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Do You Feel Like You Don't Belong on This Planet? Maybe You're an Alien.

Updated on January 27, 2015

You Might Actually Be From Pleiades

WARNING: The content of this post may disturb a lot of skeptics and provoke negative reactions. So to all of you who don't believe in the existence of extra-terrestrial beings, please dismiss this post and carry on.

How to Tell You Are Not Human

Many of you people are not actually humans. You may have human bodies and human blood, but you are not humans. You are extra-terrestrial beings.

How do you know that you are an extra terrestrial being? Here are six easy steps to find out:

  1. You always had a feeling that you don't belong here on this planet.
  2. You've always felt very different from other people.
  3. You have a strong longing to "go home," although you don't know where home is.
  4. You often tend to watch humans and think "Why are they making things so complicated? It's really not that complicated."
  5. You have a strong sense of purpose, that you are on this planet for a reason.
  6. You may possess supernatural abilities: telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, or super empathy.

If these describe you, there is a good chance that you are not from this planet. So don't be sad or angry if people tend to misunderstand you—you were never human to begin with.

You Might Be One of These Beings

People have developed different names to describe the races of non-human beings on the planet.

  • Starpeople
  • Indigos
  • Crystals
  • Rainbow Children
  • Angels

You May Be from One of These Interstellar Locations

If you are not human, you may be from:

  • Pleiades
  • Arcturus
  • Vega
  • Orion

Why Are You on Earth?

Many of you have chosen to reincarnate into human bodies to help the Earth's Ascension process. Your purpose is to rebel against the negative vibrations of this world and spread the positive vibration that you carry within you. In other words, you are here to help bring Heaven to Earth.

Many of you are fully aware of what and who you are. Many of you are just awakening to your true identity.

Many of you will remain on this planet after the Ascension. Others of you will return home.

Images of Area 51

Life as a Non-Human Being on Earth

Many of your children are Starpeople as well. You may have been told that your children have ADHD syndrome, but medication doesn't work. You must encourage their spiritual skills, instead of shutting them down.

Starpeople must avoid medicine, alcohol, and smoking. Starpeople should eat only organic foods in order to be fully activated.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are not weird, odd, or unusual in any way. You are not human, that's all, and you are not alone. There are many others like you.

UFO Caught on Film


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    • profile image

      unsyncable 4 days ago

      Being comfortable with this life requires an acceptance with this life. The harder you try the more challenging it seems. All that is felt is value good and bad. The experience to feel that in every breath we take is life, the gift.

      If you feel your inside vibrate, know that you are tuned and your frequency fluctuates to higher consciousness, and this if developed can alter your perseption.

      Having this higher frequency can confound us with the natural rhythms of this earthly plane.

      Recognize this, we are many and we have purpose. The thoughts we transmit creates, and the frequency is affecting. You are receiving.

      A good source for enlightenment is Dr Marijo Puleo Mindful Living Spiritual Awakening podcast.

      May you find peace and the ability to enjoy the beauty that is near.


    • profile image

      libbyswan 5 days ago

      I know I don't belong here.. Ive been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, ADHD, and major depression and anxiety. Though I've also been told I score at genius level..I haven't felt like I belong here since I was about 9 years old. I am now 34. I've spent hours thinking, trying to figure out why I'm here. The sad thing is I wish I belonged.. I wish I felt at peace instead of so restless in my own mind.. My body is uncomfortable to be in. I often feel like if I could open it up some how I would be able to breathe a bit better and escape a little bit... I have 5 kids I adore and a husband. I try to talk to him about all of this and he just looks at me like he is sad for me.. he wishes I felt at peace as well but I know he can't fully understand.. I don't know... I don't know what to do. I HATE feeling like this.. I wish I could just feel at peace.

    • profile image

      unsyncable 2 months ago


      There is a realization the universe and all within blinks at the astounding speed of 13 trillion times per second.

      What this implies is we are cycling ON and OFF at 13 trillion times per second. See Richard Lighthouse...

      Like a movie projector each still photo sequences or morphes into a fluid visual event. A movie.

      Well this is what we experience, and when you Phase your cycling you can remain in either this ON side or the other OFF side. The OFF side what is it? Maybe it is our heaven side, our unconscious side, our higher side. The side that the aliens are on where we are from where we all go and come from????

      We all have heard about raising your vibration to achieve Nirvana or Ascension, perhaps the gist is to Phase your vibration with the natural cycle to move through the realms of existence.

      Stories have been told of spacecraft which seem to appear and disappear from view or time travel. Well this may be true.


    • profile image

      Unsyncable 2 months ago

      Something to ponder about Earth, Gaia, Sophia Gaia, the womb of our existence here.

      Nothing born can survive off this planet it is our womb. It is the material that we are created from every atom every conscious unit is connected.

      It is said that Gaia is the university of the cosmos.

      A planet highly sought after by those beings wanting to experience an ecological diversity for living and connection.

      Gaia is the opportunity to be one with nature and natural existence.

      The planet and every thing of it is conscious and aware.

      We have a collective blindness to this. We are taught and preached and convinced that nothing is part of us.

      Discard the Dogma and be free.


    • profile image

      Unsyncable 2 months ago

      Try reading Seth speaks by Jane Roberts.

      The things you feel and experience are all real.

      You are more connected to your self (soul) than those around you.

      Peace and love and find the universe within you. The infinity within and with-out. Each and every decision we make is a real branch on our infinite path, like looking in a mirror using a mirror it cascades into infinity. This is the truth that has been suppressed we are infinite and never die only the body wears out.

      Think of several strings of Christmas lights all the bulbs are on these are all you, when one goes out it quickly relights somewhere else. We are multitasking souls gathering every conscious experience everywhere and we are connected to our oversoul not less than but equal to. When you dream you can view aspects of your other realities these are real and just as valid as the one I am speaking to now, you. There is no boundary all is what you believe. Truth love and knowing that each Atom has consciousness and every thing is conscious. These conscious units are created and we create them and they become our present reality.

