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Recognizing & Preventing Potential Termite Damage

Updated on April 13, 2009

Defending Your Home Against Termite Damage

Whether you live in the mountains or by the beach a small town or a big city like Atlanta termite control is one home care responsibility that should never be overlooked. Matter of fact, studies show that each year there are more homes destroyed by termites than there are by fire. According to statistics from the University of Georgia, the cost for treatment and prevention of termites is nearly $2 billion annually (in Georgia, the yearly average is $200 to $300 million for termite control and damage repair). Consequently, termite control and prevention is an important aspect of home building ownership.

In order to best deal with termites it is helpful to understand this tiny enemy. In the United States, the most common species is the subterranean termite, which is found in all 48 continental states. They feed on dead plant material like wood, leaf litter, soil and animal waste. Termites live in colonies that can be from several hundred to several million with queens (much like the honey bee) that may lay as many as 2,000 eggs per day.

With termites causing so much damage, it is imperative that you do everything possible to prevent termite damages by taking the following steps:

1. Since termites love wood, remove any pieces of wood left out in your yard, especially if those that are near the house.

2. Do not allow excess dampness to build up near your home as termites are attracted to high moisture and humidity. Make sure that areas with improper or insufficient drainage are dealt with.

3. Regularly peruse your home or businesses foundation for any cracks or broken holes. If you find any be sure to repair or seal them. This will prevent termites from having easy access to the structure of your home.

4. If you are unsure, or suspect that you have a termite problem, contact a pest and termite control company and schedule a treatment.

Termites can be controlled through awareness and vigilance. As someone once said, “The best defense is a good offense.” So take care of your home, and it can take care of you!


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