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Swallow Greenhouses

Updated on September 14, 2015

Swallow Wooden Greenhouses

Swallow GB Ltd are manufacturers of best quality wooden greenhouses. Swallow Greenhouses are hand built by Swallow's trained carpenters and joiners in their Rotherham factory. Not only do Swallow hand build all of their greenhouses they are also the only greenhouse manufacturer to erect all of their greenhouses on site FREE OF CHARGE. This is done to give the ultimate in convenience to customers but also to ensure that the quality standards in the factory are transferred to your garden !

Visit for more information and prices.

The 6ft wide Swallow Kingfisher Wooden Greenhouse is hand built in the North of England by British Craftsmen and then delivered and installed for free in your garden.

Sizes available are: 6x4, 6x6, 6x8, 6x10, 6x12, 6x14, 6x16, 6x18 and 6x20.


The redwood pine glazing bars are 58mm x 34mm finished size.

The bottom 12mm tongued and grooved boards are 390mm long.

All the timber is green tint tanalised pressure treated.

The inward opening door has a mortise lock and aluminium handles.

Glazing is toughened safety glass.

All the glazing is slid into a groove and sealed with quality silicone.

All the cut shapes are jointed with a clear plastic H section.

The roof has two large opening vents.

Each vent has a Bayliss XL Automatic opener.

Full length staging down one side with centre support.

There is a specially turned apex finial for that classic look.

The ridge & top vents are sealed with specially machined timber capping.

A 20mm black PVC section is screwed to the bottom, called the damp barrier.

All the tongued and grooved boards are fixed with stainless steel nails

Not only do Swallow Kingfisher Greenhouses have great standard features, they are also available in a number of custom factory paint finishes to add that individual bit of style to your new greenhouse. Swallow use a special spray booth at their factory to ensure a rich and even paint finish.

Here's a few to look at:

The Swallow Kingfisher Timber Greenhouse is the finest 6ft wide wooden greenhouse money can buy.

What do you prefer Wooden or Aluminium greenhouses ?

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Swallow Raven Greenhouse - 8ft Wide Wooden Greenhouse

The 8ft wide Swallow Raven is a superb greenhouse made from high quality tanalised redwood pine with a 10 Year Warranty.

The Raven benefits from double inward opening doors with a mortise lock giving superb access for carrying in large trays and wheeling in wheel barrows. You get a full length of staging down one side as well as automatic roof vents as standard.

The 8ft wide Raven gives plenty of room inside:

Here's a nice factory painted Raven Greenhouse:

Swallow Falcon Greenhouse - 13ft Wide Wooden Greenhouse

Swallow Falcon Greenhouse
Swallow Falcon Greenhouse

It's a whopper !

Yes the 13ft wide Falcon is the biggest greenhouse made by Swallow GB Ltd. It offers the serious greenhouse gardener the space to grow massive amounts of tasty produce over a season. Because of it's width it's possible to grow down the centre of the greenhouse as well as either side by adding freestanding staging benches which is very handy indeed.

Sizes available are:

13ft x 12ft

13ft x 18ft

13ft x 25ft

13ft x 31ft

13ft x 37ft

Look at this interior. This is serious growing space where you can grow up both sides of the greenhouse as well as down the centre:

Bayliss XL Autovent
Bayliss XL Autovent

Bayliss XL Autovents as STANDARD

Bayliss XL Autovents are the best greenhouse autovent available and they are STANDARD on all Swallow Wooden Greenhouses. Happy Days indeed !

Swallow Finch Lean to Greenhouse - 4ft Wide Wooden Lean to Greenhouse

The 4ft wide (4ft out from the wall) is ideal for a tight space next to your house or garage. Quite a few customers have utilized the Finch as both a greenhouse and a nice ward porch entry to the rear entrance to their home.

Swallow Dove Lean to Greenhouse - 6ft Wide Wooden Lean to Greenhouse

Swallow Dove Lean to
Swallow Dove Lean to

The Swallow Dove wooden lean to is 6ft wide and the most popular lean to greenhouse in the Swallow range.

Here's a 6ft wide Swallow Dove Lean to with a custom paint finish. This 6ft x 20ft model is factory spray painted in an attractive grey colour:

This Dove Lean-to looks stunning in Lily White, beautiful !

The Swallow Dove Lean-to is available in the following sizes:

6ft x 4ft

6ft x 6ft

6ft x 8ft

6ft x 10ft

6ft x 12ft

6ft x 14ft

6ft x 16ft

6ft x 18ft

6ft x 20ft

If you'd like a bigger size then that can be done as well !

Swallow Heron Lean to Greenhouse

8ft Wide Wooden Lean to Greenhouse

The Heron is the largest lean to greenhouse made by Swallow GB at 8ft wide, with the largest model being 8ft x 20ft !

The Heron has inward opening double doors with stainless steel handles and a mortise lock for security. All roof vents have Bayliss automatic openers and there is a full length of slatted staging in place.

Installation is included in the price.

Greenhouse Staging INCLUDED - Wooden Greenhouse Staging

Swallow Greenhouse Staging
Swallow Greenhouse Staging

Swallow Greenhouses include a length of slatted staging along one side of all Swallow Wooden Greenhouses.

Lockable Doors as Standard

Swallow install proper doors and locks with stainless steel hinges as standard on all greenhouses. No more sliding doors blowing open and added security.