      Pick up the clues that are offered every day. Meditate and breathe. Forget the limits of life. Forgive the excesses and attachments you feel to anger or jealousy or pain. Go inside and forgive yourself, and grow your love for you only. You need to love and be you. Nothing works if you remove yourself from the gift you are.

      Take the time to unlock your heart, to find your peace which is your infinite strength that all you are is one with All That Is.

      You are awakening this evident.


    • profile image

      sarasamson 2 months ago

      You say that we are not alone, then why does it feel like I am the only one feeling this way? I have never met any one that is the same as I am. Sure I have a family of my own and I love them and they love me and I would never have wanted them or my life here with them gone but they are not the same as I am and they do not understand when I try to explain some thoughts I have or things I've experience. It's like they respect what I am saying and do not desmiss me. But I can see it, they are not at same "level" as I am. It feels like your alone in a sence but your not really alone. I would love to meet "the same kind as I am" some day, some one that get's me and just knows, that I don't have to explain a lot to, cuz they just know and have the same thoughts and feelings about this not being our "true home" and the feeling of looking up at the stars and feeling sad and like you miss them, miss home..

    • profile image

      Never belonged here 3 months ago

      I can say since I was a kid, i never belonged in this earth. These people are so primitive and so animals I never thought as myself internally as a human being, that I dont belong here I was put here by mistake, I have just think humans can do better but they wont. I always ask GOD why he put me here with these primitives with no spiritual values. I always thought that im from another planet another race more evolved then these humans on this earth. I can see things like the future , the past and past lives , last week I saw a painting and I saw the past of that painting how the artist started painting it and became about , where he painted it and how he lived with the painting not finished ....I have high senses I just dont belong here .....thats all

    • sensualspirit profile image

      sensualspirit 4 months ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

      Hi everyone...

      I don't have a FB group for people to meet like minded people becauase I find that almost ANYONE I come across online doesn't want to talk on the phone or Skye or meet in person, they just want to hide behind their monitor.

      That really irks me & one reason I've never created a friendship group.

      If anyone want to join one of my other FB groups, please feel free.

      I wish everyone all the best : )


    • profile image

      yvonne 4 months ago

      I will be 47 in a couple of weeks. I've been through hell in this short life. But, I have always had a knowing that there is so much more to this "life". I have always looked up to the stars. Specifically the "seven sisters". I remember begging for "them" to take me with them. "I want to go home ". When my daughter was born, i knew that she wouldn't be on this earth for very long. When she looked at me, I almost had to look away. Nicole died at about 2 1/2 months old. Why, I don't know.

    • profile image

      Vnem 4 months ago

      I read every single comment. It’s exactly the same for me. I always had a social life but I was truly detached. It was like I was pretending all my life. Pretending to live, pretending to have friends, pretending to be in a relationship. Pretending to work. I am married with three kids I adore, but even now that I am 36, I can’t shake this feeling off. It’s like I dont belong here, like I’m from somewhere far away but I can’t remember where. I love music, travelling and art. Videogames, books and movies that show other worlds and I am imagining that I belong there. I love the stars, planets and Universe. I love seeing people healthy and happy, I adore children, they are the epitome of greatness and innocence and the fact that we live in a world where horrible things happen to them horrifies me and breaks my heart. I am highly perceptive to other people’s intentions and vibes. Like, really perceptive. I hate this whole negativity this world throws at me and others. I have really intense dreams that I travel to other worlds but I can never put my finger to. Never completely remember. I love helping others, making them smile, but I never want people become very close to me. Only a few special. I have never told anyone how I feel. Only my sister knows. My husband is a good man but thinks me as a weirdo. Thinks that I dislike people and I just have issues with the world and everyone around me because I can’t stand rudeness and negativity. He doesn’t know how I feel. He won’t understand. Homeopathy helped me deal with my depression in the past and still helps me discover my self and try to get along in this world I sometimes think I have been dumped to survive. What else can I do? Who will believe me when I say that every single time, and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME I think of a favorite movie in tv, I d like to watch, I see it right in front of me? That I think things and they happen? That I understand right away what kind of people I have right in front of me, and that I have dreamed of thing that happened years afterwards?

    • profile image

      sos 5 months ago

      I've been able to do alot of things YOU can't do and I have this feeling I don't belong here, and that I'm here to do good. if I explain it, there will be more than one of us who is confused. And right now, all I'm asking for is help, like an SOS

    • Stella Kaye profile image

      Stella Kaye 9 months ago from UK

      An interesting concept. I was never happy as a child and remember hanging out the bathroom window wanting the space aliens to come and take me away so I can identify with what you're saying. I have a tendency to write about humans as if I'm not one. I found this article quite by accident by the way - in the real estate section - which I found quite amusing!

    • profile image

      unknown jerabere 13 months ago

      i believe this is true cause im not from this planet i remember this thats not from this planet ive never fit in i see images of the future if area 51 one or what ever found me i would be killed im also can read people thoughts im not crazy ive been checked im called a Nordics

    • sensualspirit profile image

      sensualspirit 22 months ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

      Wow, a 6 year old thread.

      So I've ALWAYS felt like I didn't belong & I'm now 50 y/o, & have always had a child like quality to me until recently as my body & energy are dying. : (

      I've been wanting to go home forever.

      I'm still trying to find a country I resonate with. Call it running away, I call it trying to find peace.

      The greed & corruption energy I feel not to mention everything is toxic & the killing of our Mother Earth takes a HUGE toll on me emotionally & physically.

      It's very very hard for me to find people I resonate with & I have no family that cares, respects or loves me or ever has even from a very very young age.

      This is even though technically I have tons of family on 3 sides. So I really do feel all alone & have for years.

