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Summer flowers in my garden

Updated on May 14, 2013

A walk in my summer flower garden

Summer in our garden brings forth the sights and sounds of nature. Aside from the colorful sun-loving flowers and verdant foliage, the buzz of bees, dragonflies, flutter of butterflies and birds of different feathers transform the garden into a hub of activities. Hummingbirds love to build their nests here. Even the statuaries seem to come to life and serve as the hospitable hosts in the garden.

Take a leisurely walk and revel in summer's delightful offerings. Welcome to my summer garden and enjoy the tour.

All photos were taken by yours truly.

A warm fuzzy welcome from the garden cat

Photo Credit:jennysh_who

Animal statuaries are scattered around the garden to bring some delight to a restful and meditative walk. The timid cat peers out of the welcome sign and the charming duck ushers one to the garden.

Yes, it is perfectly alright to waddle.

Yes, it is perfectly alright to waddle.
Yes, it is perfectly alright to waddle.

Stepping stones meander through the vinca - You can waddle, hop and skip, or just simply take a step at a time

Add some magic into the garden

Fairy & Butterfly Garden Statue Antique Copper Finish, 14-inch
Fairy & Butterfly Garden Statue Antique Copper Finish, 14-inch

Looks like copper but at a fraction of the cost. Well-made and holds up to the elements and will garner many praises from friends and neighbors.


Impatiens - Impatient plant

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

Impatiens flowers are a popular bedding plant creating mounds of reds, white, pinks, and coral under trees and flowerbeds. These are hybridized and treated as annuals. The name impatiens comes from the Latin word "Impatiens" which means impatient. This is because the ripe seed pods will burst open at the slightest touch as if these are impatient to open. Impatiens thrive best in shaded areas, container gardens, and hanging baskets.

On warm days, I give these a good shower in the mornings and weekly fertilizing.

Butterflies flutter by - Stepping stones can be beautiful

Dragonflies make their appearance - and are not to be outdone

Dragonfly with its gossamer wings greet visitors

Dragonfly with its gossamer wings greet visitors
Dragonfly with its gossamer wings greet visitors

These leaves left a good impression - Go ahead and step on them

What secrets do these fossilized leaf stepping stones hide?

It is time to pause to reflect...

It is time to pause to reflect...
It is time to pause to reflect...

The turtle is not known for its speed but it symbolizes longevity and immortality

Slow but steady-footed, the snail symbolizes stability.

Slow but steady-footed, the snail symbolizes stability.
Slow but steady-footed, the snail symbolizes stability.

This little brown rabbit camouflaged itself in the garden

This little brown rabbit camouflaged itself in the garden
This little brown rabbit camouflaged itself in the garden

Arizona flagstones along the narrow path

The stepping stones transition into large slabs of Arizona flagstones which continue the garden walk along a narrow path slowly ascending towards the other end of the yard. One will find a scattering of Lily of the Nile, a large magnolia tree, and the large limbs of a cherry blossom tree arching over the steps. Holly plants with red berries intermingles with heavenly bamboos and cypresses.

The cheerful gaze of the gazanias - Treasure flowers

Photo Credit:jennysh_who

Gazania is a sun-loving, clumping perennial plant also known as a ground cover. When planted en masse, hybrid gazanias make a spectacular splash in the garden or along the sidewalk. These drought-resistant plants are native to Southern Africa and are one of my favorite plants. Gazanias start growing in spring and stop flowering in the winter. These easy-to-care-for plants grace the sidewalks and the backyard.

Gazania photo gallery - The more the merrier

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Yellow gazanias - Like a burst of sunshine

For the Do-it-yourselfers-->How to spread your gazania groundcover.

Red crepe myrtle - Fire in the heat of the summer

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

The crepe myrtle trees Lagerstroemia Indica make the most dramatic display of reds and whites in the garden. The name of the tree comes from crinkly flowers which resemble crepe paper. This woody perennial is cut back at the top every winter and comes back in all its glory in the summer. Robins love to build their nests in the dense branches of the crape myrtles.

