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Teal Vase

Updated on March 21, 2011

The Beauty of Teal Vases

Now that summertime has arrived, is it not about time to do some decorating in your home? The addition of a teal vase can make for a very nice addition to your home. Whether to keep flowers in or just to add as decor the teal vase can be perfect.

But what is teal? Teal is a blueish green color. It is very popular and can be found on many items. The most popular items to have the color teal on are jewelry, clothing, bedding, and other items.

A teal vase has been a popular item for a very long time. They were first seen in the times of the Mayan people. Mayan jewelry is also often a teal color.

Vases For Decor

Teal vases can be used for pure decoration or can hold a purpose. The teal vase can be found in a variety of styles and shapes. You can find them in very large sizes or very small, they can be found in very artistic styles or in simple forms that sit on the floor.

Teal vases can also be found in a variety of textures. A teal vase can be made from glass or it could be made from clay or porcelain and painted teal. Teal vases fit best in modern homes, but could be used no matter the homes theme as long as it does not overwhelm the room.

The most common use of the teal vase is to be used as an accent piece and to hold flowers. Tulips or daisies are great flowers for a teal vase as they will highlight the color of the color with their own beauty.

You can find teal vases to purchase in most retail shops that carry vases and online. If you decide to shop online and eBay are great places to start.

teal vase
teal vase

Types of Teal Vases

There are many different types of teal vases. The ceramic teal vase is often painted teal and contains a pattern or floral effect. Teal porcelain vases are real beauties and are often hand painted with flowers or animals. Teal glass vases are perfect for centerpieces and also to hold flowers in. There are many more types of teal vases that you can find for sale by just searching our hubpage.


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