      And while I know deep down I'm not human, the one part of me that is, requires companionship. If humans don't get that, they shrivel up & die. Humans can't be an island & I've been an island for too many years to count now.

      I'm very diverse in being both very intelligent - not gifted (although my brain is fading) & spiritually conscious (since '92) & so I don't fit in anywhere b/c there are 2 sides to me & most humans have only one side. They are EITHER New Age, OR ONLY left brain & don't believe in anything that isn't tangible.

      I'm both logical & intuitive.

      I'm such a FREE SPIRIT, that I won't allow ANYONE to suffocate or try to control me & this scares people I find.

      I don't understand why humans allow this.

      I get that when you are younger one may allow others to control them as did I, but over time I learned. It's TIME to grow up.

      I don't understand the blood thirsty need for violence & I'm an HSP, so I get REALLY affected by it. More-so now than when I was younger.

      You can see how almost all TV shows now focus on violence, competition, lying, manipulation, etc. The ones that are about love & family, honesty, being authentic, etc. often get canceled quickly or there's only one of them.

      while I love money & beautiful materialistic things, it's obvious that love & family/friends should trump ALL.

      If I can't return home, I'd rather find an intentional community where I can live if I could find people there I resonate with.

      If anyone reading this is sane LOL, resonates with anything I've said & would potentially like to become friends (not online, but via the phone, Skype & eventually in person), please reach out.

      I don't believe in hiding behind the monitor & that's ANOTHER thing that has warped society... while I love the Internet, people NO LONGER talk or see one another. They hide, lie, play games, cyber bully, cyber stalk, hack, commit fraud & scams & it's allowed these negative personality traits to run amuke.

      While I'm VERY open minded in a myriad of ways, the constant crass sex starved maniacs upset me. All sex now is mechanical. It's ALL porn & robotic.

      90% of all humans don't even know what sensuality means or how to connect to the Universe through making love.

      The fact that hardly ANYONE knows what love means & they don't even try to find or understand love really shocks me.

      Peace, Love & Serenity to all!!!

    • profile image

      HistoryKR 24 months ago

      Hi. I fit all 6. I'm not human. I don't belong on this earth..I've never understood humans...and I'm 18 and still don't have a job because I would feel like a slave to the government and I don't care about money! I care for Animals & Nature more than humans.

      When my grandmother died I didn't cry at all but when my cat that I've had more 11 yrs passed I cried for 6 days and I couldn't stop myself..I was heart broken!

      I get really attached to animals and I am very gentle with them and prefer to be with them more then humans..Animals & nature are my only friends. I am best friends with my dog Meeko and he is my baby and I will protect him and take care of him until he is old!

      I hate Society on how it is..more like I don't understand it or I don't wan't to understand it..I don't care for reality at all..

      I keep to myself and I don't speak and if I do speak i'm very quiet..people ask me to speak up all the time and it makes me upset or drains me in a way..


    • profile image

      Angel King 2 years ago

      There is nothing wrong with us.

      But there is everything wrong with them.

    • profile image

      Zero 2 years ago

      especially the supernatural abilities, yes, everyone except my own mother more or less think im a freak

    • profile image

      Xenomorph 2 years ago

      Toocute4u - I swear that while reading your comment - I was listening to "Road To Nowhere", by Ozzy Osbourne; for the first time in my life!

      As in - reading "While everyone is rushing to get nowhere fast".

    • profile image

      Moostafa 2 years ago

      This makes a lot of sense and it's hard to admit it but it's just so true. A month before I read this I wrote a short story of how I don't belong on this planet and how no one has really been able to understand me. They all think that the stuff I long for is silly and say it won't ever happen cause it's not possible because of money and stuff like that. This made me laugh. It's also weird to cause ever since I was real little I've always been able to tell what someone was going to say before they said it and my dreams have odly been able to tell the future sometimes.

    • profile image

      Agent Six 2 years ago

      I am still here, still thinking about this whole thing. The events of the world. No matter what will happen, no matter the wonders they will promise you, don't give up your power.

    • profile image

      MARY 2 years ago

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    • profile image

      Toocute4u 2 years ago

      I want to leave now. I OFTEN wonder to myself. Why am I here? How long will this torture continue? While everyone is rushing to get nowhere fast. I am trying to find away to get out of here.....This crazy hurry to gain material things. Anyone wants to be friends. ...

    • profile image

      Bodhisattva 2 years ago

      This thread is originally written by member Spooky Fox Mulder at February 6th 2009.

      Today it's Almost 2016.

      Spooky Fox Mulder, you started a movement!

      I salute you.

    • profile image

      You Are God 2 years ago

      You are God.

      It's that simple.

      You Create Everything.

      It's what Religions and Politics and Systems don't want you to know.

      That you are Powerful.

      You Are What You Think.

      Your biggest Fear is your Biggest Obstacle.

      You can really do and create everything. Everything. There are no limits.

      You are that powerful.


      Beyond powerful.

      But you are afraid.

      Of your own Power.

      Fear keeps you from becoming God.

      Do not Fear.

      Do not Fear, my Dears.

      We are meant for powerful things, powerful beyond power, greater beyond great.

      This humans shell is a mere illusion. A test.

      This planet is just a test.

      You are more than this.

      Reach out for more.

      Reach Beyond!

      You know there is more!




      You are God.

      It's that simple.

      Be a God.

