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The Best Chemical Free Method Of Ridding Your Yard Of Weeds

Updated on May 19, 2017
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Dandylion - Photo by Tonie Cook
Dandylion - Photo by Tonie Cook | Source

Real Organic Gardening

Dandelion Digger: The One Garden Tool I Can't Live Without

The only sure method to rid your yard of weeds without dousing your grass and flowerbeds with chemicals is to pull them by hand. To help with this task, for the past fifty years, one of my best garden tools has been, and still is, the "Dandelion Digger." This is one of the first gardening tools my Mother taught me to use, and it is truly the most effective tool in the garden box for ridding the lawn and garden of broad leaf and long rooted weeds.

Weeding Made Easy

The dandelion digger is a tool that enables the gardener to easily remove long and broad rooted weeds without straining muscles due to extreme pulling. The dandelion digger breaks through great soil with ease, and horrible soil better than a garden spade. With a garden shovel or hoe, one literally has to dig up the weed, usually disturbing a lot of the ground around it. With a dandelion digger, all it takes is a simple gouge, twist, and pull at the weed's root source, and the weed is easily removed without disturbing the ground around it.

Below Is An Example Of A Dandelion Digger

Ames 1986800 Eagle Hand Weeder, Nickel Chrome
Ames 1986800 Eagle Hand Weeder, Nickel Chrome
This is an Amazon example of one of the tools I use. The dandelion digger is affordable, functional, simple, safe, and very useful for tapping the roots of dandelions, thistle, broad leaf plantain and other weeds. When a dandelion digger is well made, it will work for many years.

The Tools I Use To Rid My Yard Of Weeds

Dandelion Diggers come in different types and sizes. There are many different types available for your landscaping and gardening needs. The long handled versions work well when walking the whole yard. Below is a video of a long handled dandelion digger in use.

Tell Us How It Is Done

How do you rid your yard of weeds?

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More Reasons To Appreciate The Dandelion Digger

Although manually pulling weeds this way is a lot of work, the effort serves more than one purpose. First, from the garden standpoint, pulling weeds by hand using a dandelion digger is an effective way to aerate the soil so the roots of grass, shrubs, or flowers receive plenty room for healthy growth. When good plants have room to grow, there is less room for weed root systems to develop.

Pulling weeds by hand helps prevent harmful chemicals from burning the ground, or tainting earth. This is especially important in areas that may one day be used for planting food crops, family recreation, child's or pet's play areas, or farm animal (chickens, ducks, geese, etc.,) habitat.

Keeping It Green

Garden Storage Scooter Cart

Garden Cart Utility Wagon – Rolling Storage Bin with Bench Seat and Interior Tool Tray – Gardening Stool for Weeding and Planting by Pure Garden
Garden Cart Utility Wagon – Rolling Storage Bin with Bench Seat and Interior Tool Tray – Gardening Stool for Weeding and Planting by Pure Garden
The garden scooter cart is a great tool for saving one's knees when a lot of dense weeding is involved. For some of us who do not mind sitting down on the job, a garden scooter with lift up seat is practical for storing your dandelion digger and other garden tools. My little garden seat cart is a mobile tool box with a seat.

Save Time And Money

Chemically weeding a typical family yard or garden usually takes a few days for the product to work. Usually, when you see a lawn service card stuck in someone's yard, it serves as a warning for children and pets to keep off the grass for at least 24-48 hours, depending on the service and/or weed-killer chemicals used. Gardeners who use dandelion diggers get immediate results. When you pull a weed today, you walk on the grass today. There is no wait.

Last but not least, the dandelion digger is a light-weight fitness tool that helps maintain and improve hand-eye coordination, and helps keep muscles toned by light-weight resistance of weed pulling. Manual labor is not only good for the yard, it is good for the soul, too. Fresh air, sunshine, and gardening are therapeutic exercises with many rewarding results. .The dandelion digger makes the gardening chore less labor intense.

Are you a gardener?

Coffee Fine & Dandy
Coffee Fine & Dandy | Source

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