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Solar Patio Lights: Prices You'll Want to Buy At

Updated on February 26, 2013

Solar Patio Lighting

When you're looking around for solar powered patio lights to really spruce up your outdoor area and make it inviting, atmospheric and a place you will really want to spend more time at, finding the right lights at the right price is important. It really helps to have at your fingertips a resource such as this, which provides some amazing examples of what is available while providing great value for your money.

There is one outdoor area of your own property in particular that simply must benefit from having solar lighting. That place is the patio area. This is a part of your property that is sure to get a load of use during those warm evenings. It's a great place to hold get togethers for friends, neighbors, family etc for parties and barbecues. This makes a patio one of the number one targets for a good, reliable and aesthetically pleasing set of lighting fixtures.

While most people still think along the lines of hooking up some lights to the household electricity system, there is another and in may respects better option available to you. They are solar patio lights.

Solar patio lights have come a long way from the dull, feeble yellow glow that was about all they could manage several years ago. Now they are bright, vibrant and best of all, free from the encumbrances of the power company or their electricity bills. Lets take a closer look at the many advantages of installing solar patio lights around your patio.

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Solar Patio Lighting Benefits

There are many benefits to installing solar patio lights, so lets look at some of them.

The first great benefit of installing solar patio lighting is the fact that you free yourself in some measure from the power company and their bills. Once solar lights are installed, they do not draw any power and therefore cost you no more once you've paid for the hardware and installation.

And let's face it, installation is something you can easily do yourself with these lights as there is no electrical wiring, no danger of electric shock and no placement problems. That's because they're enclosed units and you only need to either jam them into the earth with the affixed spike, or screw them to a wall or patio floor slab. That's it!

Another real benefit is whenever there is a power cut, solar patio lights keep right on shining! That's right, so when all your neighbors are yelling and hollering that they're in darkness, your barbecue can carry on uninterrupted. I know so because we get plenty of power cuts here and my own solar patio lights have been a truly amazing investment.

Following on from that point, when the lights all go out in a neighborhood thanks to a power cut, the burglars all come out of the woodwork and get busy under the cover of the total darkness. Not so at a house that is protected by external house lights that are solar powered. Your patio and surrounding property stay illuminated all night every night and that's worth its weight in gold my friend.

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Would You Buy Solar Patio Lights?

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How Do Solar Patio Lights Work?

Solar patio lighting works on the principle of using the sun's power to create electricity via a small photovoltaic panel, often generalized as a solar panel. This converts the sun's rays into a small electrical current and the stronger the sun's light hits the panel, the more electricity it generates.

This electricity is not used to light the unit directly, or it would only work in daylight hours and not be much use after dark!

The electricity is, instead used to recharge a battery that is housed in the solar light unit. The battery is big enough and will hold sufficient charge to power the unit's bulb during the hours of darkness as long as it gets sufficient sunshine falling on its photovoltaic panel during the day.

With most modern solar patio lighting, this usually means several hours depending upon the power rating of the bulb and the size of the solar panel. They are generally sized to provide more power than they need under usual circumstances, but two or three days of cloud cover will reduce the unit's effectiveness.

However, most units allow the removal of the rechargeable batteries and these can be popped into a household battery recharge unit if you get a really cloudy day to top them up so they'll provide all the power you 'll need overnight.

Larger solar lighting systems work on a different principle of hooking up several 12v lighting units to a larger central battery that is recharged using a much larger photovoltaic solar panel. This can provide sufficient electrical charge to power much brighter lights and even floodlights on larger installations. Again, these systems can be alternatively charged from the mains should the weather be bad for several days at a time.

Solar patio lights are a great investment for not only the illumination of your patio without the encumbrances of wiring and the danger of hooking up directly to the mains, but also to provide security, light and peace of mind whenever the power company decides to shut off the power.

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