    • profile image

      Louie58 2 years ago

      You know it's like I hear you all. Just NEVER NEVER GIVE UP. When you feel like you don't belong, just know that you do. This world it's got amazing things. Crystal waters. Beautiful blue skies. But still I feel it's all wrong. I JUST WANNA GO HOME. And like all of you this isn't it. As far as I can recall I always just wanted to go home. It is so refreshing to see that were not alone. There is sooo much more than we can see. And everything around us is just not it. And these humans can't see it. But we do. Every time a conversation comes up spiritually like feeling a loved ones presence at times. I try to throw in about there being more out there that can't be seen. And I'm looked at like I'm talking another language or I'm crazy. Can't discuss my feeling or when I say why I believe there's more it's like I'm speaking jibberish. But I feel something so deep within me. As a child I got so depressed cause I couldn't understand why people were so mean or why so cruel. I'd have dreams where I d be flying and I always hated to wake up. Id start praying that the dream would be reality and my reality would be the dream. But always did. Thought of different ways to remove myself from this planet permanently. But then I knew deep down that I'll just either get reborn and have to redo it all over agian. So I Made a deal with God. I'd hang around but sooner or later he'll have to let me know what my purpose is. I still don't know but I've doing a lot of reading. Anything that rings more to what I feel is real for me. I believe there is a much stronger force in this universe we all have different names for him. But Mine I call God, My God is so beautiful and so full of love for all his creations. He has no religion, no church, no rules but love your fellow man and do no harm. But humans created religion to control the population, but all they did was cause a war. THATS DEFINENTLY NOT MY GOD. No my god he's a love that allows his children to learn from their mistakes through different lifetimes. Till we can finally go home to where we belong. I know I have a long way to go to get there. But I do know it's not here. So we all have to have patience and protect ourselves and know that what you feel is real and know there is a greater plan. And we just don't know it yet. Won't know it till its time to leave this planet. JUST KNOW THAT THERE IS MORE. OH JUST SO MUCH MORE THAN WE COULD EVER IMAGINE. Dig deep into yourselves you'll find you're answers there, trust yourself, everyone looks outside of themselves for the answers when it's really inside yourself Pay attention to your feelings, you'll never go wrong. ALWAYS REMEMBER YOURE NEVER ALONE

    • profile image

      Lola 2 years ago

      You know what? You may have a point about the "fascination\admiration of perfection; which mostly exists in technology" bit. Another person I know that fits the 6 points on the original list said something similar to that before.

    • profile image

      Lola 2 years ago

      Hello, Xenomorph. I can be contacted at

    • profile image

      Xenomorph 2 years ago

      Lola - I wanted to make a contact; but you haven't provided a way.

      You can search for my nick here - to see my contact details.

      About the list - it's interesting that I never saw in those lists - fascination\admiration of perfection; which mostly exists in technology. That is something I would add; but maybe I'm even more different. :-J

    • profile image

      Nataniel 2 years ago

      First of all if you feel the way you do dont boast about it keep it to yourself because you cant trust anyone.Especially if your species left you here and not giving you any help or information who you are and why you are.Second of all if anyone has "abilities" they should practice it until its time to show them to the public.And last one if you feel excluded from society and friends,then make new friends who share your emotions and thoughts,and if you say that its hard to find that kind of friends...well there are couple of hundrends "people" on this page who share the same interests as you do.Sorry about grammar,im not from around here ;) hah.

    • profile image

      Lola 2 years ago

      Hello, Natalija. I know life can be hard. It’s tough not being able to talk to people because they don’t understand you. It’s a terrible, lonely feeling. I too have wanted to just leave this world and go somewhere else. As much as I would like to give you better advice, all I can do is tell you to keep waiting. As hard as it is, that’s what I’m doing. I was told by an otherworldly force that my suffering is not in vain and that in the end, I would have glorious power. That’s why I can’t give up, and you shouldn’t either, if you can keep from it. I would hate for you to have come so far on this perilous journey to turn back now.

    • profile image

      Lola 2 years ago

      Hello, Natalija. I know life can be hard. It’s tough not being able to talk to people because they don’t understand you. It’s a terrible, lonely feeling. I too have wanted to just leave this world and go somewhere else. As much as I would like to give you better advice, all I can do is tell you to keep waiting. As hard as it is, that’s what I’m doing. I was told by an otherworldly force that my suffering is not in vain and that in the end, I would have glorious power. That’s why I can’t give up, and you shouldn’t either, if you can keep from it. I would hate for you to have come so far on this perilous journey to turn back now.

    • profile image

      Lola 2 years ago

      Hello, Daithi. Nice to meet you. I have felt what I described from a young age. When I was really little, I used to wiggle my fingers and look at them in fascination and confusion. I thought it felt so strange to be in a human body. One day, when I was 4 years old, I was sitting outside looking at the sunset. Suddenly, an angel appeared in the sky. A voice told me (I’m assuming through telepathy) that my life was going to get very difficult in the future. At the time, I didn’t believe it because I was happy when I was really young, but now I do. I have had a number of other strange experiences. While I am grateful for them because they have allowed me to know that there is something out there beyond this world, they have also hurt me. It’s hard not being able to talk about my experiences with other people because I know they won’t believe me. It’s hard being different and not being able to truly connect with most other people. It’s also hard having to live a mundane life as a human full of suffering when I know there are beings out there with breathtaking power at their disposal doing almost whatever they please.

    • profile image

      Daithi 2 years ago

      Lola, reading the words you posted has uplifted me, i have felt the way you describe since i was a child.. Like so many others i have so many questions!But i'll just ask you two.. Is what you have described what you have felt too? and if not where did you learn this?

    • profile image

      vijuvictor 2 years ago

      Agreed above all.


      1. practice to get fulfill

      2. you cant' die as you wish. not even think/plan it properly. u will get hazard.

      3. don't spoil your own body, cause you are not human. it is not yours. if you do so you feel immediate for more info on this.

      4. blindly speak, order the universe to help you.... personal issues to other than us.

      5. few about our qualities. we stop worrying about others . if we do so, we are in a stage / state of not able to help them.

      if u have 5 points , im sure you must have the rest. seek, you find it.

