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Spring Dreaming

Updated on February 10, 2013

After a Harsh Winter Get Ready for Spring and a Garden

What a winter, now let's talk spring.


Hover over photos of flowers.

Order seed catalogs.

Search online for raised bed gardens.

Clean snow off of patio.

Shovel snow off patio again.

Sometimes Indiana gets a harsh winter, sometimes winter just sneaks past us uneventful. Winter has been especially harsh for us this year, as we usually don't stay in Indiana for the winter.

Our ministry pretty much mandates that we travel where it's warmer year round so we can minister to motorcycle riders. In Indiana bikes are in storage from October to March in many cases. There are some die hard year round riders, but not that many. We usually end up in Phoenix or Southern Florida for several weeks.

This year we stayed in Indiana to restore a 1974 classic bike and re-group for the Spring.

I say, "SPRING! Yes, bring it on, and soon, please."

I'm not only planning to fix up my patio fountain again, but we're going to start a raised bed garden.

Probably green peppers and tomatoes. maybe onions. A salsa garden the first year, adding a bed each year, and fencing in the yard for the dogs. We have big plans for spring.

This photo is our fountain in full-bloom before Winter.

Spring Dreaming - Our Poor Patio in Winter

We are pretty tired of the view. It is beautiful.

No drifting here.

The snow fell straight down and piled high. This photo was taken with my iPhone and it is not a black and white, it's just a black and white day in Indiana.

Our first full January in Indiana in nearly 15 years and we're socked in by snow more than once. Snow is beautiful as long as you don't have to travel in it. We've planned a raised bed garden in our "cabin fever" time.

Sure makes a person long for Spring.

As we travel so much, we are planning the hydration for our raised bed garden we hope to establish in our back yard. Any ideas for this project are certainly welcome.

Essentials of a Great Vegetable Garden

Spring Dreaming Vegetables
Spring Dreaming Vegetables








Spring Dreaming? Plan Your Garden

Check out this iPad APP from Mother Earth News


Plan your vegetable garden with over 140 plants, whether its a garden in rows, raised beds, or blocks of space, you can arrange and rearrange depending on your plans. Super fun way to wait on spring.

Spring Dreaming Gardening Poll - Where do you stand on gardening.

Spring Dreaming Tomatoes
Spring Dreaming Tomatoes

Not everyone knows how to garden, likes gardening, eats vegetables, or cares about where veggies come from in the first place. But for the savvy gardener or the new vegetable connoisseur, I'd love to know your opinion on fresh home grown veggies. photo

What is your die hard opinion of growing your own vegetables.

See results

Raised Bed Gardening - One Method We Plan to Try This Spring

Don't Forget to Plant Flowers

Spring Dreaming of Flowers
Spring Dreaming of Flowers

Spring Dreaming of My Patio in Bloom

Top Soil

Buying the best top soil is expensive, but sure beats the time consuming task of preparing the soil and having a long-term compost pile to enrich the soil. A great way to start a vegetable garden initially, but be sure to design your own compost pile ASAP so that this is not a repeat expense when you're garden area is expanded.

Get Tip Top Advice on Gardening


Vegetable Photo Credits

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