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Top 5 Bedside Lamps for Children | My Picks

Updated on September 8, 2014

Five Children's Bedside Lamps Your Kids Will Love

Whether you're looking to decorate your kid's bedroom, or you're simply hoping to find a nightlight to keep them feeling safe and secure, finding a children's bedside lamp that they'll love can be tricky. You want something that will be practical and useful in every day life, quirky and representative of their tastes, but also something that will be comforting to them as they drift off to sleep.

There are so many kid's bedroom lamps around these days. Some are rather cheap and mass produced, and some are a bit better made and will last a long time. Some are quite bland and ordinary, and some are really unique and something they'll cherish as they grow up. Remember that magical feeling that certain household items had when you were young?

This article is intended to help you find a good childen's bedside lamp for their room. We'll take a look at five of my favorite examples of these lights, and offer tips and suggestions as to what you might want to keep your eye out for. Not all lights are made equal, and you have to shop carefully in this product category! Let's get started and look at a few bedside lamps for children that they'll love.

Buy Children's Bedside Lamps Carefully: - Here's a list of things to watch out for.

You need to be cautious when buying a product like this for your kid's bedroom. A lot of children's bedside lights will be a bit gimmicky, and that's bad news for longevity. Here are some tips to help you make a smart purchase, especially when you're shopping online.

  1. Read Reviews Carefully:

    Bedside lights for children can vary in quality, and only a firsthand experience can really give you the information you need. Read reviews carefully. The odd bad impression shouldn't alarm you, but if nine out of ten people are disappointed by the product, steer clear.

  2. Be Aware of Wattage:

    You'll want to base the lamp wattage on your expectations. For example, if you're looking for a softer toned night light, be sure to get a low wattage kid's bedside lamp, or at least one that has a dimmer or variable brightness. If you're looking for a bedside reading lamp, you'll want at least 40 watts (or the equivalent brightness in an LED or fluorescent bulb) in order to cast enough light.

  3. Be Fun, Not Fussy:

    This is your child's room, not yours. Don't worry too much about it matching your mid century modern decorating scheme for the rest of the house. If your son or daughter loves dinosaurs, get them a dinosaur lamp! Trust me, the memories and positive associations and sense of comfort they'll form from something like a good bedside lamp for children is worth a lot.

Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls, White

A cute bedside lamp for kids with glow in the dark balls

The Boon Glo Nightlight is a wonderful and whimsical children's bedside nightlight lamp that has an added bonus. The curious shape is a lot of fun and it's quirky yet modern. As the light shines, it charges three glow in the dark balls that remain glowing for a while after the light is turned off. That means it's perfect for a child who doesn't like instant darkness and needs a transition period.

The balls are also removable, so when they need to walk to the bathroom, for example, they can carry a little night light with them. It's a great design and one of my absolute favorite bedside lamps for kids.

Moon In My Room

A wall-mounted 'Moon' bedside lightlight lamp for children

The Uncle Milton 'Moon in my Room' is a beautiful and educational kid's bedside light that's got some really nice features and loads of positive reviews. It attaches easily to the wall, and the detailed moon's surface is accurate and fun to look at.

The lamp is battery powered, but features an automatic shutdown feature after 30 minutes to save battery life. That lets your child drift off to sleep without having to shut it off. It also features all of the moon's phases, which is fun and educational. The soft light quality is better suited as a night light than a reading lamp.

This light works really well with glow in the dark stars to create a nightscape in the room. See the glow in the dark star kit I've added below!

Children's Sheep Bedside Lamp

One of the best, cute children's bedside lamps

This cute little sheep bedside lamp for kids is cozy, fun and will foster great memories. It's a more practical reading light and can take a standard light bulb, fluorescent or incandescent.

It recommends a 60 watt bulb, but you may want to choose a slightly lower wattage if that's too bright. It's a wonderful children's reading lamp. The light blue color, fuzzy sheep's wool and sheep counting script on the blue and white lamp shade are really nice touches.

Bulldozer Night Light Kid's Bedside Lamp

A perfect kid's night light / bedside lamp for little boys

If there's one thing little boys tend to love, it's big machinery at construction sites. My little nephew is mesmerized by bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, anything big and mechanical.

This bedside lamp for children is tasteful enough to fit with a kid's bedroom decorating scheme, but still fun enough to appeal to his interests and become a special memory. Like the sheep lamp, this one will work with a standard light bulb, and I recommend somewhere around 40 watts for a soft, warm bedside reading lamp for children.

Dinosaur Night Light: A cute bedside lamp for children

This whimsical bedside lamp for children is perfect if your little one is obsessed with dinosaurs! As a former dinosaur fanatic, I can attest that this lamp would have been a huge hit if I'd had it when I was little. I love how friendly the little brontosaurus looks, and I love that it is motion activated, so it will be on when they need it.

The little dinosaur provides just enough light for your child to be comforted, without disturbing anyone else. It's a fun toy that will provide positive associations with bedtime. Definitely one of the best bedside lamps / night lights for children with difficulty falling asleep.

Other Amazing Children's Lamps for the Bedside

Here are a few other good kid's bedside reading lamps for you to take a look at. There are so many different designs, I encourage you to search for a lamp that specifically matches what your child is into, so you're sure they'll love it.

Stuff That'll Go With It:

Here are some lovely accessories to go with your children's bedside lamps and really help create a wonderful and inviting room for your kid. I had the glow in the dark stars on the walls and ceiling of my bedroom growing up and I can remember falling asleep counting them every night.

Does your child have a 'favorite' theme? What is it?

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