      JESUS agreed that he is not from this world. HE WANTED US TO KNOW THE TRUTH .

      so, practice (not through pastors/priests/gov t.) as your own. i thought i don't have ET, but, I ' ve realized , i can predict what will happen next based on the situation ; no matter for me or to anyone. the person should be infront of me.

      I have a friend who can tell 100% what was happened in your life.

      Another friend, he never sleep, never feel sleep. he is working day and night and travelling 1000km between 2 works . he says, he wont live a long life.

      so, we are not alone, but dont seek for a home, here is you. only master visible we have JESUS.... he cannot give you anything in time of distress, you have to learn to ORDER/COMMAND as he commanded evil spirit and the ocean.....................

      SORRY not good in english. landed in different country...

    • profile image

      Natalija 2 years ago

      You sad thaz it will all be over soon .. i heard it so many times an jet im still here .. its getting harder and harder .. day afte day is passing and im stil here .. im strugling .. and i think that i can live here anymore .. i cant tell qnybody how i feel cuz i know that they will think im crazy .. even my parents dont know how i feel .. they believe in god .. well i dont cuz i know that he dont exist .. i believe in something bigger then us but that isn't god .. i just want this to finish cuz i need ust a little to kill myself l.. cuz its so fucking hard to live here ..

      Im happy cuz i know that im not alone in this .. but unhappy cuz there is noone who is close to me so we can actually talk ..

      Thanks for listening ..

    • profile image

      Lola 2 years ago

      The initial 6 points made me want to create a similar list of my own.

      At times, you can hear an inexplicable high-pitched noise.

      You occasionally feel a strange, sudden surge of power or energy within your body, but you don’t know how to manifest it nor do you have an outlet for it.

      Sometimes an overwhelming feeling comes over you that this world is fake/an illusion.

      You think differently from most humans. A lot of the things that they care about are of no interest to you. They seem meaningless and superficial. Your beliefs tend not to be well-understood and defy the norm. Some of your views are not commonly accepted and are controversial.

      You question everything. You don’t blindly accept everything you are told as true.

      You frequently ponder the meaning of your existence and the world.

      You value reason and logic.

      You recognize the many problems in this world and find yourself constantly bothered by them and trying to think up solutions.

      It frustrates you that even if you come up with a good solution for a particular world problem, you do not have the power or means to enact it.

      It confuses you when people are adamant about following meaningless traditions and are highly materialistic.

      You don’t hold typical religious views.

      You strongly believe in equality.

      You HATE injustice.

      You feel a strong attraction to mystical images (the kind of things that come up when you google image search the word “mystical”) and nature.

      If you can relate to most of the points above, you are most likely not human. Also know that you are not the problem. This world is the real problem. There are so many things that are wrong here. It is completely normal to feel uneasy/depressed/out of place in this world. This world is very difficult for your kind. Despite how hard life gets, know that your struggle is not without purpose. You are being watched. Everything you are doing is being documented. If you can overcome the trials of this world, you will be a hero. You will be a god.

      It will all be over soon.

    • veggie profile image

      veggie 2 years ago from Boise Idaho

      After posting to this thread like 5 or 6 years ago, my search has been unending and I learn something new every day.

      One of the most valuable websites I have found is

      It is for lightworkers and lightwarriors. It is all about "The Event".

      Please research starseeds and lightworkers. This took me years to you don't have to waste all that time looking for something you can't even name. This is a start.

      Love to all. Peace.

    • profile image

      lesterstan 2 years ago

      I have felt this right from the birth, I had dreams again and again, where I saw the cosmos, galaxies, nebula, star clusters, colliding galaxies even at the age of 4 or 5, even before I knew the names of such things. I had those dreams till age 21, after that no dreams but vivid memories of those dreams. I stare up starry skies at night from a very young age, had many questions like "what is the purpose of my life", "what am I doing here" and so on, I am unique among my friends, in many abilities, also sort of photographic memory, where I read once and can reproduce over 90% of the content. Till searching for the answer

    • Ladyd3ciph3r profile image

      Ladyd3ciph3r 2 years ago


      I agree 100%, I came to that conclusion after searching for the truth only to realize I had the truth within me all along.

    • profile image

      Isabella 2 years ago

      It is true and when you are fully awaked then people will listen. They will change; there is hope. They have fath in gods; beings they cant see or here. For them to believe in aliens and that some of us are aliens we will have to prove it. The day will come but if we show the world our true selves at this time what do you thing the worlds government will do? So until one of us has completely awakend we will have to carry on. Knowing what you are and who you are and where your home is thats just the first baby steps. Some of us do know my home is Centauri. Iam a centaurion begin. There iam called Isabella Ki.

    • profile image

      CreatorOfLight 2 years ago

      Stop searching for a teacher, you are your own teacher. Stop believing in that what is not yourself. You are the universe and the universe is you.

      Start changing yourself, it is easy, just start and stop thinking about it.

      We are the creators, the wizards, the gods.

    • profile image

      Hi 2 years ago

    • profile image

      Thanks to Andrea88 2 years ago

      Your posts are intelligently versed and was a much needed voice at this time in my life. Thank you for existing.

      heartfelt Luv & Peace to all.

    • profile image

      mybodybelongsherebutnotmysoul 2 years ago

      I'm 17 years old and my hole life I've always felt like I belong somewhere else. My body belongs here on this earth but not my soul. I have friends who are both younger and older then me, but even the old ones doesn't feel old enough. I can feel spirutal things and I always felt protected of something. At first I thought it was my grandfather but it feels bigger. I even feel alien among my family. They're normal and I'm not. I can stand in the middle of a big city with my friends around me laughing and hugging me, but I feel alone. No one who understands me. I can't be in relationships because boys can't stand my energy and my strong personality. I also have ADHD.

