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Handmade beds

Updated on January 21, 2013

Steps involved in a handmade bed

This lens is about the process involved in creating a custom made bed based on our experience that we have gained since 1975. The aim is to give you an insight into what goes on with the building of a bed so you can see via a series of pictures what one looks like during and after the build.

For the purpose of this lens we will be discussing the steps involved in making an extra large bespoke bed for a Glasgow client (see large image below) by us, Robinsons Beds.

Handmade Beds : Extra Large

A Handmade Bed
A Handmade Bed

An example of a handmade big bed that was built in an extra large size

Robinsons Beds Logo
Robinsons Beds Logo

About Robinsons beds

Robinsons beds are a Glasgow based family business manufacturing and selling a range of contemporary beds, designer beds and mattresses. Beds are handmade in on the premises so your beds are handmade in the UK by qualified and experienced bed builders.

Why choose a bespoke bed?

If you have an unusual shaped or sized room it can be difficult to find bedroom furniture that fits in well and looks great. With a handmade bed you can create a bed in a size that's perfect for you, in fabrics that are exactly what you need and that match your interior design and. if you go to a local bed shop, you will be buying a bed that is handmade locally supporting the economy and knowing exactly where your bed was made - You might even be able to take a look round the workshop!

Step 1 : Choosing the Bed

First off the choices are all down to you. You will choose rom the following options to ensure the bed is perfect for your needs and matches your dreams perfectly.

1) Bed style - Choose your dream bed base

2) Bed material - maybe you want to use fabric you've used elsewhere in your bedroom.

3) Mattress type - Why have a handmade bed then a standard mattress?!

4) Choose your style of padded fabric headboard.

5) Set the bed size - whether it's extra large or extra small, you choose!

Once you have decided on these factors it's time to order your bespoke bed. Search online for a local bed manufacturer who specialises in handmaking beds and either go online or pop along to see them and discuss what youre requirements are.

Step 2 : Building the headboard & Base

Once all your requirements are over to your bed manufacturer it's down to them to work hard to create your dream bed.

With this particular project a padded headboard was chosen with a fabric covered base so there was a lot of hand sewing on industrial sewing machines to prepare the headboard and base.

The images below show the steps pictorially to give you an idea of the work involved in hand bulding a bed.

Bed Building Steps in Pictures

The fabric rolls before any cutting or stitching

Hand sewing the headboard

The finishing touches being added to the headboard

Finishing off the bedbase

Step 3 : Making the mattress

For a good night's sleep you need a mattress that's perfect for you and your partner. Withi this in mind you should go alone with your partner to try several mattress out before you decide on the type as you need to know it's one you will both find comfortable and be able to sleep well on.

The mattress in the image below is the Fantasy pocket sprung mattresse which is made up of several layers of padding above and below the springs for a comfortable sleep that keeps your body and posture well supported.

The making of a mattress

Multiple layers make up a good mattress to provide a well supported sleep

What it looks like when a mattress is being hand sewn together

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