although I have absolutely no idea if this product works  or not, the infomercial for the As Seen On TV AnimalOff Solar Animal Repeller is definitely one that gave me a good laugh and if I had a yard I would probably consider buying it.  I still cannot remember what the bug, roach and spider repellent plug in one was though. 

If you have bought one of the Animal Off Solar Animal Repellers and loved it or hated it, please feel free to leave a comment below. 


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