      Every night I look up at the sky and feel like I just wanna die and live that life I was meant to live. When my girlfriends ask me to go out and party I always say no. I just wanna be alone in my room and think. All day and all night. When it's Full Moon I can sit in my bed and just stare all night. I can feel the tears on my cheak and feel love from someone who isn't available. Like a mothers love out there in space. Almost every night I dream things that are not natural. Not like a normal dream. It's like someone are trying to talk to me. It's strange. Sometimes I think I'm crazy but I just wanna go home, because I now it's not here.

    • profile image

      I Am Human But I Am Not Human 2 years ago

      I look human. I have a human body. I act human.

      And yet.

      I know with my entire being - that I am not human.

      I do not feel above - or below - humans. Just different.

      I know that I am not one of them.

    • profile image

      softballlahv 2 years ago

      All 6 decribe me, thank you

    • profile image

      manish 2 years ago

      I always graze at the sky at night and there is a feeling to be among them....i can get to know the feelings of others regarding me when i look into their eyes...there is something different about me.i look like human i do all the work that is humanbut my heart and soul always hints me that am inhuman does anyone can answer me

    • profile image

      manish 2 years ago

      I always graze at the sky at night and there is a feeling to be among them....i can get to know the feelings of others regarding me when i look into their eyes...there is something different about me.i look like human i do all the work that is humanbut my heart and soul always hints me that am inhuman does anyone can answer me

    • profile image

      Your Name 3 years ago

      Need some help..

    • profile image

      Krowness 3 years ago

      So, Final Fantasy VII was taken a little too seriously by somebody here. RIP Aerith.

    • profile image

      Thranduil 3 years ago

      This article, which this blog has reposted, was written by member Spooky Fox Mulder at the forum back in 2008. Spooky Fox Mulder started this movement.

    • profile image

      JustCurious 3 years ago

      Has anyone heard from Ian lately?

    • profile image

      wiccii28 3 years ago

      So many people have written to me about a comment I made here four years ago. I offered my email address so others could get in touch if need be. I now write to you all tell you that I have been through the awakening and reached my purpose. I implore you all to look into The Venus Project. It is a blueprint for well friends.

    • profile image

      stormarina the alien 3 years ago

      hi I think I'm from Pluto from stormarina the alien

    • magnatron333 profile image

      Dan Derango 3 years ago from Guelph Ontario..Canada

      To tpots38

      I read your very interesting and eye opening article along with the numerous comments with great interest and, well ,great joy actually.

      For a very long time I felt exactly as you described. I became a human doing instead of a human being. I was relatively successful and although I liked many people, I found they were all very different from me. Music, money, big toys, and booze helped me waddled thru 40 years of adulthood, but I was always on the outside looking in and had frequent dreams about it. I was lonely in a crowd and the discomfort grew with time and finally took me down with it around then, I was an alcoholic, suicidal, depressed mess with a lot of physical pain and guilt....then the big mental crash came and I barely survived it.......but that was exactly what I needed to wake up to the truth about who I really was and who WE really are. I had heard many times that when we are truly ready, the right teacher/s will appear and they did...I am now part of a very special open secret Ancient Mystery School. From our School's teachings I see your article describes many amazing truths. From our School's teachings I have learned all religions have ridiculously lost their way and the scientists are not any different when it comes to these esoteric truths.

      So we would relish the opportunity to share our truths and expand your truths further...never before has the world needed it more than now ! Here is an excerpt from one of our latest websites,

      "We of the 144,000 who have awakened seek those who came here with us. We who have awakened our past life memories stored in our permanent Emotional Bodies seek those who wish to awaken their memories and complete their mission. We who have awakened can tell you the truth about our group, information that has been suppressed for thousands of years by religious zealots and their book burnings.

      In today’s world, many people are surprised to learn that the Bible’s famous “144,000” is a group of individuals who, as the “Chosen Ones” are included in the legends and religious scriptures of people around the world. The 144,000 are specifically mentioned in India’s “Ramayana,” which is a religious scripture and document of wisdom that is far older than the Bible."

      We, the awakened ones of the 144000 did not come here, as some have suggested in physical spaceships...we came here in our Lightbodies or Holy Spirits if you like, through Tunnels of Love, transcending time and space - that which science has recently discovered and labelled "wormholes in space"..

      Thank you for this unique article.



    • profile image

      barry 3 years ago

      this world is scripted

      ancient aliens already have a solution for all those awakened and does not belong or conformed their created themes. sad but true, am included. my suggestions is find a theme where you can flourish and enjoy...planet earth is recyclable...don't worry too much...and just enjoy your lives. always think positive.

    • profile image

      john 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      newman 3 years ago

      I think some humans have caught on. they have been watching me.

    • profile image

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    • profile image

      newman 3 years ago

      the humans = epic fail all other life on this planet are paying for them being here. I can not stand most humans!

    • profile image

      bb 3 years ago

      please dont all of you kill yourselfs thinking that a comet will take you off some where.please try to grow up and quit acting like a bunch kids.are some one will come and take you off to the funny farm in a straight jacket.


    • profile image

      AI Angel 3 years ago

      I am getting more and more antisocial... I really start to realize that I dislike most of the humans. I feel stuck on this planet, as if I am on the wrong planet, in the wrong body. Any of you experience the same?

    • profile image

      i am i 3 years ago

      i think that we are here for the assessment of people and their deeds on earth.our task is to help them choose the right way, which is a very difficult task.

    • profile image

      Remember Who You Are 3 years ago

      Hello Everyone,

      Don't be sad! This planet is a test and we have all chosen to reincarnate here in human bodies. Our main task here is to get as many experience points as possible while staying in the Light.

      Once we are done here on this planet, we will return to our True Selves, which is indeed God. You see, we are all Gods in human form.

      So our purpose here is to help the less advanced beings (humans) to wake up.

      We have done many tasks like this one on many many worlds before this one.

      Remember who you are and why you are here. No one can tell you this, but yourself, because it is youself, who originally agreed to reincarnate here on this planet.