White crepe myrtle - Crepe myrtle flowers are long-lasting and continue to bloom from mid-summer to fall.

Roses - Colors communicate your feelings

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

There used to be a dozen varieties of hybrid tea roses in the front yard but only five survived the harsh weather we have had through the years. These roses continue to bring me wonderful cuttings to grace my home.

The hybrid tea rose have only one flower on each stem unlike other roses. It has thick long stems and grow to over 5 feet tall and occasionally has to be cut back to keep the thorny branches from arching over the sidewalk.

Do you know the meaning of rose colors?

Rose photo gallery - By any other name would smell as sweet

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Our first purple rose, so fragrant and elegant

Our first purple rose, so fragrant and elegant
Our first purple rose, so fragrant and elegant

Lilies - Not all lilies are true lilies

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

True lilies belong to the genus Lillium and have one flower per stem and a whorl of leaves on the stalk. Daylilies have multiple branches of flowers with leafless stems. The leaves grow out from the ground.

The asiatic lily is a true lily and grown from bulbs with a fleshy stem, blade-like leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers.These attractive hybrid asiatic lilies are upward-facing and star-shaped. It is easy to grow but its blooms last about a week or more.

True lilies vs. day lilies

Daylilies - Not true lilies - have multiple branches

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

Daylilies are so called because the flowers bloom at sunrise and wilt at sundown. As its Greek name Hemerocallis implies, a daylily is beautiful for a day. Hence these are not usually used as cut flowers due to their short-lived blooms.

These hardy yellow daylilies are ever-present in the front and backyard. Although these are not true lilies, their cheery display of sunny blooms light up the summer garden. Another good trait of the daylily is that it is low-maintenance and will thrive with little attention.

Red daylily summer blooms 2012

Red daylily summer blooms 2012
Red daylily summer blooms 2012

Rocket City lily

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

The cool orange color of the Rocket City lily with its crimped petal edges stands out in a crowd.

Frequently asked questions about Daylilies

What is a daylily? Why is the daylily the perfect perennial? How much do daylilies cost?

Crimson Pirate Daylily - Showy and vibrant

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

This hybrid "Crimson Pirate" lily (Hererocallis) has thin petals with a yellow throat and resembles a spider lily.

Lily of the Nile

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

Lily of the Nile (Agapanthus) is a South African native plant but is known as a California flower. It has large globes of bluish-purple florets on top of each stalk and rise up about 2 feet tall.

Lily of the Nile 'Tinkerbell' - Miniature version of Agapanthus

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

This short Agapanthus "Tinkerbell" is appropriately named with smaller bluish florets on top of shorter stems. This will thrive in condition of neglect and continue to bloom year after year.

Watch these lilies grow before your eyes

Orange ivy geranium - Hummingbird's favorite

This orange-pink trailing geranium is the choice plant for hummingbirds to build their nest on. It has happened three times, two successfully. The sweet nectar in the florets, the dense waxy fan-like leaves, and the bouncy strong stems that sway with the wind, make the ivy geranium a real winner for the nest builders.

White and pink ivy geranium

This white and pink trailing ivy geranium is one of my favorite colors to break up the reds, oranges, and pinks in the trellis. Unfortunately, it is not a hummingbird crowd pleaser.

Red ivy geranium

It is not true that hummingbirds are only attracted to red flowers. Pink, orange, magenta geraniums will do if all the good benefit are there- lots of florets with nectar and strong branches to perch on.

How to create clones of your geranium plant through cuttings. There is no need to buy more plants.

Two-tone geranium charmer

This peppermint-striped geranium makes a statement in the backyard and attracts hummingbirds.

Blazing magenta geranium

Blazing magenta geranium
Blazing magenta geranium

Pink and white Martha Washington pelargonium

This tri-colored pink regal geranium flourished from a broken stem which I stuck into the soil of a wooden pot. It survived last year's cold winter and grew into a healthy plant in the back porch. I found out later that Martha Washington geraniums can only be propagated through stem cuttings. This is what I call a happy accident.

