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Steampunk Art Decorating Ideas

Updated on January 14, 2017
Octophone by Damian Johnson
Octophone by Damian Johnson | Source

Explore Using Steampunk Art for Your Interior Home Décor

Modern Steampunk art draws influences from several different sources, with Victorian era motif being the main underlying theme.

Steampunk art usually contains elements of a wide variety of subjects ranging from science fiction and fantasy to alternative timelines with post-apocalyptic undercurrents.

Although a lot of new and talented artists have burst upon the scene in the last 10 years or so, Steampunk and the art surrounding it has been around for several decades.

Steampunk Rotunda
Steampunk Rotunda | Source

Steampunk Art Influences Many Modern Sub-Cultures

K.W Jeter first coined the term that is known as Steampunk in a 1987 letter written to Locus magazine. Since then, the genre has exploded in popularity and been labeled as anything from Retro-Futurism to Neo-Victorianism.

As aficionados and followers of goth, cyberpunk and emo will tell you, these cultures are not Steampunk, although elements of each can be found crossing over into the art and clothing fashions of the other.

As we will see in the rest of this article, Steampunk art has slowly infiltrated the consciousness of modern culture in many ways, including being spotted on TV as well as making appearances in movies, music, books, and games.

Grab a stein of your beverage and take a timeline journey with me through the fascinating world of Steampunk and its influences on art and modern culture.

Steampunk Music Box
Steampunk Music Box | Source

Sci-Fi Reigns Supreme Within Steampunk

Although the works of literary giants Jules Verne and H.G. Wells came well before the Steampunk movement, their stories, inventions, and artwork all have huge influences on the artists and authors that have covered the subject.

Works such as "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea," "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and "The Time Machine" have stamped their style of sci-fi and futurism on the culture.

Other notable authors and inventors which helped popularize Steampunk are William Gibson and Bruce Sterling.


Steampunk Art in Modern Culture

Steampunk has gained a foothold in several mediums which include art, music, games, TV and films, as well as having a huge influence on current clothing and fashion trends.

An excellent example of Steampunk in modern culture is the comic book series and popular movie "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". In it are characters such as League members Captain Nemo of Jules Verne's "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" and Griffin of H.G. Well's "The Invisible Man." Sprinkled throughout are images of vehicles and gadgets that can definitely be connected to Steampunk.

Other notable comics covering the steampunk genre are "Gotham by Gaslight" in which Batman portrays a Victorian-era vigilante, the hugely popular Japanese comic and animated television series "Fullmetal Alchemist", Phil and Kaja Foglio's web-comic "Girl Genius" and Vertigo comics' "Sebastian O", which deal with the adventures of a London-based assassin in their novel "The Difference Engine".

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    • Niagara Ghosts profile image

      Niagara Ghosts 4 years ago

      Great pieces!

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      Judith Nazarewicz 4 years ago from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

      Love the steam punk clocks! Great selection!

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      webmavern 4 years ago

      Great steampunk art ideas! My favorites are the clocks.