This lovely looking structure is the Cygnet greenhouse from Swallow GB. It was introduced in Summer 2011 and instantly won an award, the coveted GLEE New Product and Best of British Award at the annual GLEE exhibition at the Birmingham NEC.

The Cygnet features all of the usual Swallow standard features:

The redwood pine glazing bars are 58mm x 32mm finished size

All boards are 12mm finish tongued and grooved and fixed with stainless steel nails

All the timber is green tint tanalised pressure treated

The inward opening door has a mortise lock and aluminium handles

Glazing is toughened safety glass

All the glazing is slid into a groove and sealed with quality silicone

All the cut shapes are jointed with a clear plastic H section

Each roof vent has an Automatic opener

Full length staging down one side with centre support (width 520mm, height 745mm)

There is a specially turned apex finial for that classic look

The ridge and top vents are sealed with a specially machined timber capping

A 20mm black PVC section is screwed to the bottom, called the damp barrier

Here is the slatted staging that returns towards the door in the Cygnet, very nice:

Here's a large Swallow Cygnet with an extended porch in Olive Green paint job:

Swallow Mallard Greenhouse

Traditional Timber T-Shaped Greenhouse

The NEW for 2013 Swallow Mallard T-Shaped Greenhouse is the big brother of the Cygnet. It has a larger gable width and is made in three standard lengths:

8ft 9" x 11ft 5" (4 roof vents)

8ft 9" x 15ft 9" (4 roof vents)

8ft 9" x 19ft 11" (6 roof vents)

PLEASE NOTE: The greenhouse above is constructed on a "dwarf wall". The Mallard is ordinarily specified with a boarded base as with the Cygnet you can see in this lens.

Swallow offer extended porches for the Mallard also in lengths of 4ft 5" and 6ft 6" to give yet more growing and entrance space over the standard porch length of 2ft 5 inches. Guttering comes as standard on the Mallard as does this lovely copper drainage channel on the roof:

Here's a neat option available for the Mallard, the High Level Shelf that slots in above the standard slatted staging:

Swallow Swan T-Shaped Greenhouse

Traditional Wooden Greenhouse

The Swallow Swan T-Shaped Greenhouse is the biggest traditional wooden greenhouse in the range with a gable and porch width of 8ft 9" and double inward opening doors. You get guttering and slatted staging that flows round into the porch as standard as well as toughened glass and automatic roof vents.

The Swan is available in the following sizes:

8ft 9" x 13ft 6" (4 Roof Vents)

8ft 9" x 17ft 10" (6 Roof Vents)

8ft 9" x 21ft 11" (8 Roof Vents)

Swallow Eagle Octagonal Greenhouse

Octagonal Wooden Greenhouse

The brand new Swallow Eagle Octagonal Greenhouse is the latest and greatest creation from Swallow GB. This greenhouse was launched at the NEC GLEE trade fair in September 2013 and got a great reception.

At nearly 11ft wide the Eagle is an impressive greenhouse with more than enough space inside for growing lots of plants AND to use as a space to relax in as it's more than big enough to hold a table and chairs. The Eagle's octagonal shape lends itself perfectly to having staging and shelving all the way around, which it does. This gives so much space for storing plants, tools and other gardening bits and bobs as well as ample room for working away potting up and tending to your seedlings.

Ventilation is well thought out in the greenhouse with 2 opening side windows and 4 automatic roof vents in it's beautiful botanical garden like roof ! Getting in and out of the greenhouse couldn't be easier either as it has 2 big inward opening doors with black cast iron handles and hinges.

The Swallow Eagle greenhouse is supplied with a choice of 6 colour finishes. The one at the show launch was bright red !

For more information on this new greenhouse visit

Swallow Eagle Greenhouse sneak peak !

We caught up with Swallow Greenhouses new model, the octagonal Eagle at a garden trade show recently. The video isn't perfect by any means but it gives you a good idea of what the greenhouse is about. It's big, it's red, and we like it a lot !

Swallow Potting Sheds

Swallow Jay and Rook Potting Sheds

Swallow GB now make Potting Sheds and as you'd expect from Swallow they're a bit special !

Swallow Jay 6ft Wide Potting Shed

Swallow Jay Potting Shed available in sizes:"

6ft 8" x 8ft 4"

6ft 8" x 10ft 5"

The NEW for 2013 Potting Sheds from Swallow feature as standard:

Tanalized Redwood Pine Timber

Toughened Safety Glass

2 Opening Roof Vents

Automatic Roof Vent Openers

Opening End Window

2 Rear Storage Shelves

Full Length Slatted Staging at Front

Inward Opening Door with Mortise Lock

Wooden Floor with Plastic underfloor runners to prevent damp

Bayliss XL Autovents as Standard

End Opening Ventilation Window

2 rear Shelves

Swallow Rook 8ft wide Potting Shed

Swallow Rook Potting Shed available in sizes:"

8ft 9" x 8ft 4"

8ft 9" x 10ft 5"

Swallow Combination Shed Extension

Optional add on Shed

The Swallow Combination Shed Extension is practical and a great solution for those gardeners looking to make the most of the space available in their garden. They are available for the 6ft wide Kingfisher and the 8ft wide Raven greenhouses. You can choose from a 4ft long or 6ft long shed that has an internal door inside the greenhouse. It's great for storing tools, pots, seeds and all the bits and bobs us gardeners seem to accumulate !

Swallow 4ft Long Combination Shed

Swallow 6ft Long Combination Shed

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