Martha Washington Pelargonium

Martha Washington geraniums are also known as the Regal geraniums. These were reclasssified as Pelargoniums more than 200 years ago, but the name geranium stuck. These have pansy-like flowers, dark green crinkled leaves, and thick succulent stems. The colors are so captivating and look fabulous in hanging baskets. I have two planted in the flowerbed, but the ones grown in containers seem to be doing better.

This purple and white stunner is one of my favorites. The hanging basket was started from three short cuttings given to me by the owner of a Victorian tea house where we stopped to have High Tea. The secret of the profused blooms is a good douse of cold leftover coffee.

Rosettes of pink geranium

Rosettes of pink geranium
Rosettes of pink geranium

Tornado Mix Ivy Leaf Geranium Seeds

Pelargonium peltatum

.04 Grams

Approx 10 Gardening Seeds

Flower Garden Seed

Orange Appeal Geranium Seeds

Pelargonium x hortorum

.05 Grams

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Flower Garden Seed

'Pink Ice' Geranium

6 Seeds


Geranium Maverick Star 8 Seeds


Hummingbird nest on geranium 2009 - in the back porch

Hummingbird nest on geranium 2009 - in the back porch
Hummingbird nest on geranium 2009 - in the back porch

Hummingbird nest on ivy geranium 2010 - outside the bedroom window

Hummingbird nest on ivy geranium 2010 - outside the bedroom window
Hummingbird nest on ivy geranium 2010 - outside the bedroom window

The Red Knight

This is Sammie, a male Anna's hummingbird on his favorite perch - a wilted geranium branch. Sammie lives in this ivy geranium hanging pot next to a feeder which he guards against trespassing and freeloading hummers.

Chrysanthemums - "Mums" is the word

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

These colorful mums are compact and hardy. I keep these in containers in the back porch and pinch them back to encourage side-shoots.

Chrysanthemums bloom in the fall and make excellent floral arrangements because of the longevity of the flowers. In the winter, the plants look withered and lifeless, but come back every year. These are the same ones in the back porch the last 4 years.

Yellow mums

Yellow mums
Yellow mums

Orange mums

Orange mums
Orange mums

Butterfly iris (Moraea) - Flora imitating fauna

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

These butterfly irises are aptly named as these look like yellow and black butterflies fluttering in the wind.

Yellow Alstromeria - Restaurants love them!

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

The alstromeria "Lily of the Incas" or Peruvian Lily is a relative of the amaryllis. It burns easily under direct sunlight, so I have it in a pot under a trellis in the back porch. Frequent watering and weekly fertilizing are needed to get these dwarf alstromeria to bloom.

Orange alstromeria

Orange alstromeria
Orange alstromeria

Hydrangeas - Water-loving plants

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

These hydrangeas (Hortensia) are shady or semi-shade plants with round flower clusters which are referred to as "mopheads."

This was my Mother's Day present from my son years ago which came in a one-gallon pot with a bow. How it has grown and continued to thrive year after year.

Blue hydrangea

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

The bluish purple hydrangea "Penny Mac" offsets the pinkish-red one next to it.

Change the color of your hydrangea from blue to pink and vice versa. Here's how.

Fortnight lily - What's in a name?

The fortnight lily is a hardy plant that is also known as Morea Iris, African Iris, or Cape Iris. It is drought tolerant and will grow in full sun or partial shade. The butterfly-looking flowers only last for one day but new blooms continue to replenish the plant.

Cannas - A touch of the hot tropical plants

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

Cannas are tropical perennials with large banana-like leaves and were grown from rhizomes given to me by a friend. This flashy red showstopper have performed well through many summers, as well as, attracted a lot of hummingbirds to feed on the nectar.

In the winter, the canna dies back and springs back to life in all its splendor in the summer.

This perennial is easy to grow. Try planting some cannas and watch these beauties light up your garden. Follow these step-by-step instructions.

