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Starburst Mirrors And Sunburst Mirrors - Cosmic Light Reflections

Updated on August 31, 2011

Cosmic Wall Art

Starburst and sunburst mirrors are a great way of injecting some whimsical glamour into a room, they are both contempory classics that make great wall features.

Below you will find a stylish selection of starbust and sunburst mirrors to add a cosmic accent to your home decor. There's something so happy and positive about these mirrors, if you want to make a statement wall, team a few starburst or sunburst mirrors together for a light reflecting effect that will lighten and brighten any room.

These mirrors aren't used for vanity purposes, they are true pieces of wall art that add a touch of sparkle. See below for a range of starburst and sunburst mirrors to compliment any room.

Starburst Mirrors

Starburst mirrors are quite magical to look at, and as with the sunburst mirrors, they appeal to anyone with an affinity to the universe and all it has to offer. It's that cosmic appeal that makes these mirrors so enchanting.

Coming in various designs, there's a starburst mirror to suit all tastes. If you want to make a feature wall, two or more of these would look fantastic side by side. These are really gorgeous mirrors that will add a twinkle to any room.

A look that I personally love is a starburst mirror above a bed. It makes a lovely focal point and somehow it makes the bed look more enticing. It's a whimical look that works great.

Sunburst Mirrors

Somewhat more choice in sunburst mirrors than starburst mirrors, and here's a great selection. There are lots of different designs and finishes, and these mirrors work equally as well as the starburst ones in creating a lovely vibe to a room.

Because sunburst mirrors are so decorative, without being over the top, they work perfectly in place of other wall hangings. You can create a magnificent set of wall art by using a series of sunburst mirrors placed artistically in relation to one another.

This look would be even more effective if you choose different designs that compliment each other. A series of sunburst mirrors (maybe even including starburst too) would create a gorgeous feature wall and the light relflections from the mirrors would be amazing.

Just imagine how dazzling a sunburst mirror feature wall would be. If you have ever looked into a jewelry store window and been dazzled by the brilliant sparkles of the gems, imagine having that effect in your home. Simply stunning!

You of course don't have to make a feature wall from sunburst mirrors, if you prefer the more subtle light reflection look a single sunburst mirror can look fantastic if hung in the right place. I mentioned earlier about starburst mirrors above a bed, this would work equally well with sunburst.

The choice between the two is really dependent in whether you're a day or night person, the mirrors reflect that aspect of your personality. Are you a star gazer or a sun worshipper? Whichever mirrors you choose, you can be sure that you are inviting the light and positive energy of the sun and the stars into your home in a peaceful and prosperous way.

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