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Sweater Drying Racks

Updated on July 3, 2013

Sweater drying racks are made to solve the problem of drying sweaters which can be something of a nuisance no matter what time of year it is. It's never a good idea to put knitwear in the electric clothes dryer as this can pull them out of shape, contribute to those ugly fluff balls, shrink or otherwise damage or shorten the lifespan of the clothing which means mechanical drying methods are not an option. You're not supposed to hang dry them either because that will pull them out of shape too...which leave you with the option of laying them out flat all over the house on towels or the backs of your dining chairs. Ugh.

Indoor sweater dryers, which can also be used for other delicates like lingerie, are designed to solve that problem in a more convenient fashion and thus preventing your house from looking like a makeshift laundromat. They come in a variety of styles which include the popular stackable sweater drying racks which are multi-tiered and extendable so you can create a very convenient drying tower of knitwear and delicate items of clothing or you might prefer to opt for hanging sweater holders which can be suspended from a ceiling hook in your laundry room or from the shower rail for example to make use of your vertical space leaving your flat surface free for other things. Some laundry drying stands feature built in wire or mesh sweater drying stations which allow you to lay woolen clothing and knitwear like sweaters and pullovers out flat to dry whcih you other damp clothes hang dry underneath.

Which you choose is a matter of personal preference but every one of these indoor sweater drying stands is a more attractive, more convenient and better looking solution than filling your house with damp knitwear every time wash day comes around.

Stackable Sweater Drying Racks

These space saving clothes drying racks stack up on top of each other to form a vertical drying tower. You can use one, two....five or more if that's what you need and you will still be using the same amount of flat space wherever you choose to set them up. They are ideal for sweaters, pullovers and other knitwear or for drying delicates like lingerie. The nice thing about these extendable sweater drying stands is that you can always add more at a later date if you decide you need more drying space and it'll not take up more room, just stack a little taller. Some are collapsible too, with folding legs which allows you to fold the whole thing down flat for more easy storage when they are not being used.

Hanging Sweater Dryers

These are ideal sweater drying racks for small apartments where space is limited. Everyone can benefit from useful laundry accessories like this but if you space is really limited, like say when you are house sharing, live in an apartment, small house or are in a college dorm, them you can't afford to have your surfaces covered with damp clothing and may not have the room for a full blown laundry drying rack stand. These indoor clothes dryers for apartment and small dwellings can be hung from the ceiling from ceiling hooks, or from a rail in your laundry room or to really save space, can be hung up in your bathroom by the shower rail. Multiple tiers in some models allow you to hang a variety of clothing from hanging mesh dryer whilst others just provide a very wide drying area by making use of the space above your head.

Pop Up Sweater Drying Racks

These collapsible clothing drying racks are great for air drying sweaters but just as useful for lingerie, swimwear and bathing suits as well as any other items which need to be dried the natural way. Pop up sweater driers fold down flat or storage but use an uncomplicated strap system to 'pop up' in a dome shape which is adjustable to be more or less concave however you desire it. They are the go anywhere solution for drying sweaters indoors and are just as at home in the bathtub as they are on your counter tops, wherever you've got the space, they're ready to go to work.

Indoor Clothes Drying Stands With Sweater Racks

If you have the space for a full sized indoor clothes drying rack stand then many of these come with a flat sweater drying station as part of their design which allows for air drying knitwear, swimming costumes, delicate lingerie items and other pieces of clothing which need to be laid flat out in order to dry properly and maintain their shape. Also known as indoor clothes airers, laundry drying racks or as a clothes horse, these are the best solution if you've got other laundry to dry inside your home and have the room to put them up and leave them without them getting in the way. Of course, there's no reason why you can't combine one of these with any of the other products on this page especially since these may provide tens of feet of indoor clothes drying line space but the flat area is often much more limited.

Got Any Tips For Drying Sweaters Indoors?

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  • orange3 lm profile image

    orange3 lm 5 years ago

    These are great drying options. I use a flat drying rack to dry mine. I like it because it doesn't stretch out my sweaters at all.