Closeup of cannas

Closeup of cannas
Closeup of cannas

Lantana - Ham n' Eggs

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

The Lantana (Verbenaceae) is a mix of orange, red and yellow florets which grow very fast - almost invasive. It has a pungent fragrance and its leaves will fall off in the winter and come back in the summer.

Meditating Cat

Cast Stone Garden Sculpture, large size

TODD TOAD Cast Poured Cement Statue FROG Garden Sculpture

Gertrude SNAIL 5" GARDEN Statue Sculpture Cast Cement

Who laid these eggs? - Can someone help solve the mystery?

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

I found these two light blue eggs with brown speckles well-hidden in a thorny bush by the swimming pool. I am not sure what kind of bird's eggs these are but these are about an inch long.

Garden Felines - White cat preening by pot of mums

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

My garden would not be complete without garden cats greeting visitors in every corner.

Our guard cat - Will not attack unless provoked

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

In Ancient Egypt, the cat was revered in society and religion and was known as mau. I liked this cat statue because its posture and demeanor reminded me of the Egyptian cats. It sits like a sentinel guarding the front door.

Mali, our calico cat and friend

Mali, our calico cat and friend
Mali, our calico cat and friend

Ivy cat

Ivy cat
Ivy cat

Asparagus fern or foxtail fern

Not a fern at all

The asparagus fern Asparagus Densiflorus 'Myersii' is a great ornamental filler plant which give dimension to the garden. It is often used in container plantings and the feathery branches look soft and fluffy. The asparagus fern is not a fern at all and is related to the lily family.

The aparagus ferns remind me of of clumps of foxtails, hence its common name foxtail fern.

Petunias - A gardener's favorite

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

What is a garden without the colorful summer annual petunia? The petunia is the most popular bedding flowers. However, it will not tolerate intense heat, so the hanging basket is in a shaded and cooler part of the yard. This plant is also a bit difficult to deadhead because the hairy and sticky branches tend to stay glued to my fingers. Cutting back the dead flowers and stems will encourage petunias to produce more flowers.

But it is worth all the trouble.

Purple petunia

Purple petunia
Purple petunia

Showy bougainvillea

Beautiful cascading flowers bursting with color

A summer garden is not complete without the showy profuse bloomer, the bougainvillea. It was discovered by French naturalist Dr. Filibert Commerçon and it after his close friend and ship"s admiral Antoine de Bougainville, who commanded the ship La Boudeuse that sailed around the world between 1766-1769, and in which Commerçon was a passenger.

It is my fondest wish that this vine will climb and arch over the fence next to where it has been planted.

Read more on how to care for bougainvillea

Colorful coleus - Painted nettle

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

The leaves of the coleus plants are known for their striking colors and variety of leaf shapes. These are tender semi-shade perennials and make wonderful flower borders and can also be grown indoors. I just acquired these plants and have them on the back porch under the trellis.

Interesting links to show you how to grow your own coleus plants:

How to grow and care for Painted Nettle

How to grow coleus plants indoors

The Belladonna Lily - Lovely but dangerous

The Belladonna Lily is also known as the Naked Ladies. In spring, the long spade-like leaves of the Naked Ladies appear and then die down. In the mid-summer, the long leafless slender stalks grow out of the ground with only clusters of pink funnel-shaped flowers at the top. Hence, the common name Naked Ladies.These are planted under the shady red crepe myrtle tree and bloom up throught the ivy groundcover. The beautiful pink flowers and sap of the Naked Ladies are semi-poisonous. So beware not to taste it.

Get the facts behind the racy nickname of the Belladonna Lily

Succulent gardening

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

Cactuses or Cacti do not have to be uninviting and prickly. The drough-resistant plant can be integrated into a small succulent garden in a hanging basket. This arrangement includes cabbage roses, kelanchoe and jade plant.

Must See! Amazing vertical succulent gardens you can make yourself.

Pineapple guava (Feijoa) - Looks like a guava but taste like pineapple

Photo Credit:jennysh_who

In early spring, the pineapple guava shrubs turn into a marketplace for all kinds of birds in the backyard. Each and everyone is vying for the red flowers on the shrubs, pecking away with wild abandon.

