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Is the STX Turboforce 3000 series grinder worth the hype?

Updated on October 17, 2014

STX Turboforce- A strong and powerful electric meat grinder

Are you tired of your manual meat grinder? If you are, then maybe this is the right time when you have to look for a strong and effective electric meat grinder like the STX Turboforce 3000 series electric meat grinder. I have provided a detailed outline of the features, pros and cons of this grinder. Read on

Key Features

Grinding Power

Not all meat grinders are strong like this mean machine. If you love grinding meat and making your own sausages which is a healthier and safer way than buying them in the supermarket, this is the right choice for you.

This grinder is powered with 3000 watts which has 3 adjustable speed from hi, low, and reverse. Yes, it has a reverse mechanism so that you can grind those parts of the meat which are hard. It even has its own circuit breaker for safety purposes.

Grinding Plates

It is included with 3 tempered steel grinding plates which range from fine to medium course. Aside from that, you will also have the 3 stainless steel cutting blades which is called kibbi attachment. You will also get the complete set of sausage stuffing tubes. There is no doubt that you can really make lots of sausages in this piece of kitchen appliance.

It can Grind Bones

Folks who want a grinder for making pet food are keen to know if this grinder can grind bones as well. It does - but mostly chicken and rabbit bones. It is not recommended for for beef or other harder bones.

Easy to Clean

It is a very easy to assemble as well as disassemble this machine.This unit is very easy enough to clean too. It is not dishwasher safe though and will require a manual cleanse.

Check out a more detailed review here.

What are customers on Amazon saying?

I guess the manufacturer is right when they say that they have 99.9% customer satisfaction guarantee. Based from, the percentage of 5 star ratings are extremely high.

Here are the features that they like the most:

- It is very easy to clean since it is made of aluminum. When compared to stainless steel that rust, this doesn't form any rust. This also means that it safe to use once properly cleaned.

- Its motor works fast and effective that it can grind almost any kinds of meat, including the difficult parts.

- If you are careful with the texture, do not worry because it can provide you with the texture that you want. Plus, it is perfect for hamburgers, sausages, and a lot more.

- You don't have to be a professional cook or chef before you can use this appliance. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. It also comes with a manual so you will always have your guide in case you are stuck.

- It also comes with a sausage kit. I guess you couldn't ask for more as everything is handed to you. It's a great product with a worthy price.

The negative feedback

Not all products are made perfect. There are also other people who find some of its features negative while for other it works well. Here are some of what the reviewers have complained.

- It is noisy during the operation. Perhaps, you can grind meat when you are just alone in the house or you can lock up the kitchen door so you can't disturb others.

- The instructions are not so detailed. You may check the internet for the information you need.

- The aluminum part is not dishwasher safe.

Would you buy the STX Turboforce 3000 series meat grinder?

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