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Suncast Mini Patio Seat

Updated on September 21, 2015

Suncast Mini Patio Seat Introduction

The Suncast Mini Patio Seat is probably the most versatile outdoor storage box with seating accommodations allowing you to place the unit in an number of small spaces that might otherwise have gone to waste.The patio seat fits nicely on even a small front porch besides the many locations available on your patio, deck or pool side.

Some have found the mini seat as an excellent source for kitchen pots and pans and thereby acting as a convenient way to add storage space indoors.

When using several of the storage seats arranged neatly on a deck, the owner will find ample seating coupled with the ability to store small items for immediate use if called for by the situation.

If you place the product near an entry door to your home, you will find that you have a sturdy seating station allowing children and others the opportunity of cleaning up, drying off or changing before entering. The storage area could temporarily hold the footwear needed for the change.

There can be no doubt that the patio storage unit offers any home owner with the opportunity to organize outdoor entertainment and living areas with a versatile storage and seating arrangement that will please most consumers who are in the market for this type of product.

Give Yourself An Opportunity To Select A Useful Storage Box.

When scanning around your backyard or poolside you may notice a number of summer outdoor items spread around and maybe better stored in an outdoor storage box that neatly tucks away these objects and transforms your outdoor area.into a well organized play area?

Suncast Mini Patio Seat Features

Suncast PB2600 Patio Storage Seat
Suncast PB2600 Patio Storage Seat

Many of the features depict the characteristics consumers look for when searching for patio or deck storage space of medium or small size and inclusive of a comfortable seat. The mini patio storage unit contains these features and more as displayed here:

Fits nicely on a small front porch or on a balcony

Easy to read instructions and put together with no assembly problems

Does double-duty as seating and storage unit

Can adapt nicely to extra space indoors

Fits decoratively into small corners on your deck

Storage space underneath comfortable seating room

Looks good in any patio, deck or poolside setting

Great for a place to sit while watching stake cooking on the grille

Makes it easy to sit poolside and store the pool toys underneath the seat

When there is nothing in storage, easy to carry to new locations


Suncast Mini Patio Seat Reviews - Consumer's Comments Summarized

Customers submitting written reviews to Amazon totaled 16. Nine of these were in the 5 to 4 star range. The majority of buyers were pleased to find how easily the patio storage product contributed to their original expectations. And after completing their effort to assemble the item, they were further happy to find the storage capacity had pretty much met what they wanted and enjoyed the seating arrangement.Some of the customers complained that storage items did not stay dry after a rain put decided that they may not have positioned the mini seat properly.

The following is a composite summary of what buyers had to say about the Suncast Mini Patio Seat:


  • A few found usefulness on their small front porch or balcony!
  • The dual function of seating and storage met the approval of most reviewers!
  • Some were pleased to use the mini seat as extra space indoors!
  • A good portion of the mini seat users found it useful that the product snuggled nicely into small corners on their deck or patio!
  • A number of reviewers said they experienced comfortable seating!
  • Many were impressed by the attractiveness of the product!
  • The mini seat was touted by some as light enough to move to various locations!

Most of the reviews dealt with the usefulness of the seat combined with the storage underneath and of how good looking the unit appeared to them in various locations.

Video - Seat And Store

Suncast Mini Patio Seat Birthplace - Video Showing The Suncast Manufacturing Process

Seat-And-Store Ownership

How many people out there who already enjoy some kind of outdoor storage box ownership might find some interest in a combined seat-and-store arrangement as offered by the Mini Patio Seat? Let us know via your comments.

Thank you for your interest in this hub.

Share your patio seat experiences here. - Suncast Mini Patio Seat?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is really cute! It's an efficient way to add seating and storage to a patio. Neat idea!


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