This evergreen shrub is very prolific in the summer and bears basketful of fruits. The pineapple guava looks like a guava but taste like a pineapple. The ripened fruit is about the size of a large egg. I would harvest these and bring them to work where these are very popular.

The promise of a good harvest - Delicious and nutritious

Photo Credit:Jennysh_who

The pineapple guavas will be ready for picking at the end of September when the rind turns to a lighter green and the fruits get to be the size of large or jumbo eggs. These are also great additions to green salads.

This is the last batch of pineapple guava harvested from my garden as of November just before the winter rain came. I brought several baskets to work and shared the fruits with my co-workers who just cannot have enough of these exotic fruits.

Make this Pineapple guava fall fruit salad.

November harvest of pineapple guava

November harvest of pineapple guava
November harvest of pineapple guava

Hand pollinating pineapple guava with a paint brush

Strawberries are one of my favorites fruits. These are great with cereal, in smoothies, dipped in chocolate and are known to whiten your teeth.

This is a starter basket that was just added in the garden and already shows a lot of promise.

How to Grow Strawberries in Strawbery Pots

Did you know...

Strawberries are the only fruits with seeds on the outside.

Pomegranate - Incredible edibles

Photo Credit: jennysh_who

I like this pomegranate plant for the attractive bright orange flowers which eventually develop into fruits. It likes the warm climate and is easy to care for. Aside for its decorative purpose, the pomegranate tree produces round apple-like fruits which have a citrus flavor. It is also known as the Chinese apple or Granada.

Ripe pomegranate - Ready to eat

Photo Credit:jennysh_who

Interesting health and medicinal benefits of pomegranate

The juice of the seeds, bark of the tree, and rind of the pomegranate have been used for thousands of years for medicinal pruposes in the Indian subcontinents. Some of the health benefits include stoppage of nose bleeds, diarrhea, common cold, coronary artery disease.

Pomegranate juice has gained popularity lately as a source of vitamin C and B5 and mixed in smoothies and health drinks. And there are now jams, pomegranate wine and salad dressing in upscale eateries.

How to seed a pomegranate

Yellow hibiscus - Queen of the tropics

The hibiscus shrub is the latest addition to our summer garden in 2011. It is a part of the mallow family and there are about 200-220 species, which are all native to tropical and warm-temperate climates around the world. The flowers come in many colors, white, red, yellow, purple and orange and I picked the orange-yellow variety for its eye-catching and attractive color.

Did you know that there are many uses of the hibiscus plant aside from being grown as an ornamental plant and showy shrub for landscaping? The Kenaf (hibiscus cannabinus) is used extensively in making paper. The Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is used as a vegetable, as herbal teas and jam in the Caribbean. The tea is a natural diuretic and contains Vitamin C and minerals.

K. Van Bourgondien 10522 Oriental Lily Mix

Dwarf Flowering Pomegranate One Gallon

Pineapple Guava Plant


Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your walk through my summer garden. I am a weekend gardener and still learning the ropes. I would love to learn some tips from you too.

Step right up and drop a line.

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    • profile image

      liny-tan 4 years ago

      love all the pictures you've got! my eye candy...thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      liny-tan 4 years ago

      love all the pictures you've got! my eye candy...thanks for sharing

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Love your blog!!! Thank you!

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      jseven lm 5 years ago

      Very very creative and beautiful! Had to see it again. :)

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      What a beautiful garden you have!! :)

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      Cheryl Paton 5 years ago from West Virginia

      Your garden looks lovely. Love all the garden colors and decorations.

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      lovely, simply lovely

    • KokoTravel profile image

      KokoTravel 5 years ago

      lovely, simply lovely

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      Elsie Hagley 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Beautiful lens. Loved the walk through your garden.Thanks for sharing such beauty with us. Blessed.

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      Stunning. Blessed by a Squidoo Angel.

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      just beautiful. blessings.