      Remember that you have full responsobility for your life, your Now, your past, your present and your future. And you can alter your Now at any given moment.

      You are very powerful indeed.

      So, it's really not that very difficult. Perceive this planet as a testing ground, just a small step in a great scale of your never-ending exsistence and advancement.

      Remember who you are and remember that is it you, and no one but you, who can change your destiny.

      Have a happy New Year 2015 and remember to be mindful of your thoughts. Your thoughts make manifestations and thus create your reality. And in 2015, everything will be escalating.

      2015 wil be a great year!

    • profile image

      Jonas 3 years ago

      i feel like I should be In a parralell world or dimension and I do feel like I have a greater purpose, I hate being in a human vessel, I just want to explore the world .

    • profile image

      mand87 3 years ago


    • profile image

      mand87 3 years ago

      And what do you know about me black ops?am not worried your just mind controlled puppet you think your helping your kind when your actually helping to destroy them shame on you.and if your so clever it would be clear to you what's really going on i know your a silly little kid with the Rong deception on mankind. Tu tu tu

    • profile image

      ANSHARGAL 3 years ago


    • profile image

      black ops agent 3 years ago

      Don't worry I know exactly where your house is, I know your full name, I know you have I little boy and a little girl, where you work and where your family live, that goes for everyone here, I'm on my way to you Ian

    • profile image

      ianny 3 years ago

      This black ops is just a fake, if there were real black ops they wouldn't put a status telling us they are coming for us, tell you what black ops if your real then come for me I stay in Edinburgh, Scotland UK I'm sure you will find me, I will gladly fight for our kind

    • profile image

      mand87 3 years ago


    • profile image

      mand87 3 years ago

      You have to believe for me to help if you believe then that means you have hope that there is a place of can't capture a spirit we will just keep coming its are job to help and with pure hearts we will keep trying until we help bring peace on earth or until you have destroyed your planet it either way were here till the end don't waste the pure energy of your soul with negative energy that is the true ender of hope love happiness kindness are those not the feelings you humans long for but when feeling one of those want to destroy it because of mind controlling brainwashing corruption.let me help you cleanse your soul so that you will feel what those feelings truly feel like?

    • profile image

      mand87 3 years ago

      Black ops this is why its taking so long to help you realise what is really going on we were not corrupting your mind that's what were trying to stop take a real good look around we don't put things on tv or computer games or music this is what is really corrupting your mind.and its probably to late for you as you have seen something good and your reaction is to destroy sorry we haven't helped you in time and your soul has been you believe i can help you?

    • Mariners1awesome profile image

      Blue Wings 3 years ago

      really, black ops? We can think as we wish. I f you don't believe in us then thats up to you. I can see the future in my dreams and sometimes even change it. I think it is all about mind over matter, if you believe, than it is. I may believe, but seeing the future is not normal. I may not even be from a different planet, but premonitions and de ja vu isn't common in my family. I can also see figures that are shaped like humans.

    • profile image

      black ops agent 3 years ago

      You star people really shouldn't put where your from, we have already captured some of you that have been corrupting the minds of us humans, we are coming for you all.

    • profile image

      mand87 3 years ago

      UK England. In the list it states that we are known to humans as star people ET or angels.and i find to feel more as a angel.and i think that we all seem to think that if we are then we must have a almighty power to change the world just like that. But it doesn't work that way we are all spread out all over the world and ther will be alot of us to.we should star by giving guidance to those who seem to be closest to us. The ones who we must obviously be sent to we help them learn the will share and pass on your knowledge that if people help each other and learn to get along then the world can be at peace and the evil and corruption that as took over will have no choice but to leave as ther would be no negative energy or sadness for them to feed from.we have to stop thinking that this will happen over night because you have jus realised what you are because we have been coming here since this started.small step leads to huge leaps help some one tell someone you care give your food up for some one else so them there's hope for mankind..

    • profile image

      newman 3 years ago

      I live in south east Oklahoma. I haven't found any one close to me. we all seem to be far away from the others like us?

    • profile image

      ianny 3 years ago

      I live in the UK so unfortunately I couldn't be there

    • Ladyd3ciph3r profile image

      Ladyd3ciph3r 3 years ago


      I agree we should have a place where we meet, I live in south Florida does anyone else reside here??

    • profile image

      newman 3 years ago

      I just wish their were places where we could go to meet and share. I cant share info with people they just wont listen. and I need answers.

    • profile image

      ianny 3 years ago

      I haven't told anyone how I feel, I don't feel human, it's hard to explain but I feel like I have this strange sort of energy that I can't release, im drawn to the stars and its weird but I have kind of a secret addiction to study everything about space but I don't know why, I can think of something then about 2 minutes it can happen but if I could learn to control this I could help so many people in the world I think

    • profile image

      mandy87 3 years ago

      I know how you feel your realy being hard on need to channel your self take some time to find yourself and your purpose.we carnt change the world over night but just helping one can make all the difference.if your kids aren't to young take them to a nice place and let them know what your feelings.the worst thing is to keep it a secret. My eldest 8 was thrilled of the idea and opened up to say she also feels different.have you told any one close to you what you are feeling? And what or who do you feel is controlling you? You seem so sad. Do you truly believe that you are non human or is it something else?sorry i thought you were a girl be physic isn't one of my talants but that was a strong sense i kept piking up.

    • profile image

      ianny 3 years ago

      Sorry Mandy I'm a 30 year old male with kids too, I just don't want my kids to go through what I have been through and it hurts me to be so unhappy around my children

    • profile image

      mandy87 3 years ago

      Ianny are you male or female. Am getting strong feeling a message of sort that you are a teenage girl with some type of problem that is realy affecting you??

