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steel building insulation

Updated on June 22, 2011

Steel Building Insulation

Steel Building Insulation Specializes in Insulating Steel Buildings, Metal Roofs, Retrofit & Pole Building Insulation, Foam Insulation Panels & Thermal Blocks for Metal Buildings. is a division of the Building Outlet Corporation. Providing insulation products nationally. Customer orders are serviced from and through over (30) warehouse and lamination facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

We are a very production oriented company with customer satisfaction as our primary focus. We believe in continuing education for our company and its employees to better serve our

customers. The products we offer are supported by testing as well as certifications.

Not only do we save our customers money, but we offer superior service, help educate new users with the insulation options available and costs. Our top quality products, discount prices, and superior service equal one of the most complete metal building insulation packages on the market.

Some of the products featured in our web site are:

Metal Roof & Wall Insulation

Vinyl Facings

Insulated Panels

High R Value Insulation Systems

Metal Roofing & Re-Roofing

Thermal Blocks

Steel Building Insulation Video - How to Install Steel Building Insulation & Retrofitting Insulation

Thermal energy loss is one of the largest drains on and expenses for a steel or metal building owner. By taking measures to increase the energy efficiency of a building through installing appropriate energy saving insulation products, owners and constructors can immediately realize the long-term financial and environmental paybacks of such actions.

Insulating Your Steel Building can Save You Money on Energy Costs

Go Green & Save with Steel Building Insulation

The growing focus on “going green” is hard to ignore. While you may not be interested in the larger scale of environmental preservation, there is one aspect that should grab your attention: the cost savings that comes with energy conservation. Research has proven that energy consumption is the largest and most controllable operating cost of a commercial building. This fact is becoming even more poignant as energy costs increase at alarming rates, with no signs of slowing.

The Low-Risk Return

Do you have a low-risk, long-term strategy to manage your energy costs? The benefits of increasing energy efficiency through quality insulation products are incomparable. That is why provides not only customized products that will instantly decrease your energy consumption, but also offers consolidated resources to help you gain additional energy savings. By fully understanding the many ways thermal energy loss can be mitigated, insulation companies can help develop a complete energy management system for your facility.

Maybe you’ve recently invested in a new metal building with the assumption that it’s been efficiently insulated. Or perhaps you’ve thought that retrofitting energy-saving measures into your existing structure would cost too much upfront, erasing any savings down the road. These are false assumptions. Many existing metal buildings typically were constructed with only two inches of insulation, a minimal and in most cases insufficient amount, causing you to lose thousands of dollars annually in wasted energy. Likewise, owners of older commercial buildings may be paying 50% more for heating and cooling due to air leakage. As energy costs skyrocket and the price of insulation holds steady, the overall cost of insulating an existing commercial building is negligible compared to the potential cost savings.

The main benefits of properly insulating your facility speak for themselves:

Thermal Efficiency: Because thermal energy loss is one of a building owner’s largest expenses, insulating effectively may yield a 20-50% savings on your next energy bill.

Quick Payback: The initial cost of insulating your metal building – from $1.60 per square foot installed – is quickly absorbed by instantly lowered energy bills. In fact, many customers have reported payback as soon as two years after installation.

Heat Flow Control: Because insulation acts as a barrier to slow the movement of heat, energy consumption becomes more efficient, resulting in lower energy outlays.

Condensation Control: Equipped with a laminated vapor retardant known as facing, quality insulation prevents condensation, allowing for better climate control and maximum insulating efficiency.

Lighting Efficiency: Insulation facing also provides bright, reflective wall and ceiling treatments to increase lighting efficiency, reducing energy bills and costs for additional lighting fixtures.

Tax Breaks: Eligible energy improvements such as re-insulation may qualify for a tax credit of up to $1.80 per square foot, dependent upon the scope of the project. For more detailed information about this tax savings, visit our website:

Short-term fixes to energy problems only offer short-term results. Get the maximum return on your real-estate investment. Reduce your metal building’s operational costs, while creating a more comfortable environment and promoting the overall long-term quality of your structure by taking a proactive step toward energy efficiency.

To learn more about metal building insulation or to investigate your energy-saving options, visit

Thermal Insulating Blocks
Thermal Insulating Blocks

Thermal Blocks Insulation

Sealed N Safe Thermal Blocks

Use of the Sealed N Safe Thermal Block can easily save a building owner thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in energy and building costs. A Thermal Spacer Block is placed between the roof sheet and the roof purlin (or between the wall girt and wall sheeting) and isolates the outer shell from the inner steel frame of the metal building.

The thermal block called "The Performer" has an R-6 minimum rating and is proven to increase insulation performance as much as 2 times in certain buildings. The system is proven to be structurally sound and water tight. The easy and fast installation makes for a great option in an energy efficient building.

