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Stained Glass Owl Art and Owl Stained Glass Lamp

Updated on April 28, 2014

Stained Glass Owl Art

Everyone who knows me will not be surprised I love this kind of decor. Actually you can find owls in just about every setting in my home all the way from home decor to apparel. Some of my favorites are still on my wish list. So I thought would share here what I love (both from what I already have and my future favorites).

This page is about Stained Glass Owl Art and Owl Stained Glass Lamp or Home Decor is a great choice for anyone who loves owls and stained glass. I adore stained glass and of course the owl is at the top of my list for animals and birds. I think of the owl a bit like a bird and a cat. The stained glass art always has appealed to me and I have seen several pieces created by artists. It is amazing how pieces of glass become spectacular designs.

This page will showcase the most adorable and spectacular stained glass owl art and lamps. You will also find the most popular pink stained glass and owl wall art for the nursery. Decorative stained glass art, wall art, and home decor with the owl theme in both subtle and ornate design styles.

Image Credit Stained Glass Night Light Cover

Amia Beveled Glass Triptych Decor Panel Owl Design - Stained Glass Owl Art

Stained glass has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I believe some of the first pieces I saw were on church windows. We also did amazing craft projects at school and at camp to create stained glass 'look' items.

(Notice: If you attempt the following project do so with adult supervision!)

One project we used a heat plate and broken crayons. When all of the crayons were melted we would gently put a piece of wax paper lightly over the wax. That would create a design on the wax paper.

Next we would use black yarn to make the design spacers and the frame. Really pretty.

I believe one of the first designs I created was a butterfly.

Be sure to LINE THE HOT PLATE to prevent sticking (a pan spray might be a good idea). Run the appliance on the lowest setting and drop pieces of broken crayons one by one in a single layer with plenty of room for them to spread out when they melt.

Turn off everything as soon as you remove the design.

It would be a good idea to use an old hot plate or retired one you have (or be willing to) in case you are unable to clean off the wax crayons sufficiently.

Amia Beveled Glass Triptych Decor Panel Owl Design, 4-1/2 by 16-Inch, Hand-Painted on Glass
Amia Beveled Glass Triptych Decor Panel Owl Design, 4-1/2 by 16-Inch, Hand-Painted on Glass

This may be my favorite piece in all of the stained glass owl art I could find. I love the colors and the materials used. This is hand painted on glass. While traditional 'stained glass' is pieced together this is a stain/paint process and the piece is a great size as well. It is beveled glass (love that!) and comes with a chain and a gift box. Note the measurements and measure where you would like to display it before you buy.

If you are looking for additional stained glass work from Amia click here ---> More Hand Painted and Stained Glass Decor


Screech Owl Vertical Art Glass Panel - Stained Glass Owl Art

Stained Glass Owls Canvas Print - Stained Glass Owl Art

If you love the colors and the stained glass look with a bit more abstract interpretation then this is the owl art piece for you.

Choose the canvas edge color (which or black) as the canvas is wrapped all the way around the frame on this print.

Canvas prints are an affordable way to have art in your home or office and enjoy remarkable designs without the expense of original art pieces. Wrap around canvas (when the frame is covered) are stylish and give you the added savings of not needing to frame the work before you display it.

Owl in the Church Window Canvas Print - Stained Glass Owl Art

Stained glass has been primarily in the windows of churches I have seen over the years. This canvas print is a great way to bring color and theme into a room. The canvas is wrapped around the frame and you can choose the color of the edge (white or black) so you get the look you want.

Great for any room, bedroom, living room, or in your sun room or garden room.

eBay Stained Glass Owl Lamp - These are auctions and are automated listings...

When you browse this section you might find unrelated items as the listing is automated with a search term.

Watch also for bids, time remaining on an auction, and read the details carefully. For eBay I like to click on the seller's information link (usually you can access this by clicking on the seller's username). Check the sellers rating and any feedback they have received from previous bidders.

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  • GypsyOwl profile imageAUTHOR

    Deb Bryan 

    6 years ago from Chico California

    @Joan4: Thank you, Joan! The Owl is my favorite (of course) and I do love the church window stained glass art with the owl sitting in the window as well. One of my favorites in this collection.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Beautiful stained glass owl art! I love that owl in the church window!


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