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Best Storage Baskets For Shelves And Nursery

Updated on September 1, 2011

Buying and using storage baskets is a great way to organize the clutter around your home. Whether you're looking for bathroom storage baskets or something for the closet or pantry, you won't go far wrong when buying a stylish storage solution for your home.

You can choose natural baskets - wicker baskets, wood or rattan baskets, any of which will work much the same as a bamboo cutting board ... they provide both function and an aesthetic appeal in and around the home. Alternatively, you can opt for something more contemporary, such as wire and metal baskets

The five best selling storage baskets are featured below - all of which are the best value for money, the highest quality and the top rated storage solutions overall.

ClosetMaid Fabric Drawer

This is the best selling of all the storage baskets currently available. Manufactured by the well loved brand nameClosetmaid, it's constructed out of a high quality canvas type fabric and is available in a range of eight other colors. It's designed to combine with Closetmaid's cube storage solutions and when used in conjunction, it acts like a pull-out drawer.

That said, they work equally as well as a stand alone basket and look great placed on shelves, floors and/or inside closets and wardrobes. In all, they're great storage bins and will store a fair amount of goods neatly away. Incredibly cheap, effective and good looking, at a little over five dollars a throw, they want buying.

Household Essentials Baskets - Set of 3

This set is the best selling woven storage baskets ensemble and at less than twenty bucks, they're a steal of a deal. They range from small up to a large size and between the three you get a good amount of home storage. Great for a number of storage uses - baby accessories, toiletries, films and DVD's - pretty much anything will safely store away in these stylish looking baskets.

They're manufactured out of a natural material - maize fiber, and the handles are all solid wood. Each one has been treated to prevent any mildew damage, which makes them a great choice for the bathroom or for storing items related to young babies and children. A great value for money set of baskets - elegant, hard wearing and as natural as it gets. Highly recommended.

Seville Classics - Mocha

This is the best selling single large storage basket and it's pretty spacious in what it will store. An impressive 18" square, it's classed as an ottoman because it's getting on for the size of something that you can purchase and use in and around the lounge area. It's great for storage magazines, lounge pillows, children's toys and more. For those that want to put they're feet up, it's strong enough to do so.

The storage cube will also handle being used as a lightweight occasional table plus - beyond its primary function - it looks extremely elegant and will blend well within a variety of home décor interiors. Classic, useful and versatile, a lovely looking storage solution and one to buy if you're wanting a large home storage basket.

Badger Basket - 3 Basket Set

This is the best selling product from the lined storage baskets range and they're available in three colors - white, pink and pale blue. They're manufactured by the well known Badger Basket company and these particular ones are a top quality rattan basket. The set all nestle within each other and they're a great choice for the nursery, a bathroom or bedroom area.

The baskets themselves are surprisingly lightweight, and yet they're strong enough to hold a fair amount of weight overall. The three together allow for a fair amount of flexibility - you can store them together, on shelves, the floor, in closets or on a baby changing station - alternatively you can split them and arrange them as and where they're needed the most. A lovely looking set - a lot of storage for under thirty dollars.

Spectrum Small Chrome Storage Basket

This is the best of the small storage baskets and it's a stylish metal design, great for the home office, garage and the kitchen and bathroom areas of the home. Manufactured from a steel coated wire, they're durable, good looking and will hold a fair weight due to their constrauction.

They're absolutely awesome when used for clothes storage in closets and large wardrobes, and look incredibly stylish when placed in and around a bathroom. They're rust free, lightweight, sizable enough to hold a variety of smaller items yet large enough to look good and overall - a great value for money purchase.


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