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Small Tabletop Ironing Boards - Portable Mini Ironing Tables For Apartments

Updated on August 29, 2013

Are Mini Ironing Tables Right For You?

A full sized floor standing ironing board is a great piece of equipment to own if you have the space for it. Not all of us do however, and thankfully for us, there is an alternative out there which comes in the form of the range of small tabletop ironing boards.

These small apartment size ironing boards are ideal for those of us who live in an apartment, small condo, live in a student dorm or who simply do not do enough ironing to justify the expense or space require to stow away a full size ironing board in our home.

Mini ironing boards are designed to take up little space whilst still giving you a hard, flat, raised surface upon which to iron your clothes. Their small size makes them easy to stow away when you are done with pressing clothes for the day. Stow it under a bed, slide it behind a door or put in neatly in a closet ready for the next time you need it. They are both lightweight and portable so even if you have to carry it up the stairs to stow away underneath a bed its not a problem as they weigh very little and are easy to carry around.

There are a lot of portable ironing boards on the market today of varying design styles and quality. The products featured on this page are all well reviewed by their owners so be sure to check them out if you are looking to buy one for yourself or for someone you know who needs one.

Alternatively, click here to see a wide range of ironing boards and accessories available now.

Popular Tabletop Ironing Tables

There are a variety of different companies who make mini portable ironing tables which have a variety of different features although the general idea remains the same. Some are very basic and provide just a flat ironing surface and nothing else. At the minimum I would say to avoid these as for the same price, or at most a few dollars more, you can get a tiny ironing board with a pull out iron rest which is almost a necessity, or has folding legs or even one which folds in half to save even more space. There are very thin and narrow ironing board tables which are for ironing shirt sleeves too if that's what you need. What follows are some of the most popular and stable short ironing board tables for tabletop ironing.

Foldable Tabletop Ironing Boards

Some miniature ironing boards have folding legs to be space saving and for those who really desire the smallest ironing board money can buy there are a few which fold up in half as well making them even easier to store. These small foldable ironing boards have a collapsible hinged top which makes them small enough to fit inside a drawer if you desire it.

Camco 43904 Folding Ironing Board
Camco 43904 Folding Ironing Board

This small foldable ironing board has both legs which fold down under the unit and a top which folds in half to literally halve its size for easy storage. It also has a sturdy wire iron holder to safely rest your steam iron. It measures 32 x 16 inches when set up and ready use and will fold up to 16 inches long x 12 inches wide when folded down ready for storage.


Mini Tabletop Ironing Board Pads and Covers

Whilst it is a true that a good ironing table will last for many years, decades even, the same is not true for the pad or ironing board cover. These need to be replaced every couple of years to ensure you get the best performance and smoothest clothes pressing experience.

Replacement ironing board covers for tabletop ironing boards can be found in a wide range of patterns and styles. To ensure you get the right one to fit the one you own you must first measure it as even the small table top ironing board covers are available in differing width and length measurements to fit the variety of models out there.

Once you have your measurement you can see a wide range of small ironing board pads and covers right here where you will be sure to find one which fits your needs.

Need An Ironing Board Alternative? Try an Ironing Blanket!

If you really do not want any type of clothes ironing board in your home then there are alternative to ironing boards out there. Portable handheld fabric steamers are one solution or you can buy a full sized garment steamer to make the creases just drop out. However, those are still quite sizable machines so for a compact ironing solution which is particularly useful for ironing whilst traveling, there are ironing pads and blankets.

These heat resistant ironing mats are simply a heat proof surface upon which you can iron clothes without having to set up an ironing board of any kind. They roll up or fold away flat when you are not using them so they fit neatly in a suitcase or into a drawer or laundry cupboard.

Whitmor  Ironing Mat with Iron Rest
Whitmor Ironing Mat with Iron Rest

This heat resistant ironing blanket features a raised non-slip surface and a silicone iron holder which gives you a handy place to rest your hot steam iron while using it. Folds up easily to stowaway in your luggage, office desk drawer or at home for when you need it.

Household Essentials 129 Portable Ironing Blanket Mat- Heat Resistant - Grey
Household Essentials 129 Portable Ironing Blanket Mat- Heat Resistant - Grey

Cheap and cheerful, this basic ironing blanket is great for quick crease removal when you don't want to pull out your ironing table. Store it in your office drawer for emergency crease removal or take it on the road when you travel so your clothing is always free from creases.


The Pros and Cons Portable Table Top Ironing Boards

The main reason people even start to consider looking for a tabletop ironing board for sale is because they are looking for a small alternative to ironing tables like the one their mother owned. Those heavy, bulky items are a pain to store and a nuisance to move around and unless you do a lot of ironing are somewhat of a white elephant in the modern home.

Short table top ironing boards make sense for those looking for ironing alternatives which save space so they can declutter their laundry room and make space in their closet. They are the best small apartment ironing board or for anyone else who finds their space is at a premium. If you do a lot of RV travel or caravaning then again, these are ideal to take on the road with you and they are the best ironing boards for students too as they fit neatly into a college dorm room without cluttering up the place and taking up unnecessary floor space.

They are small enough to fit under a bed, in a closet or even on a shelf or hung behind a door. Their short length and the foldable legs seen on many of these means they really do take up very little room so they very easily stowable in a wide range of locations around your home.

Although they are often caled tabletop or countertop ironing boards, this is something of a misnomer as in actuality any flat and relatively stable surface will do which enables you to turn many places in your home into your personal ironing station. Sure you can set one of these up and iron on your dining table but you could just as easily choose to use your kitchen island or countertops there or in a bathroom. You could use a coffee table, ottoman, bar, computer desk and of course, any available floor space if you don't mind getting down on your hands and knees. Many are stable enough to iron on a bed or couch too, so as you can see, they are very versatile.

They do naturally have their limitations of course, or no one would ever buy one of those clunky big ironing tables ever again. If you want to iron a tablecloth, curtains or a long dress then its doable of course, but you'll have a much easier time using a regular sized one. They are designed more for ironing pants, tee shirts, shorts, jeans and regular every day clothing and not overly large items like sheets and ball gowns.

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