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Solar Landscape Lighting Installation

Updated on October 2, 2012

The Wondrous Solar Landscape Lighting!

There are few things better for accenting your yard or garden than by using outdoor solar lights! There is a plethora of styles, shapes, and colors, so you'll always be able to find something that you will simply love in your own landscape!

It may seem like it'd be pretty easy installing your brand new solar lights, and it is!

Outdoor Solar Light
Outdoor Solar Light

How to Install!

Solar landscape lighting installation is so incredibly easy anyone can do it successfully! They could be the easiest thing you ever do to beautify your yard.

If you are installing individual lights that have their own solar cell and battery, installation is very simple. Pick where you want lighting in your yard or garden, making sure to have the lights placed where they will get 4 to 6 or more hours of sunlight per day.

Once you have planned out your design, check to see if the ground is slightly moist, so as to make installing the stakes easy. Simply place the stake where you want it and push it into the ground to the desired height. If the light is already attached to the stake, you are now done installing it. If the light is separate, all you need to do is place the light on the stake and screw it on, using the screws provided.

You may also attach solar cells and lights to posts. Place the light on the post at the desired height and screw it down. After attaching the light, place the cover over the top and snap down or screw on, depending on the type of assembly.

If you are using outdoor solar lighting that uses a separate solar cell for an entire group of lights, the installation is a bit more difficult, but still easy enough for the layperson to install.

Place the separate solar cell on the wall or post, making certain the chosen area will get plenty of sunlight. Attach the wires to the cell making certain to keep them color-coded, for example: white to white, black to black. Run the cord down the wall or post, attaching by stapling the cord to the desired surface. Do not staple inside the cord, staple over the top, to avoid electrical shock.

Attach the cord to the first light, again keeping like colors together, and push the stake into the ground. These stakes are hollow so that you may cover the wires, keeping your design uncluttered. Simply run the cord through the stake, attach the light wires to the main cord, snap or screw your light onto the stake, and push stake into the ground.

You may dig a small trench up to six inches deep to bury the cord, thus avoiding damage caused by lawn mowers or someone tripping over the cord.

This type of installation takes more time, as you have to attach wires to each light separately.

Strings or ropes of outdoor solar lighting can decorate your deck, fence, or house. As with any other solar cell, you must place the solar cell so that it receives enough sunlight each day.

After determining where you need to place the solar cell, use the rest of the string or rope to enhance the looks of your deck, pool area, fences, or house. Affix the lights to the desired area by tying or stapling the lights in your desired design.

Do you see how easy solar landscape lighting installation can be? With very little work, anyone can design their landscape lighting to be anything you can imagine it to be. All that is left now is for you to sit back and enjoy your beautiful landscape!

Solar Light - Orb
Solar Light - Orb

Tips and Tricks!

Here are a few helpful tips and tricks for some creative and fun ideas!

  • Placing your outdoor solar lights along pathways makes it easy to transverse your yard after dark. This will enhance the look and feel of your home, and it will make it safer!
  • Illuminate obstacles in your yard so that there is less chance of you tripping over them in the dark.
  • Put lights in your garden or flower bed so you can be able to enjoy your flowers throughout the night!
  • Nestling lights down in between flowers can created a really neat lighting effect once the light comes on a night.
  • Lighting up portions of trees and/or shrubbery will allow you to accent the beauty of your lush landscape. It will also turn a fairly boring piece of your yard at night into a work of art!
  • Use them to light up important details of your house, such as your house numbers or any other signs you have hanging outside.
  • Have fun! There are so many different colors and styles that you can toy around with! Changing the color of lights, you will completely change the atmosphere of your landscape. Decorating for the season, or in the colors of your favorite sports team can can add beauty in a fun way!

Photo Gallery - Creative pictures of outdoor solar lights!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Nestle outdoor solar lights into your flowers for a creative effect!Nestle outdoor solar lights into your flowers for a creative effect!They come in all shapes and colors!They come in all shapes!Use outdoor solar lights to really decorate your landscape!So timeless, so classical.They come in all shapes!They come in all shapes!Outdoor solar lights make great decorations!Get ones that change colors to spice things up!
Nestle outdoor solar lights into your flowers for a creative effect!
Nestle outdoor solar lights into your flowers for a creative effect!
Nestle outdoor solar lights into your flowers for a creative effect!
Nestle outdoor solar lights into your flowers for a creative effect!
They come in all shapes and colors!
They come in all shapes and colors!
They come in all shapes!
They come in all shapes!
Use outdoor solar lights to really decorate your landscape!
Use outdoor solar lights to really decorate your landscape!
So timeless, so classical.
So timeless, so classical.
They come in all shapes!
They come in all shapes!
They come in all shapes!
They come in all shapes!
Outdoor solar lights make great decorations!
Outdoor solar lights make great decorations!
Get ones that change colors to spice things up!
Get ones that change colors to spice things up!
Landscape Lighting Styles
Landscape Lighting Styles

And Now, Onto Your Own Style!

I hope you enjoyed reading through this lens as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

There are so many different ways your can express your own unique style when decorating your landscape that you are only held back by your own imagination!

If you are interested in more ways, tips and tricks that you can use to light up your landscape in the style that is all you, please check out my website at:

Leave your comments here!

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