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Storage Shelves

Updated on September 6, 2010

Storage shelves come in a wide range of designs  and specific purposes such as garage storage shelves, industrial storage shelves, to kitchen storage shelves, and many more. As well as design they are also made from a variety of materials, such as steel storage shelves or for purposes like a garage, then metal storage shelves are ideal, or wire storage shelves do the same job and are less expensive.

For the more used areas such as a child's room putting up some plastic storage shelves is a great idea, these shelves are durable and strong and are also safe for your child. For the kitchen area food storage shelves are space saving , ideal for the food pantry. Wood storage shelves look great set up in the holiday cabin or beach batch and  it's sure to compliment well with any furniture . Basically shelving and storage is a great way to conserve space.

Making Garage Door Shelves

This hub will focus on how to put up garage storage shelves, don't worry there's not much involved accept having the right tools and equipment to do this project and placing preparation high on your to do list is important. As i always say it's always better to work then look for tools and items that should have been prepared before. The need for storage space in the garage is obvious , we tend to accumulate unwanted stuff that ends up building into clutter and takes up most of the garage space.

What's Needed

Supplies you need can be obtained from your local hardware store , items you will require is a tape measure, saw, hammer & nails, a leveler , clamp and square, posts and lumber and 4 3inch sheets of board about 1 meter in length and about 2 foot wide. Once you have all your tools and equipment ready we can begin. Firstly start off by looking at the space available to you and make a decision where you want your shelves as there are things you may need to consider. Such as do you want them on the side of the garage?, this is ideal for larger garages, but for the smaller garage putting your shelves in a high area is best.

Start Your Project

 Measure the shelving unit, measuring the length and width. Note that this is based on a smaller type garage, if you going to place them on the side for a larger garage make sure there is enough space for the car to freely move in and out. OK where were we?.... right, build the shape of your shelving this should have been pre-measured. Cut the 2 vertical post out of the 2-by-4s each measuring 75 inches in length and then you need to cut8 pieces of 2-by-4 lumbers, each of these measuring 24 inches in length and finally cut 8 pieces of 2-by-4s each measuring 48 inches. Place and secure your studs in position, attach the 4 2-by-4  lumbers each measuring 48 inches to the wall studs. Make sure the spacing between is either 18 to 20 inches apart.

Now you will need to build two short ladders make this from 2 post measuring 80 inches high and use the 2-by-4 lumbers each 24 inches in length to join to your posts across wise, make sure the gap between each one is at least 18 to 20 inches apart. These two short ladders will support your shelves on either side .Once you have made your half ladders attach each one to the for pieces of lumber you put up earlier. Use the clamp to hold them in place and nail the ladders securely to the lumber make sure it holds strong. Now with a sheet of custom board measure and cut out the size of the shelves that will be required and nail them securely to the frame.


Build A Storage Shelf


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