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Use Storage Baskets With Lids To Declutter Your Home

Updated on May 31, 2013

Keep organized by using storage baskets with lids.

A great way to keep organized is to use attractive and decorative storage baskets with lids. I have three that I use in my bedroom. One for dirty laundry, one for clean linen and a third for fresh towels.

There are many different designs to compliment your home décor. I have put together a selection of the very best storage baskets to choose from, including round, square, tall and corner baskets.

We all use these types of baskets to store all sorts of items such as laundry, files, trash, toys and really anything you wish to store.

Are you searching for woven picnic baskets or large rectangle storage baskets?

Scroll down and browse the options below.

Curved Basket With Lid - Pictured

Corner Baskets With Lids

Corner storage is a much under used option, but can add a great deal of storage space to your rooms. You may find many corners in your home that you can use to store a variety of items.

Take a look behind your armchairs for a corner space that is wasted. I just love the fact that it's nice and secure in a corner and I don't have to worry about tipping it over and having all the contents fall out. I like the wicker corner basket the best. It will go in any room and it's made of long lasting materials.

Wicker Corner Hamper Clothes Organizer

Bamboo Corner Hamper and Wastebasket Set

Collapsible Bamboo Laundry Hamper

Household Essentials Curved Basket with Lid

I have one of these baskets in my living room which I use to store my grandchildren's small toys. I chose this one because I wanted something that looked attractive and not out of place in my front room.

Household Essentials Hand-Woven Paper Rope Basket with Lid and Liner, Dark Brown Stain
Household Essentials Hand-Woven Paper Rope Basket with Lid and Liner, Dark Brown Stain

It's not the sort of storage to take a beating from the kids, but it serves my purpose well and I love the design and rich color. I am going to purchase a second one to store all my outdoor picnic equipment so I can keep it all in one place.


Wicker Storage Baskets with Lids

Storage baskets with lids have many uses, ranging from storing books, toys, laundry, magazines, computer games to name just a few. Wicker storage adds a touch of style to any room and at the same time keeping everything neatly tidied away.

I've listed the six best, but my favorite is the one with two storage chests. You can store anything in it and it has received a lot of really great reviews.

Rush Cube Storage Ottoman Mocha

Woven-Seagrass Storage Chests with Hinged Lids

Wicker Laundry Hamper with Padded Vinyl Lid

Woven Banana Leaf Cushioned Storage Seat

Rectangular Basket with Lid - Set of 2

Wicker Laundry Hamper with Padded Vinyl Lid

Personalize your Basket with an Engraved Brass Plaque

This is a lovely idea for a birthday or christmas gift. The basket is personalised with a message of your choice on a brass plaque. You could fill the basket with flowers, toiletries or anything that the receiver would like.

Friend's Birthday Basket..... Personalize your basket with an Engraved Brass Plaque
Friend's Birthday Basket..... Personalize your basket with an Engraved Brass Plaque

Every one of these is handmade and signed and dated by the weaver which is a nice unique touch. I would certainly like to receive one of these as a present.


Personalize Your Storage Baskets

Fabric Storage Baskets With Lids

Fabric baskets are a superb choice, with many that can fold down and be stored in a small space. They are easy to move from room to room and come in various designs and colors.

Some of these are very useful for kid’s toys. That makes parents happy and kids will have a fun time putting their toys away in a central location.

Sometimes you need to just store things away real quick. Instead of tossing things on the counter you can put them into the nice canvas box I have listed below.

Bright Cotton Fabric Nested Boxes

Large Collapsible Canvas Toy Box

Badger Basket Folding Storage Seat

Red Holiday Storage Boxes with Green Trim

Essentials Natural Canvas Storage Box

5 Pack Foldable Fabric Baskets - 5 Pieces Set

Tall Storage Baskets For Your Room

Tall storage has the added advantage of fitting in between units or cabinets and making the most of the space you have available. They also look attractive and make an excellent addition to your home.

I really like the first one I have pictured because it's got five baskets which will be great for the kitchen or dining room. Have you ever used something like this before? What room did you put it in?

Stylish Wicker Five Drawer Unit

Laundry Clothes Hamper Basket

Tall Storage Shelf with Baskets

Great Way To Make Baskets For Entertaining

Do you find them useful for organizing a room?

Happy Storing! - Do you use Storage Baskets with lids?

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    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 4 years ago

      It is really so calming to have order in your house, these storage baskets would truly help.

    • Camerabuff LM profile image

      Camerabuff LM 4 years ago

      Hi. Nice lens. I always liked wicker. Kind of hard to find here in the states, although some stores do carry it. Maybe an opportunity to sell it on Amazon to the US?