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Superhero Wall Decals

Updated on November 17, 2013

Create a superhero bedroom with these cool superhero wall decals

Superman, Batman, X-Men, Spiderman, Thor, Loki, the Avengers, Wolverine all in wall decals. How cool is that?

If your child wants to decorate their room with some neat wall decals, have no fear. These vinyl wall decal stickers are up to the task.

Once upon a time, to get your child a good superhero themed room it took a lot of effort. Cut out's, stencils, spray painting -it was quite a chore. Then came the first generation of wall stickers. They made the process easier, but when the child outgrew the superhero phase, these stickers would leave behind a sticky and tacky residue.

No more! These new superhero decal stickers have improved. They are large and colorful. They leave behind no nasty residue. They are incredibly easy to apply, and even after application these large sized superhero decorations can easily be taken down and applied again elsewhere.

Giving your child a superhero themed room has never been easier.

See giant Spider-man intro pic on:Amazon

2014 Avengers Calendar - A great decoration for anyone who loves this team of superheros

The Avengers are quite hot right now, and should continue to be hot all through 2014, as they head up to their second big movie, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is set to be released in 2015.

If you are looking for a gift for any Avengers fan, or just want one for yourself or your child, this calendar makes a great one.

2014 Avengers Assemble Wall Calendar
2014 Avengers Assemble Wall Calendar

Colorful and vividly drawn this collection of the greatest superheros in the world is a big home-run for any fan of Marvel comics popular band of heroes


This Thor bedroom decoration is 48 in. x 48 in. A nice large 4 foot square. Like all the decorations on this page it is easy to place on the wall, simply tacking into place with the stick backing- but it also leaves no tacky residue behind once this decoration is removed. A cool addition for any child's room in my opinion.

Thor, is also known as the Thunder god. He is very loosely based on old viking legends of a god of the same name. He brings with him a whole patheon of other gods in the Marvel comics storyline. Part of the fun of the Thor stories is that he frequently travels to other dimensions and deals with his own personal enemy, his half brother Loki, who is constantly causing him trouble.

This wall sticker featuring Thor, is from the Thor and Avengers movies, featuring Chris Hemsworth as Thor. So far there have been three movies featuring this superhero: Thor, Thor: Dark World and the Avengers movie.

Spiderman Wall Decal

Spider-man, the ever popular superhero, has been a staple of Marvel comics since just about the beginning of the Silver age of comics in 1962.

The story of a later-day teen who gets special superpowers and is then convinced to use his powers to fight evil, has been a story that has resonated with kids for many years.

If your child is a fan of superheros, there is a really good chance that one of those heroes is the popular comic-book hero, Spiderman.

RoomMates RMK1078GSCS Amazing Spiderman Stick Peel & Giant Wall Decal
RoomMates RMK1078GSCS Amazing Spiderman Stick Peel & Giant Wall Decal

A nice large and wonderful looking red and white spider-man peel-able wall decal.

A bright and colorful wall decal that any kid will love.


I just love this huge 49 inch by 79 inch wall sticker featuring a collection of the most popular superheros of all time. This wall decoration is simply huge. It dominates a room and really is great for just about any type of "comic-book" themed rooms for kids.

Many of these Marvel superheros have been around since the late 60's. Maybe you remember them from when you were a child. I know I do. This fancy superhero wall decal features the most popular collection of superheros from marvel in that 50 year span. Thor. Luke Cage. Silver Surfer. Hulk, Captain America and of course Marvel's comic books most prominent hero: Iron Man. If your child likes comic book hero's, this is a room decoration they will love.

Avengers Team Collection Vinyl Wall Stickers
Avengers Team Collection Vinyl Wall Stickers

Avengers Team Vinyl Wall Stickers

Smaller, fun, wall stickers for decorating your childs room

The team known as the Avengers has been around for quite a few years now. They have gone through a huge rollover in their cast of characters, although a few of their members have remained stalwarts over a long period of time.

This large collection of child's wall stickers features many of the best, and most popular Avengers characters from their long history.

These stickers are a lot smaller than the huge wall sized images. They will not dominate a room in the same way, but they also work great as filler and have the same easy to use and residue free qualities of the larger life-sized posters. A great addition for any kids superhero room decoration or even for spicing up items your child owns, like laptops and tablets.

These stickers peel off individually and adhere to any flat surface.

Thor-Hulk-Captain America Avengers Bedding
Thor-Hulk-Captain America Avengers Bedding

Avengers Bedding: Featuring Thor, Captain America and the Hulk

Decorate your kids room with style and panache

If you are looking to decorate your kids room with a little big of style and panache, you are going to need more than simply a few wall accoutrements.

The bed is the center of any bedroom, and a well decorated bed will draw the eye more than all the wall decor. So if you are going to get the room looking sharp, some good bedding, sheets and other Avengers stuff can help the room to look really sharp.

This is one of my personal favorite sheet/bedding combinations. I hope you like it too.

Share your thoughts? Comment below. - Let me know what you think about Avengers, decoration or anything else..

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I love superheroes, especially Marvel. I'm sure my home will mirror this fancy of mine. Once I have my own home... :)


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