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10 Things to look for when buying a Stainless Steel stovetop whistling kettle

Updated on June 12, 2017

Stovetop Whistling Kettles

Gone are the days when a whistling kettle was only associated with a rustic farmhouse kitchen setting. The stainless steel whistling kettles available to today's shoppers will be a stylish edition to the most elegant and modern of kitchens.

There are a huge variety of whistling kettles available in various styles to match and compliment your kitchen design. Please enjoy our selection of stainless steel whistling kettles.

Image courtesy of Amazon: Featured here: Elite 2.5 lt Whistling Kettle

What to look for when buying a whistling stovetop kettle.

Below is a list of the things you could consider when choosing a whistling kettle (or any kettle) for purchase. For some people style will be the determining factor in the decision to buy, while for others it may be ease of refilling.

1. Hot Water Kettle Size

Kettle sizes are given in quarts, cups, or liters. It is probably better to have a slightly bigger kettle than you need. Putting in less water in a bigger kettle is quicker and easier than having to fill and wait for the water in a small kettle to come to a boil when more water is needed.

2. Buy a Stylish Stainless Kettle

Choose a kettle style to complement your kitchen d├ęcor or one that is unique.

3. Easy to clean and refill water kettles

How big is the opening to refill, check inside the kettle or to clean the kettle.

4. Water kettle with solid handle - Good Grip

Does the kettle have a sturdy handle and does it stay cool enough to lift and pour the boiled water safely?

OXO BREW Uplift Tea Kettle - Brushed Stainless Steel
OXO BREW Uplift Tea Kettle - Brushed Stainless Steel
We have one of these kettles. It was originally bought to be used on a gas stove when there is a power failure, but as you can see from the picture below the kettle comes in handy on our trips around New Zealand. Here (photo below) we stopped for a cuppa near Hamner Springs. It was a windy day so we used the camp table as a wind shelter.

Oxo Good Grip - Tea Anyone ?

Oxo Good Grip - Tea Anyone ?
Oxo Good Grip - Tea Anyone ?

5. The lid

The lid needs to fit tight enough not to pop off when the pressure builds as the kettle starts boiling. No steam should be able to escape and burn you hand while carrying or pouring it but the lid should not be too difficult to open for a refill.

6. Durability

How well is the kettle and whistle made?

7. Sound of whistle - Tea Kettle With Extra Loud Whistle

The sound of the whistle is a difficult one to test but most of the time there are some clues as to the sound of the kettles whistle in the product reviews. An extra loud whistle or like somebody describe one, a whistle that sounds like an air raid siren will be good for people who may not hear so well but not so good for people who live in a city apartment. It is always good to have the option to remove the whistle if you want to have a quiet cuppa.

Kettles Whistling

8. Energy efficiency

The base, shape and the material the kettle is made off, will determine how fast the water in the kettle reach boiling point. The shorter the time it takes for the kettle to reach boiling point the more energy efficient it is.

Lower kettles with a broad base will usually come to a boil quicker than a high kettle with a small base. Try to match the size of the heat source with the size of your kettles base. A small kettle on a big heat source wastes energy and there is a bigger chance of burning your hands with the heat coming up around the sides of the kettle.

9. Weight

How heavy is the kettle empty and filled. A heavier empty kettle will most probably be more stable on the stove when the water is boiling.

10. Price

Choose a kettle to suit your budget. At the end of the day the price of your kettle will have no effect on the taste of your cup of tea.

Whistling Kettles as Gifts

Christmas Gift

House Warming Gift

Wedding Present


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