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Guide to Space Suburbanization

Updated on December 28, 2014

Guide to Space Suburbanization

space apartments,

space cars,

space colonization groups (SCG's),

space construction,

space homes,

space hospitals,


space malls,

space real estate,

space real estate development, and

space science.

The above are just some of the areas covered by the development of space suburbanization.

Will settlements in space solve the problem of overpopulation? No, but they will help ease the burden on Mother Earth of having to support more humans than for which it was designed.

This lens starts with the building blocks that have to come before space suburbanization can begin in earnest. Next comes a brief look at what we want to avoid -- bad suburbs. Then it looks at the various aspects of suburbia and finally this lens ends with visions of what suburbia could be or should be.

LRO to Help Astronauts Survive in Infinity

Space seems exotic, forbidding, and remote, but imagine trying to survive winter without a heated shelter or warm clothing. Our ancestors developed these technologies because they needed room to grow; without them, we would still be confined to narrow areas along the equator, but with them, we could live anywhere in the world. With the right technology, space is just another place for people to live.

LRO to Help Astronauts Survive in Infinity

NASA people must be the thickest and most obtuse people in the universe. NASA is basically a PR operation that talks about how great space is and then NASA systematically keeps regular Joes out of space and bankrupts any new space company with a better idea as NIH (not invented here). They are shills for the military which is odd behavior for a supposedly civilian agency. While Americans want to be protected from attacks, we do not want space to be a battlefield like in Star Wars or the military to control everything like in Star Trek.

But you say the military is protecting us from aliens. Yeh right. There are no aliens. If there were, then the military would hold a press conference and say so and mobilize the entire civilian population of Earth to catch aliens when they land and dissect them. Civilians would be shooting at flying saucers rather than willingly allowing themselves to be abducted and undergo rectal probes. The idea of aliens is laughable without proof. Why would the military not tell civilians and thereby encourage us to collaborate with the enemy? Space Brothers and all that New Age nonsense. I've seen that science fiction series UFO and the premise that the public has to be "protected" from the truth is also laughable. Why not protect us from the knowledge that Al-Qaeda is using mosques to spread planning cells and implementation cells? Why not protect us from the knowledge that we fought World War Two? Why not protect us to death? Why not protect us so thoroughly that we have no freedom or privacy? Why not make the American people so uninformed that they go into the voting booth as uninformed as is humanly possible and thereby elect idiots?

Come to think of it, maybe the UFO crackpots have a point.


Terraforming Links

Go to the featured lens "Green Space" for more on terraforming.


Terraforming: Engineering Planetary Environments
Terraforming: Engineering Planetary Environments

See photo of cover near this module.


space art: if Venus were terraformed

from a distance

They are debating how to make sure that the little people (that's you and me) - are cut out of any share in the new worlds of the final frontier.

Actually the real powers are the governments and not science fiction authors. The whole point of government space programs (GSP's) is to deny freedom in space (free space).

GSP's versus Free Space. If you remember the previous sentence, then you know ninety-nine percent of space politics. In case you have already forgotten what that sentence is, I'll repeat it:

GSP's versus Free Space.

Habitable Moon of Some Gas Giant Planet

Obviously not Jupiter (wrong color), Saturn (no rings) Uranus (it's banded and Uranus is featureless), nor Neptune (no blotches).

Therefore, this moon and gas giant must be in a different stellar system. However, atmosphere can shift perceived color so the gas giant could be Jupiter after all.



No, not between Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Luke Skywalker. Read on . . .

What is the best place for the first space suburb?

Bad 'burbs

Bad suburbs. You've seen them. Drunks throwing beer cans on your carefully maintained lawn. This is perhaps the only good argument for the NRA and justifiable homicide. I'm kidding of course but one gets very angry when the police do nothing about litterbugs who toss their beer cans and fast food trash out their car windows and when the police do not beat senseless the inconsiderate b*stards who blast the volume on their boom box cars when you are trying to sleep.