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      Judy Filarecki 5 years ago from SW Arizona and Northern New York

      Magnificent garden. I love the flowers and the statuary and especially calico. I have a young pomegranate tree and it has one fruit on it. I appreciated the video on how to get the seeds out. Here is my blessing with some angel dust to spread around your beautiful garden.

    • profile image

      jseven lm 5 years ago

      Very beautiful, thought provoking and love the rocks and stones. Blessed!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Beautiful flower and garden pictures! I love the Martha Washington geraniums!

      *Angel Blessings!*

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      Country Sunshine 5 years ago from Texas

      You must have a huge yard to have all of those plants! I love all the photos. This is a really a great page, and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 5 years ago from Pittsburgh

      I like stepping stones in a summer flower garden, they seem to add such a charming effect. Angel Blessings**

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      SilmarwenLinwelin 5 years ago

      amazing summer garden!

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      Oh my, I love that purple rose. Of course, I love everything else too! This is my dream garden. Blessed.

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      Wow! beautiful flowers, but I also love dragonflies and butterflies flutter.


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      What a visual feast of natures beauty.

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      lilymom24 5 years ago

      You have a lot of beautiful pictures here. I found the foxtail fern to be a very unique addition and your kitty is so cute. It's a lovely lens to get lost in. =)

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      What a lovely garden!

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      I may have visited your lens once already but even if I did, I enjoyed it just as much the second time. Great photos and good information. For a weekend gardener, you have a beautiful showing of plants!

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      Lovely flowers, you are so lucky to be able to grow semi tropical ones

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      I wish I could have such a beautiful garden like yours. My garden only have a few plants of flower, that also not many flower on them, This is a beautiful and wonderful page.

    • hntrssthmpsn profile image

      hntrssthmpsn 5 years ago

      Your flowers are gorgeous! We have a pineapple guava tree, too, and we've spent hours watching the birds in its branches, fighting and posturing over those meaty flowers. Your photos of the hummingbirds are so wonderful... they've inspired me to plant geraniums!

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      Ellen Gregory 5 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      Beautiful garden. I am submiting this for the "Yay for the First Day Of Summer" quest.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      What a treat! I feel like I have been on a beautiful walk through your garden! A wonderful way to start the day!

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      Summer in a nutshell. Great garden, photos and flowers, especially the purple rose and the Gazanias.

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      shees570 5 years ago

      This is awesome, i am feeling so fresh after viewing all the beautiful pictures in the lens... loved it

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      What a garden!!! Loved it. Inspiration for me to upgrade mine...

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      Maria Burgess 5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      All I can say is WOW! I love the way you shared your garden with us! The flowers are so very beautiful it's hard to choose a favorite. Envious! =) Nice work and congrats on the Purple Star!

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      Nice lens. I think that I need to put some Lilies of the Nile into my garden (I looked at some last weekend). Plants which will "thrive in conditions of neglect" are pretty much what's needed in my garden I'm afraid to say.

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      River_Rose 5 years ago

      You don't need any tips! Beautiful garden! Thanks for sharing!

    • fdurham profile image

      fdurham 5 years ago

      Your photos are beautiful and inspiring for this weekend gardener. I have the same type coleus and looks like I need to move it.

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      NC Shepherd 5 years ago

      Beautiful! I can't wait until I can have my very own flower garden!

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      simpsonia 5 years ago

      What a beautiful lens with wonderful photos. So evocative of summer. The purple rose is a knockout.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I love your garden, I will be back and learn more from you.

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      soaringsis 5 years ago

      What a beautiful garden. I loved every minute of it. Wonderful lens.

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      floppypoppygift1 5 years ago

      You have an enchanting garden! I have no tips as I am not a very good gardener :( But I enjoy your handiwork! Cheers~cb

    • profile image

      mizrae 5 years ago

      Your photos are stunning. I like how you've added not only gardening info, but additional tid-bits as well.

    • profile image

      mizrae 5 years ago

      Your photos are stunning. I like how you've added not only gardening info, but additional tid-bits as well.

