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Re-use items for storage soultions

Updated on October 17, 2011
cleaning wipes container
cleaning wipes container
baby wipes container
baby wipes container
baby formula container
baby formula container

Re-use items for storage

So I have to say that if there was a way to have my label maker attached to my hip it would be there. I'm a little OCD when it comes to storage and labels. The funny thing is what I'm not OCD about my husband is and what I'm OCD about he's not so together our house is uaually always in order.

I'm also a "pack rat" but for a good reason, like the time it took over a month to save milk cartons to make a halloween decoration, but the outcome was fun and was all worth it. If you ever buy pre-cut apples from the store they come in a plastic container and they are great for scrapbook items or you can use them for puzzles and glue the cardboard picture of the puzzle to the top because the boxes never last long. I save baby food jars and put magnets on the lids and stick them to metal for all the little scrapbook items. Or you can use them for small things, screws, nails, extra christmas lights just about anything. I saved formula cans and cut holes in the top and put my ribbon thru for storage. In the kitchen, decorate them and use as flour and sugar canisters. You can also use cleaning wipes containers, cut a strip from top to bottom leaving about an inch from the top and bottom about 1/2 inch wide and put ribbon in.

You can cut a cereal box in the shape of a file stoarge box like you find at the storges and recover it if you want. The boxes from baby wipes are great for markers or crayons for the kids I also use one for all my daughters hair ribbons. The plastic carton that cat litter comes in is great for salt for snow in the winter.

Save the corks from wine bottles and glue them onto a wood backing to make a cork board, frame it and it looks great! Milk cartons make great pooper scoopers and an old toothbrush work great in small cleaning spaces. The mesh bag that potatoes come in you can sew in a ball and use as a pot scrubber fishing wire works best to sew them together.

Old cds can be used for Mosaic, break into small pieces and use as mosaic tiles. CD's can also be heated in the over on a low heat or with a hair dryer and be shaped into bowls, cover the hole or glue to a small plastic plate and teens love them for small items in their room. I used old keys to make a wind chime. Paper towel and toliet paper rolls can be used for all kinds of kid crafts. Bleach containers are great to make a scoop out of, you cas use in a garage for sawdust (for oil spills) or if you have a bucket of salt and need a scoop. Oats containers are fun for a kids piggy bank and let them decorate it or legos storage, hot wheel cars, little toys of any kind. The best part is the kids can decorate them.

The thick plastic of liquid laundry detergent jugs make them perfect containers to dispose of insulin needles and lancets. Once the jugs are full, securely tape down the lid and dispose of the container properly. Use them to store dog or cat food to keep it fresh. Great for in the car for gas storage or keep an empty one incase you run out of gas and need a container to get one.

Pill bottles are great for small items from earring with traveling to little playhouse food pieces.

Let you mind wounder and the next time you go to throw something away, stop and think what can I used this for? It not only saves you money but helps our environment.


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    • mom0f2 profile image

      mom0f2 6 years ago from Columbus, OH

      yeah they could put stickers and things on it, decorate it however they want!

    • jonmcclusk profile image

      Jonathan McCloskey 6 years ago from Cinnaminson, New Jersey

      Baby wipe containers as marker holders? Excellent. Send the kids you used those baby wipes on to school with it; what a handy little idea.