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My Hubby LOVES His Fuel Driven Weed Eater

Updated on May 23, 2015

Petrol Strimmers for Keeping you Garden and Land Tidy

Today Gas powered weed Eater String Trimmers and strimmers make work easy for you in the garden. These easy to use Weed eaters give you a neat and tidy professional finish in no time. Whether for maintaining control of large area or to carefully create beautiful edges on your lawn. Do you keep putting off the daunting task of trimming that overgrown back lawn? Or maintaining that overgrown brush. This Gas powered Grass Strimmer makes maintaining your Garden a pleasure and a very easy task. So easy to work and control, being cordless gives ease of use and manoeuvring around the garden.

If you are looking to buy gas strimmers then you will Find on this page the best selection of gas powered, Garden Strimmers at the Best Prices on-line.

Image Credit- Man Using Grass Strimmer Strimmer available to Buy

Poulan Pro PP125 17-Inch 25cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Straight-Shaft String Trimmer with Split Shaft

Pobably the most versatile weed eater grass trimmer I have ever found available to buy at a great price onlinenot only is the adaptations for turning this super weed eater into a quick a pole saw (CGPS), edger (CGPE), pole hedge trimmer (CGHT), mini-cultivator (CGMC), or brush cutter.

  • 21.1cc Commercial grade 2 stroke engine provides excellent performance and reliability
  • Split-Shaft design allows for the use of optional attachments
  • S-Start reduces the amount of pull-force required to start the unit by 50%
  • Anti-Vibration System provides maximum comfort for getting more done with less fatigue
  • CARB Compliant

Finding the Best Weedeater - for you and your Garden

fuel driven weedeater strimmer- The BEST garden tool perfect for creating neat edges quickly and easily in your garden
fuel driven weedeater strimmer- The BEST garden tool perfect for creating neat edges quickly and easily in your garden | Source

My husband is a pretty experienced landscape gardener, so he uses the weedeater without a safety guard (THIS is not advisable) you should safety consider yours and others safety and use the appropriate guards.

He loves the edge this strimmer give him on our front lawn making it so neat and tidy.

Weed Eaters or Lawn weed killers - Sprinkle these and your done

We use a lawn weedkiller once in the beginning of the year, to keep on top of the moss. But after that we do not bother as these products are really good at their job, and I don't like too many unnatural products going on the lawn,

String Trimmer, trimmer, Weed eater? - What do you call it

We call it a Strimmer but our friends call it a string trimmer

See results

Precise Cutting of your grass - makes tackling those trouble spots easy

fuel driven weedeater strimmer- The BEST garden tool perfect for creating neat edges quickly and easily in your garden
fuel driven weedeater strimmer- The BEST garden tool perfect for creating neat edges quickly and easily in your garden | Source

Yes, my hubby hates weeds and we have dandelions that grow and grow again, The wind carries them onto the lawn so no matter how many times we put down weed killer they just come back, He loves the precision of the strimmer as he can tackle each clump and de-head them easily without breaking his back.

The BEST Weedeaters | String Trimmers | Strimmer - ..makes easy work for for Grass and Brush

Easy to use Gas Powered Grass trimmer, great for tackling large overgrown areas, and adjustable head lets you get that professional finish too

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© 2012 Lisa Auch

Grass Strimers and Trimmers

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    • LisaAuch1 profile image

      Lisa Auch 2 years ago from Scotland

      YES YOU ARE COMPLETELY CORRECT ....I am going to show my hubby YOUR response immediately!!!!!

    • Dressage Husband profile image

      Stephen J Parkin 2 years ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada

      Weed Eater is a brand, I actually have one and it is very light weight and powerful for a small gas strimmer. I think using one without the guard could be very dangerous no matter who you are. It would only take catching a small stone to seriously injure or even kill the operator. There are quite a few accidents even using the guards. Hopefully your hubby stays safe.

    • kenweiss66 profile image

      kenweiss66 4 years ago

      I am deciding between an electric or battery powered hedge trimmer. Gas is too expensive in LA at $3.50 to use for a hedge trimmer, but your advise on features is great.

    • JenwithMisty profile image

      Jen withFlash 5 years ago

      I need a new one! Mine broke last year.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Thanks for dropping by and liking my Man Cave lens. You are a good squid--nice first lens!

    • KarenHC profile image

      Karen 5 years ago from U.S.

      We definitely need one of these grass trimmers. Our old one never really worked very well.