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Spoon and Fork Wall Décor

Updated on January 29, 2013

Spoon and Fork Wall Décor

Decorating your kitchen with spoon and fork wall décor makes for a warm feeling of being home. What makes you think of the kitchen more than eating? That's why these make for such great wall décor for your kitchen.

Whether you choose a metal, silver, or wooden fork and spoon set for your wall, these are sure to be a hit.

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Giant Spoon and Fork Wall Décor

Giant spoon and fork wall décor is the perfect kitchen wall solution. You can fill a large wall with this utensil set and add any accents that you'd like around it.

Giant Spoon and Fork

Black Epoxy Giant Spoon and Fork

Sunflower Spoon & Fork Wall Set

Grape Spoon & Fork Decor Set

Bell Pepper Large Spoon & Fork Set

Apple Spoon & Fork Wall Decor Set

Metal Spoon and Fork Wall Art

Metal spoon and fork wall art is a creative way to use utensils to make art. Twisting, bending, and shaping metal forks and spoons into clocks, pictures, and wall hangers is really cool and these look great on your walls.

Knife Fork Spoon Metal Wall Art

Verichron Fork and Spoon Clock

Metal Spoon and Fork Wall Hooks

Fork & Spoon Wall Decor

Melrose Spoon and Fork Wall Hooks

Spoon and Fork Kitchen Wall Decal

Making a Hanging Spoon Rack

Wood Spoon and Fork Wall Decals

Wood spoon and fork wall decals are available in several styles. They make great wall decorations for your kitchen or any other room in your house that has a large wall to fill. Also they are no fuss, easy to "hang" and they come down without leaving nail holes in the wall.

Wooden Fork and Spoon Wall Decal

Melted Dark Chocolate On Wooden Spoon Decal

Holding an Old Wooden Spoon Wall Decal

Butter Curl on a Wooden Spoon Wall Decal

Dark Chocolate Dripping from the Wooden Spoon Wall Decal

Flour on Wooden Spoon Wall Decal

Black Spoon and Fork Décor for the Wall

You can find some nice black spoon and fork décor for your wall online. The choices are varied, ranging from framed art to decals. If you've got a black themed kitchen (appliances, plates, etc.) black fork and spoon décor will be a good compliment to those items.

Black Vintage Fork Knife Spoon Wall Plaque

Fork Knife Spoon Wall Decal

Knife Fork And Spoon Wall Decal

Decorative Spoon and Fork Wall Decor

Black Spoon Framed Art

Black Measuring Spoons Canvas Art

Silver Spoon and Fork Kitchen Wall Décor

Kitchen wall décor is very personal based on your style and taste. If your taste leans you towards sliver spoon and fork décor, you're fortunate because there are several items to choose from.

Silver Fork and Spoon Wall Hook

Verichron Silver Utencils Clock

Silver Fork Knife Spoon Wall Decor

Silver Cutlery Wall Decal

Silver Giant Spoon and Fork

Silver Spoon Framed Print

Vintage Fork and Spoon Chandelier

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