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Tea Pot Wall Clocks

Updated on August 9, 2014

Funky Kitchen Clocks

Unusual fun looking wall clocks come in all different styles. Since I am an animal lover I really like the funky pendulum wall clocks of cats, dogs, birds and other critters. The amazing artwork that is used to make these tea and coffee pot "wall clocks" was not lost on me. I had to check these exceptional designs out and while doing so wanted to share them. Every kitchen has a clock somewhere and what better than something that will normally be found there. In this case funky tea and coffee pot wall clocks.

Steamin' Tea & Coffee Pot Wall Clock

Funky dark red tea pot

For more information and clocks click below

hand-painted - teacup clock

cup and saucer pendulum

Bluish Green Tea Pot Wall Clock

This blue teapot is so cute. The pendulum is a tea bag

Partly made from recycled material and decorated with brightly colored paints

Cute tea bag pendulum

Brewing Tea

Flower Tea-ful Clock

Cute little tea pot filled with a colorful bouquet of wildflowers. A tiny green flower swishes back and forth underneath keeping time.

Hues & Brews 9 Piece Cattitude Teapot, Mugs & Coasters Set - Ivory, Hand-painted
Hues & Brews 9 Piece Cattitude Teapot, Mugs & Coasters Set - Ivory, Hand-painted

Pretty hand painted tea service with matching coasters. Cute kitty cat design

Japanese Ocean Blue Five Piece Teaset
Japanese Ocean Blue Five Piece Teaset

I love the teal blue / green color with black on these cups and pot.


"Spring Bouquet" Teapot Design Pendulum Wall Clock

I love the bright colors of this clock. The bluish green pot compliments the dark red flowers that spring from it. The pretty threesome of red flowers below the unique colored pot is a fantastic pendulum design.

Size: 10" x 18"

Red and Green Teapot Clock - with Tea Cup Pendulum

Bright colored pot of green and red make this unique design perfect for a kitchen with a green theme Little teacup with saucer swishes back and forth keeping the time.

Coffee or Tea ?

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Odd Tea Pots

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