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Sunbubble Greenhouse

Updated on May 22, 2016

Danish Family Sunbubble ideas

Sunbubble Greenhouse - what is it all about?

A sunbubble greenhouse is a tent like structure that can be very easily put up and taken down. It is made up of PVC or polycarbonate and bendable fibreglass rods. once put up it can be used as a hothouse, Greenhouse conservatory or you could go mad and do what this Danish family did and make it into a real garden centre piece.

Cool Idea for a sunbubble greenhouse

What the family decided to do with their bubble in the sun was to make it into a centre piece for their garden which would allow them to increase and extend the amount of time they enjoyed in their garden, they built in wooden flooring so they could add table and chairs to create a seating/dining area. They have also built two more greenhouses used for growing plants and flowers

How to build up a sun bubble


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