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Stack On Gun Cabinet

Updated on January 22, 2013

Stack On Gun Cabinet

With more people buying guns for protection it has become imperative to have a gun cabinet for keeping the guns safe. This lens takes a look at gun cabinets and their features and ease of use. If you have guns in the house consider buying a good gun cabinet.

Stack On Gun Cabinet - Stack-On GC-18C 18 Gun Cabinet

Stack On Gun Cabinet
Stack On Gun Cabinet

This lens takes a look at guns cabinets that are available to store your guns and prevent them from being stolen or used unauthorized by a young member of the family.

If you're a proud owner of guns you will the need to keep your guns in a nice gun cabinet.

The Stack-On GC-18C 18 Gun Convertible Steel Security Cabinet comes in black and is a great way to store your guns. It looks attractive with a nice shiny finish so that you feel good having a gun cabinet as part of your furniture. It is capable of holding 18 guns and does the job extremely well. The cabinet is easy to put together and does not take more than a few minutes to get it up. The number of parts is just a few so that you do not get confused or get intimidated and not be able to do it yourself. It even gives diagrams so that it makes it simpler.

The cabinet is about 80-100 pounds and you can move it around if you feel that it needs to be shifted to another part of the house. The light weight is especially useful if you're moving house. You can also shift it easily if you're expecting guests two may stay over and you want to keep your guns tucked away in a cabinet which is away from prying eyes. If you want it to be out of the way look around to locate it in a far corner where it is not conspicuous. You also get the feature of anchoring the cabinet which is indicated by holes which can be affixed to something the cabinet can hold on to. To make it brain dead simple they also give you a step-by-step guide to follow while setting it up!

The foam inserts on the floor of the cabinet serve as a god protection for items and prevents scratches on your precious guns. The spacers for guns with scopes is a nice touch and very thoughtful. You get two keys so that one can be kept as a duplicate for any emergencies. The cabinet has the great feature of combinable racks and shelves which is very useful if you want to free up some more space.

The Stack-On GC-18C 18 Gun Convertible Steel Security Cabinet is suitable for you if you live in an area where you will not get armed intruders coming into your house. It is enough to prevent kids from laying their hands on your guns. But if you live in dangerous country you will need something that is much more safe and lockable. You may also need armor protection, and something that is fire-proof and very heavy so that no one will be able to move it an inch.

A Stack on Gun Cabinet is a good way to store your guns as well as keep it out of harm’s way. It also comes at a good price and you can check it out at the link below.

Stack-On GC-18C 18 Gun Convertible Steel Security Cabinet, Black - Discount at Amazon


Gun Safe
Gun Safe

Many people own guns for safety - to keep their families and themselves safe. Participate in the poll below and also find out the results.

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Gun Cabinet vs Gun Safe

Which One Should You Choose?

If you have guns in the house you will certainly need a safe or a gun cabinet to store them safely. Should you buy a gun cabinet or a gun safe? Read on to find out.

The amount of storage is the first factor that decides what to buy. Safes are compact whereas gun cabinets have more storage space. If you have several guns a cabinet may suit you better.

Safes are more durable for the long term whereas a gun cabinet at the same price may be similar to a locker in a school.

Safes are considered theft-proof whereas a gun cabinet may not be unbreakable unless it is a high-end safe. Safes are also very heavy and not something a burglar can walk away with.

It all depends on what your requirement is. Take a look at tsome of the best selling safes below and choose one that you like.

Stack On Gun Cabinet - Video

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