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Storage Boxes

Updated on September 15, 2010

Storage boxes come in a wide range of styles brands, sizes, colors, to suite most any storage needs weather for business purposes or even around the home. There are plastic storage boxes, card board storage boxes for storing books and photos or any small items when moving house. Wooden storage boxes for storing those bedroom items, to the more decorative storage boxes for  special occasions.  In fact there's so many practical uses for storage boxes that it is a cheap and cost effective way to save money as well as space.

I have seen some really fine wooden boxes  stained with a coat of varnish that really compliments any surrounding. This Hub will show you how you can make your own  storage box for books and magazines, as well as making a wooden storage box for more important parts of the house. Such as the lounge or dinning room area.  This is a great way to keep  a child's books nicely staked away and free from clutter. The items need you will most likely find around the house  and to conveniently store them as well as display them.

Simple Storage Box For Kids

This is also a great idea for the children s room as we all agree that sometimes books will b lying around the room at some stage or another. This is a easy project to gt the kids to learn, and also to keep their room a little tidier. Weather it be for the rooms or your lounge area these easy to make magazine and book storage boxes will keep your items organized. OK Grab a sturdy cardboard box, enough so it will fit your magazines, giving a few extra inches on either side for slightly larger books. Grab a ruler and draw a straight line  from one corner to the mid-point at the bottom of the boxes edge, do this to the opposite corner, so now it looks like a V shape. Turn your box over and cut and measure out the same exact measurements, so you now have the same V shape on both sides.

Making A Wooden Storage Box

This same process can be done to wooden boxes with a similar size to hold your books and magazines. All that's required is a wooden box with a thickness of about 3 inches, measuring tape a wood saw for your cuts and sand paper to smooth the edges. Then varnish with a wood stain of your color and  polish to a shine and you now have a fine center piece for the lounge as well as storage for those books and mags. If you have fine carving blades and tools, you can decorate your wooden storage box , or stencils to add a little art, or even a wood burner, making sure that safety comes first and you are educated in using pointed wood burners. This tool is excellent when blended with wood and compliments the design with fine scorched lines that really stand out.

Over Veiw

The first method would be great to share with your child as it is fairly easy to make , and plus it teaches a little discipline when it comes to keeping their room clean as well. You can easily show them a basic way of making one by just using a cereal box for starters. Then move to a cardboard box  for a bit more strength. For adults it should be pretty straight forward to build your own wood storage box  to hold books, and to create one for a more formal setting such as the lounge with a fine stained decorative design. Let your imagination run wild there are many mediums one can choose from when decorating wood.


Portable Storage Container


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