What can you do?

1. Move to a space suburb with Stepford Wife or Stepford Husband type restrictive covenants and municipal ordinances that are strictly enforced. You know, stocks, pillory, death penalty for first offense. Okay, maybe not death penalty on first offense. But one really gets tired of these denier-type clowns who never get a clue.

2. In the meantime, while we are waiting for the space suburbs to be built, we can vote to cut the budget of the local police until they start enforcing litter laws and noise ordinances. I mean you come home and want a little peace. And they are supposed to be peace officers.

3. Form a neighbourhood association, a community watch and other programs that work.

4. If it isn't a gated community, then build a gate and hire security guards.

5. Change the streets or even plow under some roads and freeways and return them to nature. Governments hate dead ends and cul-de-sacs because it inconveniences drivers of garbage collection trucks, police cruisers, fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles and they have a point. But thoroughfares are also bad Feng shui in that a drunk thinks that since there are no stops that the people on the side of the highway cannot do anything if he chucks a can in the middle of the night -- unless they have sniper rifles and night vision goggles. Let's face it. You move to a suburb to get away from urban warfare but since creeps like drunken drivers also move to the suburbs, you either bottle up your rage at their inconsideration or you explode (and make the ten-o'clock news being led out in handcuffs) or . . .

6. You give up and move back to the city. Perhaps a gentrified neighbourhood within walking distance of the skyscraper where you work. You'll save money on gasoline or rocket fuel if you do not have to commute.

7. But planet Earth has an optimal carrying capacity of one billion humans and we are already at seven billion headed for eight billion. This means that the future city is likely to look like the one in Blade Runner. No thank you! So we are back to looking for a good suburb in space. And that means a database of known litterbugs, graffiti "artists", owners of boom box cars and vandals. When word gets around that the only neighbourhoods that will accept you are prisons, garbage dumps, junk yards, abandoned industrial districts, next door to a drag strip or gunnery range (none of whom care if their high decibels will cost you your hearing); then society will separate and segregate not into irrelevant categories like rich & poor, black & white, Anglo & Hispanic, or other nonsense but into clean and dirty, quiet and noisy. Let the clean and quiet live in their neighbourhoods under the full protection of the law and let the dirty & noisy choose to live in loud, smelly eyesores. If their prefer a pigsty, then let them have it.

No, that is not how things are now. I am here to inform you that African-Americans whether rich, middle-class or poor are often forced by circumstances (government that will not enforce laws against pollution) to live downwind of polluters or have their rivers polluted. And everyone has heard of cancer clusters which are suburbs built on toxic waste dumps. So whether you are black or poor white or Hispanic, you may want to get away from noise and litter but neither government nor bad neighbours nor bigots help. Anti-discrimination fair housing laws make sense but only if they allow neighbourhoods to screen out litterbugs, vandals, people who throw loud parties or play their music too loud, and drug addicts. Color and income have nothing to do with this. But we will see if a bad neighbour database stands up to court challenges -- I think after tweaking that it will.

There is this law enforcement theory that says if you stop vandalism (throwing rocks at the windows of a vacant house), graffiti and littering, then a community does not have to worry about murder and other violent crimes because criminals know that even minor offenses will be punished. But if you draw the line at murder, then expect mass murder and terror and a failed state like Somalia or Mexico.


This is claustrophobic. You can reach out the window and hold hands with your next door neighbour. Too close for comfort. Packed like sardines.

And where are the trees?


Plaintiff: "I saw him littering officers."

Police: (to litterbug) "Stocks or pillory? Your choice."

Plaintiff: "I'll tell everyone in the neighbourhood to bring their rotten eggs and tomatoes."

Space Apartments



Sir Fred Hoyle

"Space isn't remote at all. It's only an hour's drive away if your car could go straight upwards."

