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Suncast Deck Box with Wheels

Updated on September 20, 2015

Suncast Deck Box with Wheels Introduction

Heavy rainfalls do not seem to cause a problem with keeping items dry in the Suncast Deck Box with Wheels. In addition, customers enjoy the assistance that the deck box offers to organize their decks, patios and a variety of other outdoor areas. Nothing contributes more to a better living experience than a well-organized and neat exterior presentation of your home environment.

The deck box seems to more than satisfy customers with ample storage space often exceeding their expectations. Storable items might include any number of outdoor kinds of seasonal objects such as patio cushions, hoses, holiday lights, electrical cords, spa equipment, pool supplies, bird feed and more.

The green accent of the deck box establishes a pleasant tone of eye-catching approval and contributes to the overall good looks of the container. The wheels are an added attraction that provides the home owner with the opportunity to easily roll their deck box when fully loaded.

Everyone will find the assembly process to be easy and complemented by a clearly written set of instructions!

Overall, the Suncast Deck Box is a worthwhile contribution to any home environment and can be looked at as an investment whose value accrues over time and pays back the homeowner in satisfying his or her living experience.

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Features Of The Suncast Deck Box

Suncast DB8000B Deck Box with Wheels
Suncast DB8000B Deck Box with Wheels

The Suncast Deck Box with Wheels maintains a number of characteristics that gives the consumer a container that helps organize the outdoor area. The deck box serves as a storage area for many items and maintains a handsome appearance to any onlooker. These features are delineated here:

Deck box stays dry even after heavy downpours

Wide variety of storable items including patio cushions, hoses, holiday lights, electrical cords, spa equipment, pool supplies, and more

Enough capacity to hold more than you might think

Perfect product to help you organize your outdoor home environment

Pleasant looking deck and patio box adds to the attractiveness of your outdoor space

Quick-assembly-panels are easy to put together to construct the final storage container

The dark green accent coloring blends nicely with the overall scene in an outdoor yard environment

Once assembled, the deck box is a strong container

The wheels make it easy to glide your deck box to new locations even when fully loaded

The lid remains closed tightly enough to keep pests out


Suncast Deck Box Consumer Review Summary

There are over 63 reviews online and the deck box has a large percentage of 4 and 5 star ratings. Customers liked the Suncast Deck Box as a product that helped them organize their decks, patios and other outdoor areas. They believed the deck box offered them more storage area than they had hoped for and were pleased with that result. Most reviewers felt the unit enhanced their outdoor areas with a good look.

A capsule summary of customer reviews covering the Suncast Deck Box follows:

  • A strong number of deck box purchasers stated that their unit stayed dry even after heavy rainfalls!
  • Many consumers found that they could accommodate a wide variety of storable items with their new purchase!
  • A significant majority of customers expressed the viewpoint that there was enough capacity to hold more than they originally thought!
  • Some thought the deck box was an almost perfect product to help them organize their outdoor home environment!
  • Reviewers also found a pleasant looking deck and patio box that added attractiveness to their outdoor space!
  • A small number of users said that although the unit can be easily carried when empty, the wheels made it easy to roll their deck box to new positions when fully loaded
  • Some complained that no lock was provided so that they could not secure their stored items. But were pleased with the fact that the lid remained closed sufficiently to keep critters out!

A comment that showed up often centered on the idea of storage space. Most reviews strongly suggested that their imagined capacity was exceeded by a wide margin. The Suncast Deck Box surprised many users with the extra space.

Suncast Deck Box with Wheels Birthplace - Video Showing The Suncast Manufacturing Process

Have You Had Any Personal Experiences With Outdoor Storage Boxes?

Personal experiences vary when it comes to outdoor storage boxes and their contributions to an improved home environment. Any thoughts on your part could be helpful to the situation? All of us would like to know your thoughts on the Suncast Deck Box or similar matters?

Thank you for your interest in this hub.

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    • profile image

      Sojourn 5 years ago

      Hey, wait! You can get patio storage boxes with wheels? Ack! I would have preferred those. We have a lot of pool equipment in the three on our patio and I would love to be able to drag them over to the pool when needed instead of constantly running back and forth. Adding to the list of things I want for my back yard!