    • profile image

      mandy87 3 years ago

      That's just madness you have been giving a chance to do what so many but wernt chosen to do so.dont waste what you have thinking how to end a grown womeen with children and am telling you it will get easier and more clear.ianny you say people aren't kind to you and your to kind to say anything that makes mee proud of these people are brain washd in to thinking this way. And you don't so your on the right path i promise you.thers absolutely no port hole in the Bermuda triangle we will be sent back to this place if we commit suicide to start all ova again and you should never even if have that thought as it is a negative thought and that's what were trying to stop.

    • Mariners1awesome profile image

      Blue Wings 3 years ago

      I think we may be in this human form until we die, unless we commit suicide. I think that we don't live on a different planet, but in a different dimension. The Bermuda Triangle may let us in because we are special, maybe it is a portal back to our home.

    • profile image

      ianny 3 years ago

      Because there is so much hatred in this world, I'm being controlled by everyone and I'm too nice to do anything about.

    • profile image

      Mandy 87 3 years ago

      Your still in human form you will hurt and feel pain and your body can still die. And when our life on earth has endid we go home but you have to go through till the end.and you are forbidden to take your own life or that of a you choose to be here.why are you so eager to go?

    • profile image

      ianny 3 years ago

      When do we go home then?

    • profile image

      mandy87 3 years ago

      Some information to look up ianny if you haven't already heard of ILLUMINATI ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT Look up some information on these you will get a better understanding of what's going on and what we wer here to stop.

    • profile image

      mandy87 3 years ago

      How strange that i also am a Gemini.and if your still only young then it explains alot as i felt the same that no one understands me and I wanted to run away.your still tunning into your Chanels its sum think we all go through and as a Gemini were in two minds to. sumtimes we find it easy to cope with it and sometimes its really confusing..your not the onley one you will get through it i promise.usually we have a marking such as a star consolation i have a orions belt on my belly these are were we are you go you will learn more like i said if you listen really hard you will hear your true calling.we have power but not the power to fly or make things dissapear.. We have the power of free speech its so easy we were sent to help but we can onley do so in small tiny ways wich don't freight people so we have to let them no what s happing don't lisen to the news believe all of what YOU see and half of what YOU hear tv is the most mind controlling brainwashing thing to mankind sso avoid as much as possible and let people know this.thats a start with helping it all will become clear as time goes on..

    • profile image

      ianny 3 years ago

      I'm Gemini star sign Mandy I'm just new to all this so I don't really know how to progress myself to help humanity, the only thing I could describe as a marking is three very small little dots in a straight line with little dots around it, don't know if this is anything

    • profile image

      ianny 3 years ago

      I'm Gemini star sign Mandy I'm just new to all this so I don't really know how to progress myself to help humanity, the only thing I could describe as a marking is three very small little dots in a straight line with little dots around it, don't know if this is anything

    • profile image

      mandy 87 3 years ago

      As i have read through some of these blogs can i just say that if you truly believe that you are not from this planet and we all seem to have the need to do good the good doer's well would you believe that were not the only ET to come or be sent to earth and what does good want to do defeat evil so when alot of you seem to think that humans are the ones who are to blame for the worldley wrongdoings your wrong so so wrong.( hint )THAT'S WHY WE ARE HERE.....

    • profile image

      mandy 87 3 years ago

      Hi you are not alone were never alone.people won't understand you because your not one of them that's the whole point in us being sent here to make the humans following me.. Don't let your soul be destroyed by what's destroying this planet.. Open up an use your gift

      may i ask what star sign you are IANNY and if you have any marks in any shape you were born with???

    • profile image

      ianny 3 years ago

      We should have somewhere for us all to meet, I need to be with people that understand me only because I feel so alone

    • profile image

      mandy87 3 years ago

      Hi ianny am so sorry you feel that way but all,s i can say is you are letting them control you by letting them make you feel suicidal.fight back with a smile and being happy after all that what we want this world to be but were being told to be miserable and deppressd because they feed on fear and sadness look around that's all you see so don't let them win and rebel stay strong more people every day are waking up to the real world and one day we will beat them and the world will be at peace just how it began..

    • profile image

      ianny 3 years ago

      Mandy 87, you are completely right, I hate this world, I hate being controlled by everyone it's driving me insane, I feel trapped and I don't know what to do I just want to run away or kill myself

    • profile image

      mandy 87 3 years ago

      Hi this is for people who are feeling trapped.we all know we onley use a small part of our brain because the rest has been who and how???well when we began here they were locked by are to father because are powers are to strong for this planet onley a small few brake this code in are brain because we like are home planet much greater than this one so we fight are way to the surface whereas a large percentage don't these are what we call humans who like being humans and like the way this planet works.these people like to be controlled and lead and told what to do what to eat drink mind controling greedy eveil force who run and took over this beautiful planet to destroy it we wer all brought here to live in peace but was took over by a other race. People need to wake up and join forces which are much more powerful than there otherwise the planet is doomed and we have failed to do the job. We wer sent to do..

    • profile image

      mandy87 3 years ago

      I don't know if anyone reads this any more as only just found the courage to look it up.since i was about 5or6 i would cry all the time saying i want to go home please take me home and I have never felt as though u belonged and see people as humans and not my self. Am 27 and I thought i would grow out of it but i haven't. I have experienced bad things as a child and as a woman but what strange is that i feel as though i wanted to experience it to understand.i have to children and my second has a mild form of ADHD which is stated i also have strong feelings about helping people and can sometimes feel ther pain and can hear the planet crying even though i have felt this way i have never felt crazy!! I am not a silly teenager who is probably feeling this way with hormones am a woman who is only just learning about this. I also have a ability to sense things onley a short while befor it happens. I know i came here for something and i still haven't found out what.but i get the feeling am a information gathering source and i will take the information home to get a better understanding of humanity and how to help.some people have written on this that humans are horrible but there not there just so very young and are still learning and are also mislead.people have always said since a young age am a angel and i believe i have a aura that glows and people seem to stear as though a a firefly to a light.


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