Space Cars

Space Cars

Space Cars

Space Cars

Space Cars

Space Cars

Space Cars

Space Cars

space colonization groups (SCG's)

If you are really serious about living out there, then I can put you on a registry so that you can either start an SCG and attract members or you can join an existing SCG.

Space Colonization Groups

If you join a space colonization group, immediately drive the talkers out of the group and recruit men and women of action such as engineers, inventors, venture capitalists, and investment bankers.

Rick Santorum led a Christian space colonization group in youth, sources say. Since I am a Christian myself, I will stand aside and let others have that one.

Hmmm. On second thought, I will comment anyway. Never let a politician into your space colonization group. They will start a war and kill everyone or tax everyone to death. Death and taxes. Escaping death and taxes is the real reason many are interested in space in the first place.

And the definition of politician is someone who takes our beautiful and blessed English language -- the language of Shakespeare and King James -- turns it into a million laws that choke us in red tape, take away our freedom and invade our privacy. And they have power over people with guns.

Those handguns and rifles that the NRA loves? The government has tanks and air planes and warships (as the people in Syria have discovered). And even if we the people got those big guns, they have chemicals and germs and have used them on American soil. Do your own research if you doubt it.

Real freedom will not come from revolution or guns. It will come from distance. Getting as far away as possible. People came from Europe and still come from Asia and Latin America seeking greater freedom. Africans got freedom only when they got distance from white Southern slavers in Canada and Mexico. Prisoners were sent to the far ends of the Earth in Australia and found freedom. Meanwhile, the aborigines found freedom by staying in the Outback as far away from the white invaders as possible. Back in North America, the most free of the Native Americans were the Inuit and Aleuts who simply had a taste for land too remote even for Russians in Siberia. Whatever your color, freedom is a function of maximum distance.

In this case, from Earth.

Space Colonies (hd)

Profitable Space Colonies

Space Colonies Speech By Micheal D Griffin

Space Colonies

Practicality and Space Colonies: Stardate 18.06

Humankind living in space colonies in Peace all united - Peace Event 2012

Space Construction

What will be the new construction techniques?

1. spray poly-concrete over mesh or inflatable forms?

2. genetically-engineered buildings that are grown organically?

3. excavation or blasting of underground buildings on the moon, Mars, and Mercury like on Earth?

4. electromagnetic drawing of shapes (think iron filings around a bar magnet) in a specialty chemical mist that is hardened with plastics or new alloys?

5. growing of large crystals for building materials?

6. cut & cover -- bulldozers dig trench and bury spent rocket boosters to make near instant shelters?

7. origami unfolding structures?

8. closing off small diameter but deep craters with metal roof or geodesic dome (like in 2001: a space odyssey)

9. use of memory materials

10. nanotechnology building construction

Space Home

Space Home

Space Home

Space Hospitals

Except for the presence of aliens (we know there are no aliens), novel series like Sector General by author James White and TV series like Mercy Point on UPN give a hint at what a space hospital might be like.

The web comedy Space Hospital is pretty much useless for illustrative purposes unless it is your intent to die out there.



If you don't believe these companies are real, then use a search engine.


Space Malls

Space Real Estate

How to Scout Real Estate in Space

If you can't own property out there, then it is under a communist legal regime. And if you are able to buy property out there and purchase some, then you are conceding that whoever sells it to you owns it. GSP's. Non-space exploring nations should have no say since they have not spent a penny on space exploration.

It is all a matter of space law (international treaties), astrolaw (personal and tort law in space) and metalaw (dealing with any aliens out there). Another principle remains true: possession is nine-tenths of the law. If you claim an unclaimed asteroid, moon, planet, stellar system or galaxy and both occupy (inhabit) said uninhabited place and can fend off other claimants; then it's yours. The best reason for going this route is no taxes.

Real Estate and Unreal Estate

If someone sells you a deed to property on the moon or upon the surface of any world in the Solar System, then it is a scam.