    • BLemley profile image

      Beverly Lemley 5 years ago from Raleigh, NC

      I would love to take a stroll your garden! Happy Summer Quest! B : )

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      This is a terrific lens. That purple rose is absolutely beautiful. Wish I had a pot full of roses that color. How about a little SquidAngel dust for all your hard work on this lens.

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      kmyangel 5 years ago

      You have some beautiful flowers in your garden! By the way, I Love also strawberries :P Congrats for your article !

    • PennyHowe profile image

      PennyHowe 5 years ago

      Great photos and information. Thanks for taking the time to help us who are less than gardeners!

    • VeseliDan profile image

      VeseliDan 5 years ago

      Your garden is so beautiful! These photos are great! Belladonna lilies are stunning! *blessed*

    • profile image

      Tamara14 5 years ago

      I was here before, but this time a little blessing for your gorgeous flowers and your lens that celebrates the summer so nicely :)

    • profile image

      panasonicbathroomfan 5 years ago

      love those fossil stepping stones. given me an excellent gift idea!

    • Shoputopian profile image

      Karnel 5 years ago from Lower Mainland of BC

      The photos I saw beautiful, some were not showing so I bookmarked and will come back at a later date to see what I missed this time round, must be a glitch

    • profile image

      Natural_Skin_Care 5 years ago

      You have a lovely garden. I especially like that butterfly iris.

    • blessedmomto7 profile image

      blessedmomto7 5 years ago

      Beautiful lens!

    • UKGhostwriter profile image

      UKGhostwriter 5 years ago

      Very inspirational!!

    • profile image

      momsfunny 5 years ago

      Gorgeous flowers. I like the geranium and hibiscus.

    • jlshernandez profile image

      jlshernandez 5 years ago

      @pawpaw911: That's interesting pawpaw911, because I do see all my photos for this lens. However, I did have issues with some other lenses with Flickr photos not showing and I replaced them. This bug has been talked about in the forum. Am not sure if this is a Squidoo or Flickr bug. Thanks for visiting.

    • profile image

      pawpaw911 5 years ago

      Your photos are gorgeous, but for some reason, some aren't showing. Great lens.

    • profile image

      vBizeso 5 years ago

      Nice Lens

    • mel-kav profile image

      mel-kav 5 years ago

      Great lens - beautiful photos! And Mali looks like a sweetheart - very pretty cat.

    • domjohnson lm profile image

      domjohnson lm 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. Really nice garden and great lens :)

    • profile image

      seemarahate 5 years ago

      thanks for sharing this information.

    • profile image

      doug66 5 years ago

      You have a green thumb! Beautiful array of flowers.

    • profile image

      getmoreinfo 5 years ago

      This garden is so wonderful I really like the fossilized leaf stepping stones and the humming birds are so cute. Having a pomegranate tree is something I need to add to my garden this year.

    • dann7trdro lm profile image

      dann7trdro lm 5 years ago

      is this your garden? awesome

    • microfarmproject profile image

      microfarmproject 5 years ago

      What a beautiful lens. I enjoyed your photos!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      A joy to return here to congratulate you on front page honors....and I think I'll linger a bit it this beauty!

    • LynetteBell profile image

      LynetteBell 5 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Very nice lens. Love the stepping stones:)

    • Anthony Altorenna profile image

      Anthony Altorenna 5 years ago from Connecticut

      Just enjoying a return visit after seeing your lens featured on the home page.

    • gatornic15 profile image

      gatornic15 5 years ago

      What incredible pictures! I especially like the gazanias and lilies and you have some great stepping stones.

    • BusinessSarah profile image

      BusinessSarah 5 years ago

      You've created a beautiful backyard paradise -- I can't wait until I have the space to do the same! In the meantime, I'll just have to stop by here periodically and bask in yours. :)

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 5 years ago

      So many happy and bright flowers ... stepping stones add the creative touch!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Flowers are really useful in beating summer, and there are others too which are listed at Alternatives to Beat Summer

      Hopefully people will read about these alternatives and get benefited..

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      This is a stunning lens, so beautiful. I especially love the stepping stones with sayings on them - You've inspired me add some to my backyard as well. Also, the colors of the flowers are spectacular.

