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Stencils Free Patterns - Online Stencil Free Decoration Designs

Updated on December 14, 2012

What Is Stencil?

Stencil can be said to be a series of designed holes that are cut into plastics or card, so that when you apply stencil paints on the areas that are cut, you can have a well painted image when you remove the stencil plastic or card from the painted surface. This process is called stenciling or stencil painting.

Stencil is a fun craft and allow anyone to use any image and colors of their choice to decorate their chosen surface.

Stenciling is a very enjoyable and useful art form that can be done by beginners, young people and can be a fun family project.

Stencil craft projects are numerous. You can choose to make your own stencils or buy ready-cut stencils from any art shopping outlet.

There are many places in your home you can decorate using stencils, you can also decorate some of your household accessories. Using stencil paints and patterns, you can start from your kitchen, bedrooms, living room to garage walls, as well as stenciling or decorating your dining table, bookshelf, photo frames, doors, drawer chests, the list is endless.

Stencil Equipments

  • Stenciling brushes
  • Electric stencil cutter
  • Ruler
  • Masking tape to hold stencils to the surface as you paint
  • Glass sheet
  • Cotton buds or swabs
  • Eraser
  • Natural sponge
  • Synthetic sponge
  • Plus many more

If you are new to stenciling a surface, it is better to get a ready-made stencils that are made either from plastic or card.


Surfaces And Types Of Stencil Paints

The type of stencil paints you choose should depend on the kind of surface you want to decorate or stencil.

The different types of surfaces are:

Matt-finished Walls

You can use oil based stenciling sticks as they last long and can be used on different applications.

Many Surfaces

Emulsion (latex) paints are used for many surfaces. Be sure the paints are kept dried.

Fabric Projects Decoration

In order to use stencil to paint fabrics and other household items, fabric paints are used as the fabrics can be washed afterwards without the paints being removed, although the colors are not permanent. The color can be preserved by not washing the stenciled fabric regularly.

Paper-Based Stencil projects

If you are to stencil a paper projects, it is best to use water-based ink stamping pads.

Other stenciling paints

There are other stenciling paints you can use on other surfaces such as acrylics, aerosol spray paints, water colors, metallic paints, ceramic paints. Note that the colors you use to stencil your project surface should be fixed with varnish to prevent the designs from wearing off easily.

Stenciling Projects Ideas

There are numerous projects you can stencil. You can be creative and use anything as a fun idea to decorate your favorite projects. These are some of the projects ideas you can use as a guide on what projects to stencil.

  • You can stencil nursery walls with teddy bears
  • You can decorate your bedroom walls with patterns such as roses
  • Your bathroom walls and tiles can be stenciled with iris by the stream
  • Chest of drawers can be stenciled or decorated with strawberry fields
  • Ribbon garland can be stenciled on women's or men's dressing table
  • To add a bit of fun to toy box, you can stencil a rabbit holding a balloon
  • Chairs can be stenciled with creeping periwinkle
  • Stencil terracotta hearts on planters and flowerpots
  • Jewelry box, greeting cards, cushion can all be stenciled in stylish ways


Stenciling A Wall Video Tutorial


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