The Fine Print

However, if you regard your deed as just a fun gift for yourself or someone or as a collectible and it was sold to you in that way, then no harm done. If you actually move to the moon or other world, occupy your land and use it in some way, then that is a whole other matter. Some legal experts believe possession (and use) is nine-tenths of the law.

The other tenth is kicking out Imperial Earth out when they show up with Darth Vader and the jackbooted storm troops. Since politicians are stupid and never read history books, they are simply unaware (or mindlessly unmindful) of the fact that colonies always declare independence. It is human nature. You move to the New World (the Americas, the moon, Mars, wherever) to get away from poverty, ignorant politicians, religious persecution or a hundred other reasons.

You might even move for positive reasons like getting free land (less the cost of passage), making your fortune, adventure, being a part of history (the Western pioneers were very aware that they were making history and so are today's private space traveler wannabes), reinventing yourself, testing your mettle, landscape painting (the Western artists), writing, and taking a job and the company pays your moving expenses (passage).

While no nations currently claim any of the newly discovered planets outside the Solar System, the United Nations does have resolutions about them. It is hard to tell at exactly what distance, how many million miles, how many light years or parsecs one has to distance oneself from Earth before you are legally and effectively beyond the claims of Earth government. It would be useful to know that since there are people who have their eyes very seriously set upon interstellar travel. Einstein's speed limit be d*mned. Some people waste no time with interstellar research and are quietly working on intergalactic R&D on the calculation that no one will bother them if they put a galaxy or two between themselves and the Milky Way. Politics (totalitarian Earth and libertarian space developers) plays a hidden but massive role in space settlement matters.

Turning from deep space to the inner Solar System, it is said that the communist Chinese are about to claim parts of the moon while the capitalist West still drags its feet on settling the matter of settlement. Who is the real communist and who is the real capitalist? One might imagine realtors having Chinese offices because the Chinese are quite prepared to use force to make their point. After all they squabble over little islands also claimed by Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and others. It is a good thing that oil is useless in space (no air to pollute to burn it).

Mars will be interesting because several companies are making plans and spending real money while no government has concrete plans to pour concrete there.

Venus is finally getting commercial attention and so the real question is whether governments like the US or China will interfere with commercial developments such as Stratos-type cloud cities suspended by helium or large space station cities in Venus orbit.

The deed you might need is the one you make on your printer in your home -- on the surface of the moon or Mars. Owning or leasing part of a space station? That is something you can do right now. Not on the International Space Station but on Bigelow Aerospace's empty modules.

Space Real Estate

Rotary Club


Copernicus Dome

No survey of futurescapes is complete without a glass dome. Of course it will not be glass as we know it. Note the polarized sunglasses effect on the sunward side.

Bellerophon Estates

Bellerophon Estates


as in Rendezvous with


Slidershare supposedly has a widget on Squidoo but I can't get it to work (Lord knows I tried) so here are the links:

As always, keep your skepticism on alert when looking at anything from NASA's Manned side. The Unmanned side of NASA (JPL) is okay but the Manned side of NASA will destroy you if you let down your guard. Go ahead, don't believe me and end up in their boneyard.

Space Suburb

Space Suburb

Space Suburb

Space Suburbanization

This is an L5 type.

Space Suburbanization

Suburbs in Space Might Also Look like This






For Sale By Owner

The Suburb Beyond the Stars
The Suburb Beyond the Stars

[Hardcover] Oddly enough, this novel is NOT about Michael Myers of Halloween fame or Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th fame. Do these children get a splitting headache?

Welcome to Mars: Politics, Pop Culture, and Weird Science in 1950s America
Welcome to Mars: Politics, Pop Culture, and Weird Science in 1950s America

You can imagine how Levittown will look from space. The great thing is that we will finally be flying flying saucers instead of old-fashioned Fifties rockets!


Neighborhoods Then

Neighborhoods Now


arch and gate

Neighborhoods Soon

arch and airlock

Please give me a list of what I overlooked or left out of this lens.

Thank you.

Home Owners Association

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