Check out the Thermal Block Heating and Cooling Cost Comparison chart at:

Thermal Block Insulation Video - Sealed n Safe Thermal Insulating Blocks

Thermal Blocks Help You Build a More Energy-efficient Metal Building. Sealed N Safe Thermal Blocks Increase Metal Roof & Building Insulation Performance. We are a National Supplier of the Sealed 'N' Safe thermal Insulating Blocks System. Call Toll Free 1-800-486-8415 for more info visit our website at:

Retrofitting Insulation
Retrofitting Insulation

Retro Fit Insulation

the Most Advanced Retrofitting Insulation Options!

Retrofitting insulation between purlins or wall girts not only saves on energy bills, but it also addresses any existing condensation issues. Typically, structural members (roof purlins or wall girts) are 8” deep. It is recommended in retro fit jobs that the entire 8” cavity is filled with insulation to avoid creating an air space between the roof panel and insulation. This is important because air spaces can cause condensation to frequently form on the inside of the cold surface of the exterior panel. In most cases, metal building insulation was installed upon construction between the roof or wall panels and steel roof purlins or steel wall girts. This type of install causes there to be a substantial heat loss at the area where the insulation blankets were compressed between the purlins and wall girts. The positive factors with this type of install is that the vapor barrier is continuous, and the compressed insulation gives some thermal break between the outside panels and structural members. This thermal break is important in an insulation retro fit to help avoid condensation in the inside where the structural members are exposed. Adding faced fiberglass blankets to fill the entire cavity, in addition to the existing thermal break will help prevent any further condensation from forming against the exterior panels or the exposed steel members.

Steel Building Insulation Offers the Most Advanced Retrofitting Insulation Options for Steel or Metal Buildings. Instant Retrofit Insulation Quotes Available Online at or call Toll Free 1-800-486-8415

Steel Building Insulation
Steel Building Insulation

Steel Building Insulation Prices are Increasing on July 1st, 2011

The time to buy insulation is now!

The price of insulation is rising. On July 1st, 2011 all insulation pricing will increase by 5% to as much as 15%. Recently a number of insulation manufacturers released price increase notifications. Suppliers have begun releasing articles and announcements to their customers.

Save 5% to 15% on all insulation materials including fiberglass insulation, foam insulation panels, high r-value insulation systems, thermal blocks and more at

Call 1-800-486-8415


or visit our website at:

Ask about our “Beat the Heat Insulation Special”

June 17th – 23rd 2011!

Save money on fiberglass insulation, foam insulation and all other insulation materials at

Insulated Wall Panels
Insulated Wall Panels

Environmental Sustainability of Steel Insulated Panels

Insulated wall panels and roof panels

Steel insulated wall panels and roof panels provide continuous, rigid insulation with High R-values and superior air tightness performance. This improves energy efficiency while ensuring a comfortable, stable interior environment.

The steel insulated panels’ exterior materials contain a sustainable amount of recycled steel content and the panels themselves are reusable/recyclable. The recycled low weight materials are made with recaptured metals and are light to ship, reducing transport and installation energy.

Steel insulated panels last as long as the service life of a typical commercial steel building. The durable panels reduce operational costs for energy and maintenance, and offer multiple end-of-life reuse options.

For More Information on Steel Insulated Panels Please Visit:

Metal Building Insulation Accessories, Knives, White Insulation Tape & More.
Metal Building Insulation Accessories, Knives, White Insulation Tape & More.

Insulation Tools & Accessories

Insulation materials, tools and accessories

Steel Building Insulation Products & Accessories for Insulating Metal Buildings. Insulation Stick Pins and Fasteners, Insulation Tape and Knives for Cutting Insulation. Visit for the best prices on all Fiberglass Insulation Materials, Insulation facings, White insulation Tape, Black Insulation tape, foam insulated panels and thermal blocks for insulating steel buldings.

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Building Outlet Corporation, has serviced the metal building industry for over 30 years, and knows the inarguable benefits of re-insulating. Thermal energy loss is one of the largest drains on and expenses for a steel or metal building owner. By taking measures to increase the energy efficiency of a building through installing appropriate energy saving insulation products, owners and constructors can immediately realize the long-term financial and environmental paybacks of such actions.

Looking to Purchase a Steel Building? - Metal Buildings for Sale

Steel buildings are pre-engineered, which considerably shortens the time from design to a finished building when compared to traditional building techniques. Standard metal buildings can be in place in half the time it takes for traditional construction and can meet all your business or storage needs.


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      Jackson Tyler 2 years ago

      I'm not very familiar with steel building insulation. I've done a lot of work with insulation in residential situations which is fairly straight forward to me. Is there a major difference between working in residential settings and steel settings? If so, what are some of the differences?