    • profile image

      SteveKaye 5 years ago

      Your work is a true inspiration to others. Thank you for this tour through your wonderful garden. Your photos are beautiful. I send you a sincere "High Five." Wish you the best.

    • Joan Haines profile image

      Joan Haines 5 years ago

      I love flower photos. I feel like I walked through your lovely garden. Thank you. "Squid Angel blessed."

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      You have some unique plants in your garden. What a joy it is to see your pictures.

    • poissonenciel profile image

      poissonenciel 5 years ago

      Patience, efforts and so great result! Thank you and good luck!

    • profile image

      Gala98 5 years ago

      what a wonderful garden you have - plants I've only seen when travelling & as for the humming birds - I've only ever seen one in the wild! Great photos & lots of info too - lovely lens xxx

    • terrypatmore profile image

      terrypatmore 5 years ago

      A wonderful garden, thanks for sharing it with us.

    • northcoastpubli profile image

      northcoastpubli 5 years ago

      Wonderful display of variety! You gave me a few fresh ideas too. Here's a tip on a great fragrant plant I simply cannot live without, the Evening scented stock. If you plant them anywhere you can, and let them mature long can gather the long slender seed pods to grow for the next year.

    • John Dyhouse profile image

      John Dyhouse 5 years ago from UK

      What a wonderful garden, and such marvellous photographs. I think I shall be bookmarking this fofr whenever I need to take a break from the keyboard and stroll thru' the garden down those paths. Blessed

    • jlshernandez profile image

      jlshernandez 5 years ago

      @juditpaton: So glad for the delightful visits. I am glad the stepping stones with words gave some good ideas.

    • juditpaton profile image

      Iudit Gherghiteanu 5 years ago from Ozun

      So beautiful garden, i love that path, i will try this summer to make something alike, and about the flowers...very good inspiration from you.

    • profile image

      Dywaz 5 years ago

      Very god idea with words on winding stepping stones. I will try to do it in my garden.

    • Ram Ramakrishnan profile image

      Ram Ramakrishnan 5 years ago

      A vibrant garden; the birds, and the bees;

      The soothing breeze; the swaying branches of trees.

      A cloud-speckled azure sky for a canopy;

      For some, the ideal prescription to be happy.

    • profile image

      SunshineLollipops 5 years ago

      I loved your summer garden!!! I can't wait for summer so I can garden again. Funny story... in a previous home I hung a large pot of ivy geraniums on my front porch each spring/summer. The bluebirds found it every year and built a nest and laid eggs in it. When I went to water each time the birds would fly out and then I would carefully water around the nest. Only one year did the eggs get abandoned... all of the others we successfully hatched little bluebirds. :) Thanks great lens!

    • profile image

      candleandblue 5 years ago

      How lucky are you to having humming birds in your back garden? It's never going to happen in my cold UK garden.

    • greenspirit profile image

      poppy mercer 5 years ago from London

      You have such lovely pictures and lovely scenes here. It's so interesting to see your garden which grows not only things that I can grow, but also exotics that would never survive outside where I live. I can grow Gazanias in a good Summer, but if we get weeks of cloud, of course they just keep their petals closed.

      I'm going to give those butterfly Iris a try...they are so pretty.

      Thank you for visiting and blessing my snowdrop lens...that was so kind, and much appreciated.

    • jlshernandez profile image

      jlshernandez 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks for spending some time in my summer garden. Yes, I have to count my blessings for hosting two pair of nesting hummingbirds. As for the pomegrantes, I just planted a one gallon plant it in the ground and was really surprised that it grew and produced fruits every year. The birds got to them before I did, but I managed to save one for my Fall and Thanksgiving arrangement lens. Thanks for the blessing.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I've spent a bit of time in your summer garden today and had a delightful time. I tried to identify that nest of eggs but couldn't, am envious that you had 2 pair of nesting hummingbirds in your yard and just drank in all the mouth watered when I saw you could grow pomegranates. Delightful and blessed.