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Stretch Wrapping Film

Updated on April 15, 2013

Stretch Film or Stretch Wrap

We usually call this item stretch film but others call this stretch wrap.

Stretch film or stretch wrap are very useful on packing all things and to keep the pile of boxes in one place.

This is also very useful when moving your cabinets and drawers to another place. Instead of using Adhesive tapes, you can use stretch film to keep the drawers or cabinets close. When you are done, simply tear the stretch film and viola, you will never have to worry about left sticky residue.

Stretch film can also protects important things from dust, insects ( like bedbugs) and even water. Stretch film are very useful and easy to use. I used this to cover our mattress because the plastic cover was already torn.

Image Credit: (4) 18" x 1500 ft x 80ga Stretch Wrap Film - 4 Rolls/cs

How to use stretch film

This video shows how to use stretch film. This is very easy to do. If you are familiar with cling film which are use for covering foods. This is very much the same. The only difference is you use this to cover your things, not your food.

You will just simply, wrap it around the item by stretching the film a little bit from the other end. The process looks like bandaging a mummy. Remember that the stretch film will stick together when meet and overlap. No need to use adhesives or glue.

Size and Color of Stretch Film

Scotch Stretch Wrap, 5 Inches x 725 Feet (8033)
Scotch Stretch Wrap, 5 Inches x 725 Feet (8033)

This is a small stretch film. If you are covering small things, this is enough to use.

80 Gauge Stretch Wrap 20" X 1000' L With Extended Core Handles
80 Gauge Stretch Wrap 20" X 1000' L With Extended Core Handles

If you are planning to cover big things like cabinets and drawers, use this to make your work faster.

UNV62120 - Universal Black Stretch Film
UNV62120 - Universal Black Stretch Film

There are other colors of stretch film like black and blue. Black stretch film is perfect for things you want to hide or you do not want to be expose on lights.


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      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Very useful stuff - also useful for certain practical jokes. ;)